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   Chapter 23 I Will Be Screwed By Your Mr. He

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All of a sudden, Avril stopped in her tracks, followed by Polly.

From the other end of the corridor, a man and a woman were talking clearly.

"Okay, whatever Jean says." His voice was a little helpless, "all right, all right. I won't do it now. Is Jean satisfied?"

"Why should I be satisfied? I just came back from abroad. Why didn't you stay with me? Why did you go out to smoke. Let's go! Hurry up! "

"You go in first. I have the smell of smoke, in case you are smoked by me."

"But you know clearly that I'm not afraid of lavender! You've always been so considerate! Do you still love me the same as before? "

"Well, it won't change."

Then a lady's high heels and a man's steady footsteps came into their ears.

Without looking, it is not difficult to imagine that Jean standing in front of him with her mouth pouted and acting like a spoiled child.

Avril took a look at Polly subconsciously and saw the calm look on her face. She asked curiously, "are you not angry with him ?"

"Why should I be angry? Rich people were always like that. Hurry up! We'll be back as soon as we finish taking the takeout. "

"But Dear Polly..."

Avril wanted to say something, but the door of the private room nearby suddenly opened. A drunken man rushed towards her. Caught off guard, she was knocked down to the ground, the box of dessert in her hand fell to the ground, and was trampled by the man.

"Avril! Are you okay? " Hearing what she said, Polly got a fright and hurried to help Avril.

But Avril didn't pay any attention to him. She turned to take the dessert box, which was covered with cream and dried cake. She hurriedly opened it, and the dessert inside had been squeezed out of shape, and a sweet aroma floated out.

"Holy crap! We not only lost salary this month, but also pay it for this! " Avril kicked away the drunken man and stood up.

In fact, money was not the most important thing for them, ordered dessert is generally some rich young lady, now their heart love was destroyed What Unusual House was the absolute belief of this customer was the God's principle. She had to apologize to them until she was forgiven.

For Avril, the most difficult thing to deal with in the world was the girls. A boy who worked before spilled the juice on a lady's dress by accident. He almost knelt down before the lady. In spite of this, he almost lost all his property and was about to be expelled from the school.

"Here you are, Avril!" "Give me your cake. Tell the shop manager that I broke the dessert and it's me who should be punished."

Avril gave the cake to her as well and glared at her angrily. "Wow, What do you take me for! Besides, we are in the same group now. I'm an old man, while you're a new comer. As long as there's anything wrong, I'm responsible for it! "

"Then what should we do?"

"I have no choice but to go there and apologize to Miss. I hope she is a nice person."

Just then, a man opened the door and came out. He said impatiently, "Caleb, haven't the two stars come yet?"

When he saw Polly and Avril standing at the door, his two drunk little eyes immediately lit up with excitement and looked at them up and down with a sly smile, "Wow, you even play uniform temptation!"

They were wearing the employees uniform of Unusual House.

"Not bad. But Andy's taste has been greatly increased. The two girls are so pure and beautiful! Come on in, beauty! "

The man staggered over and tried to hug Avril, but she dodged at once. Polly had never seen such a scene. She stood there in a daze and didn't know what to do.

The man fell on her. The man didn't care. He reached out and pulled Polly into his arms, with his mouth full of wine breath coming to her face.

"Wow, you are so soft and fragrant!"

Polly struggled hard, but the man was tall and strong, and her strength was really negligible, and what's more, Avril's help did not work at all.

"Let me go! Let go of me! " Realizing that she couldn't get rid of the man, she slapped his face with both hands instinctively and shouted, "I'm not the one you are looking for! I'm not a famous star. I'm just sending desserts here. "

However, it was useless to explain loudly. The man held her tight, smiled and said, "it doesn't matter if you are not a star. You are so beautiful and it's a pity to give dessert! Besides, how much is the monthly allowance for your desserts? You have to follow me, and I'll give you three times the money a month. "

"It's not about the money!" "If you don't let me go, I'll call the police!"

