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   Chapter 22 Take Your Time With Mr. He

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Looking at the woman sitting at the table and counting the money with glimmering eyes, she was speechless.

"It's more than 10000." Grabbing the red money, Avril said, "in a few days, I have earned 10000 dollars! It was so easy to make money! Hahaha! "

Since the last time when she expressed her love for the red roses in her campus, for the next week, Bruce would send her 99 hundred and ninety-nine roses every day. There were so many flowers, but no place to put them.

So Avril came up with an idea.

She had no idea how so many flowers were sold out by Avril. She only knew that the guy was the mastermind, and that Hal was the accomplice, so they had formed a team of buying flowers together. She wanted to take part in the show too, but she was rejected by Avril seriously.

She said that it would be terrible if the paparazzi find Bruce' girlfriend is a selling flowers girl. Although the news could be suppressed, it still needs the efforts of Mr. He. Every second is precious for business.

Besides, if Mr. He knew that there was someone selling flowers for him, he would feel embarrassed even if he didn't care about it.

In the end, Avril held her arm and blinked her big, watery eyes, begging her.

Dear Polly, you can't harm us. We just want to be a quiet flower seller.

"Dear Polly? Will Mr. He send me flowers next week?" Avril's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"It's Mr. He. He's not our family." explained Polly

From then on, Avril changed the way she called Bruce from "that rich handsome tall" to "your Mr. He" or "Polly' s Mr. He". No matter what she said, it didn't work.

Avril didn't seem to hear what she said, and she continued, "I think it's a good idea. I can tell Mr. He in a roundabout way, making him feel that you like the flowers sent by him very much. If you didn't receive his flowers, you would miss tea and lunch. Of course, in addition to red roses, they can also be yellow roses and white roses, in addition to red roses, they can also be Lily and carnations... "

The more she said, the more satisfied she became. In front of her, there was a beautiful scene showing a variety of flowers. She couldn't help laughing, "then I can open a small flower shop! It's a great and worthwhile deal! "

"Why didn't you ask him to send me some jewelry? It's much more valuable than flowers! "

After being stunned for a long time, Avril suddenly realized something and said, "Oh, I didn't think of that! Polly, you are so smart. You can seeking defeat alone"

Is it true?

"Dear Polly, we have so much money now. When the Tomb-Sweeping Festival comes, we three can have a good trip! Yeah! No way! "

Suddenly, something occurred to Avril. She leaned over and asked mysteriously, "do you have any plan on the Tomb-Sweeping Festival with Mr. He? This is the first festival ever since you two got together! Even though it's not a good time for lovers, it's a festival after all! "

There was still a long time before Tomb-Sweeping Festival, but she had a premonition.

"No, I'm not," replied Polly sourly! What's our plan? "

"That would be great if you didn't have it. We can have the three of us! Dear Polly, do you think we are going to the Osmanthus fragrans of the landscape of the world, the Mount Taishan of the top of the five mountains, or the West Lake, to look for the traces of the talents and excellent people of the ancient times... "

Before she could finish her words, Polly's phone rang. She took it and looked at the screen. She looked a little uneasy. Avril was considerate. She tiptoed out of the room.

"Dear Polly, I'm in the cafe now. Take your time with Mr. He!"

"Wait! I'll go out and pick you up. "

Avril recently found a job in a coffee shop. She usually left at six o'clock in the morning, but now it was only five to fifty.

Polly felt Bruce called, is she disturbed Avril, the person to go out is her But before she could get out of bed, Avril closed the door.

Fortunately Avril is a good friend. If it were someone else, they would have already done with it. Because he would call her as soon as he had time.

To fulfill her promise, she would not refuse to answer his phone call in the future. Instead, she owed him once again in the last hotel incident.

He sent flowers to her every day to show his love in a high-profile way, which was known to the whole a university that she was wronged and they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

He was willing to help her with all his heart, and she couldn't return this favor in any case. In fact, as long as he called the school leader to explain it clearly, he had done his best.

She was also grateful for him that he had deleted the news about the president of elite university who loved the pure and talented young woman. It was only half an hour since those messages appeared on the Internet.

She was not only afraid of her parents, but also the person in the distance.

Although that person was as far away as the moon hanging at the top of a tree.

"Dear Polly, do y

ou miss me today?" Bruce's voice was as soft as feather from the other end of the line.

It was the first time that he had been so frank to her. Hearing his words, Polly blushed and her heart beat faster. She didn't know how to answer, so she changed the topic, "where are you now?"

"I'm having dinner outside. What are you doing? "

"Me? I just read the news online. Are you drunk? " The tone revealed that something was wrong.

"I didn't drink much. I'm still sober."

Realizing that she had nothing to say, she said, "then you can drink less. Go back early." If he didn't want to drink, no one dared to force him because of his social status.

After hanging up the phone, she heard the husky and charming voice of Bruce who was intoxicated just now. She couldn't get rid of it.

She was a little annoyed.

She couldn't calm down for a long time and had something to do. She dialed Avril's number, "Avril, do you need anyone to work for the coffee shop you work for?"

Probably taking a bus, Avril heard lots of noises in the bus. "What's next......" Electronic voice prompt.

"Do you mean you need a job?" Avril's voice was full of surprise, "that's great! We are short of two waiters. When will you come? "

"Can I go now?"

"Fine! But, does Mr. he know this? "

"This has nothing to do with him! From now on, do not mention him! Otherwise I will break with you! "

During the winter vacation, the doctor who had been treated her sister showed clear that there was no hope for recovery. It could only be slightly relieved. She could never forget how her parents felt for her, and how desperate they were.

She regretted not being a doctor when she was in college.

She had dedicated herself to looking up all kinds of information about autism since the first semester. She had read a lot of successful cases and compared them one by one with her sister's situation. She had written a lot of letters and sent them to several research organizations with authority abroad.

She wanted to do something for her sister, but she found that she could do nothing. She had spent a lot of time and energy to write this letter. But she didn't receive any reply. She didn't want to give up at the beginning, but she had to go on working.

It was an old caf é, except for its main coffee products, all kinds of original beverages, and many desserts, but the price was higher than that of average consumers.

It was said that a dessert master, Lemon, had come to the shop recently to renew the concept of making dessert, so that the taste and appearance of the desserts were more popular to all the consumers in A City.

However, Lemon kept a low profile. He seldom went out of the kitchen. And he always wore a mask at work, so no one had seen his true face.

The girl from an eminent family who once loved Lemon so much came to him and offered to be his student at a high price. He sneaked out from the back door and then asked for sick leave. Then he fell ill and was unable to stand up until that girl stopped pestering him.

A lady from Marriage Flowers Restaurant named Fang made a dessert box and ordered it at seven o'clock. The dessert must be sent there immediately. As the restaurant was short of hands, the manager arranged Polly to go with Avril.

On their way to the kindergarten, Avril treated it as a joke.

"Avril, you have worked for so many days. Have you ever seen that Lemon?"

"Noble daughters don't even see him. How could I? Let me tell you, that person is absolutely not simple. I have heard from several rich young ladies that he has been in a royal chef training class in England for more than five years. "

"And look at the dessert he made. How do you like it? I don't have such a good taste. But this style is as exquisite and exquisite as the priceless handcraft works made by the ancient technician of our country. It's the extremely popular British royal court style. And the name, like the love of the town, the pedant of beautiful women, all make a fuss. No wonder the young ladies are going crazy. "

To be honest, Polly was nervous about Marriage Flowers Restaurant. Avril totally understood what was on her mind. She said to her, "these two desserts are not heavy. I can walk into the shop by myself. Wait for me outside."

"No, we came together. We have to go in with us," said Polly without hesitation

The environment inside Marriage Flowers Restaurant was quite good. It was a moment to sit down, but when they came in, they could not smell the alcohol at all. The air was filled with a gentle fragrance.

The last time she came here, she was stared at by a lot of people. At that time, she was very nervous and didn't notice that.

The two took the elevator to the fifth floor and went inside. It seemed that she often did this kind of thing. She was quite familiar with it, but she had never asked anyone about it.

At that moment, a charming woman's voice came from the other end of the corridor. "Bruce, you promised me you would never smoke again."

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