"110?" The man gave a contemptuous laugh and said, "who cares the police? I've slept with many women, and they all said they wanted to sue me! But what happened in the end? All of them knelt down in front of me and begged me to have her! "

Seeing that Polly was about to be dragged into the private room, Avril went crazy. She quickly opened the rest of the dessert, and totally stuck in the man's fac


The man didn't loosen his grip until he couldn't see what was going on. As he wiped the cake off his face, he yelled at the people in the room, "are you all dead? Why don't you come out and do me a favor? "

Someone inside teased, "you're a man. How would we know that you couldn't even handle two women?"

The door of the private room was completely opened, and three tall and strong men walked out.

The two women turned around and ran as fast as they could. When her phone rang, she didn't have time to answer it.

As a person was coming towards her, she could hardly avoid it and uttered a "sorry" in a hurry. When she was about to run away again, she found that man had grabbed her arm.

"Wow, it's really you!" "Why are you dressed like this?" Bruce asked in surprise

He seemed to have heard the voice of Polly just now. He thought that he must have misheard because he was drunk, but he couldn't help but come over to have a look.

As the situation was so urgent, both Polly and Avril almost forgot that this man was also here.

"Mr. He, is Dear Polly!" Avril reacted quickly, "yes, Dear Polly!"

She pointed at those fierce looking guys and said, "Mr. He, help me and Polly! Those bad guys want to catch us!"

She took Polly's hand and hid behind Bruce.

Maybe they didn't know Bruce, or maybe they were too drunk to recognize each other. They pointed at Bruce and shouted angrily.

"Boy, where did you come from! Get out of my way! These two women are ours! If you want one more game, you should wait till we have the last one! "

The three men took advantage of the number of people to arrest Bruce.

Bruce tried to protect the two women behind him, and he was still able to nimbly avoid the hands of the three men.

He turned around and said to Avril, "take Polly to the spring garden private room. I'll be there soon!"

Polly Clenched his hand, she asked anxiously, "what about you?"

In front of Avril and the three burly men, Bruce teased, "are you worrying about me or doubting about your boyfriend? Don't worry. I can handle it! "

"Let's go!" Avril pulled back Polly who were still in a daze, and said, "it won't be late for you to be intimate with each other after Mr. He is done with the three assholes."

Polly was speechless. Avril was really a sweet talker! Is it intimate?

As she was dragged forward by Avril, she looked back at Bruce walking towards the three strong men. And the last sight she saw was that he beat one of the men down.

But she didn't know this was Bruce who practiced martial arts for more than ten years.

At that time, the only thing on his mind was that he couldn't protect himself in emergency. If he had to fight to the death, he hoped he would shed blood instead of tears.

"Avril, do you think we should call the police?" "Really?".

"Don't bother. Your husband will be fine."

When they arrived at the door of a room with spring flowers all over the place, Polly suddenly stopped. She looked at Avril with some embarrassment. "Avril, can we just stay outside?"

Avril immediately understood what she was thinking. She nodded her head and said, "ok! But don't worry. He will not let them go easily! You go first, and I'll leave later. "

Puzzlement could be seen in her eyes. All of a sudden, she remembered something and said, "Oh! I almost forgot! The dessert is not over yet. "

She used to work in kindergarten, school and private teacher, who didn't get along with the society. She didn't know it was so complicated.

While Avril would have to work in a colorful and profitable place.

She was more like an idiot than Avril.

The destination of the two desserts was the spring garden private room of Marriage Flowers Restaurant No wonder she felt familiar when she heard Bruce said that name just now.

When they entered the room, everyone was stunned except a beautiful woman with big chestnut wave.

"What are you talking about?". In addition to Aaron and several other rich families' children, there was another person in the private room. She met Rachel at the door of the elevator in Bruce's home that day.

"You must come from Unusual House. Why do you come so late?" The beautiful girl said in a condescending and arrogant tone, "and, I called you several times, but no one answered! What's wrong with your cafe house! Don't you want to serve me? "

"I'm really sorry, Miss Fang!" Polly made a deep bow and apologetically to that woman, and following Avril.

"An accident happened on the way. All the dessert you ordered is broken!" Avril said in a soft and gentle voice, which was totally different from her usual voice, "we will ask the restaurant to re do it. Please wait patiently for a while."

"What did you say?" The peerless beauty rose to her feet in a flash, and her demeanor was still elegant, even under anger. "It's broken! I've been waiting long enough. I won't wait any longer! I'll call them to sue you now! "

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