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   Chapter 21 I Promise I Will Dote On You

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Two hours ago.

When Bruce was in a meeting, his phone suddenly rang. It was the informant he arranged to protect Polly. He immediately stood up and walked out.

The director of the finance department, who was reporting the work, was shocked by the boss's action. His face immediately flushed and didn't know what to do next. With a large pile of documents in his hand, he looked at Jake in confusion, hoping to get some hint from the assistant of the boss.

However, Jake was also confused, but he had always been the shadow of the boss. It was like a conditioned reflex, he followed Bruce out.

"What did you say?" Bruce's voice was not loud, but it was full of anger. "How could this happen! Have you contacted with Marriage Flowers Restaurant about that? What did they say? "

Jake didn't know what had happened. His boss, who always remained calm and expressionless, felt like his body was covered with a layer of ice. He was just like the finance director, at a loss.

At this moment, his phone rang. It was from Aaron.

" old Jake, there's something I need to ask. Why Bruce' s phone is the line busy?" "Please help me find him, or I'll be dead," said Aaron in a hurry, on the verge of tears

Jake Old were slightly sweating. Was he so old? He was less than 30 years old.

That was not the point for the time being. Jack caught a glimpse of the boss, who was on the phone with a sullen face. Then he asked in a low voice, "Mr. Fan, what can I do for you?"

"Here's the thing. I invited Bruce and sister-in-law to have a dinner last time. I don't know who is so arrogant and cut off several screenshots from the video recorded by the camera at that time."

Aaron thought that since it was such a big news, the assistant would definitely know, so he didn't hide it.

"What did you say? Why did you block the photos? " Jake knew it couldn't be of any use. It was so boring to make a deliberate misinterpretation. The reason why the CEO lost his temper was because of this.

After hesitating for a while, Aaron replied, "they posted it on A University. However, the part about Bruce has been blurred, so we cannot see it clearly... "

And who even posted it on someone's campus! Jake couldn't stay calm anymore. How much was the difference between slapping in the face and wearing a mask? Even if boss didn't take Polly seriously, there was no one else to make a fuss about it.

At this moment, Bruce hung up the phone and said to him coldly, "come in!"

He said to Aaron hastily, "Mr. Fan, the boss asked me to come over. I have to hang up now. I'll talk to you later. You'd better not call Mr. He for the moment. He is in a fit of anger now. "

Jake entered the CEO's office uneasily. He observed his expression and cautiously said, "boss, what do you want me to do?"

Instead of answering his question, he sat straight in front of the desk, one of his hands placing on the dark colored desk. The anger on his face was like the rain in a hot summer.

Then, boss's face returned to normal and his eyes were filled with love.

This made Jake feel even more fearful.

"Jake, Someone use that night Polly to leave the drunken things, framed her is a college student compensated dating, what do you think?"

The cold sweat streamed down Jake's forehead, and he didn't dare to wipe it off. He couldn't imagine what it meant when the CEO seemed to calm down at this time, and became a little excited. He said it after careful consideration. He didn't want to say something wrong to upset the president and anger him.

"How could this happen? Marriage Flowers Restaurant, Isn't that Mr. Fan' family property? In their family, who dares to do that? "

As he glanced at Jake, a smile flickered across his lips. "You don't know the whole story. Although Marriage Flowers Restaurant is one of fan's family property, it is managed by a distant relative named Zhang. "

"Do you mean that their relative has a problem? Which relative is so audacious? "

"Even if he is a relative of the fan family, he mus

t stay in the territory of the fan family. She had been spoiled by the fan family since she became so bold! Are you trying to help them get away with it? "

What a big crime! Jake didn't want to get involved in these gossips, so he stopped talking about it.

"Absolutely not! Boss, I just think it's not easy to draw a conclusion here. We should find out the truth. The fan family has a good relationship with the he family. They will be disgraced if such things happen. "

"Yes, it does not look good! But when I first knew it, I was still very angry. On the spot, I wanted to ask someone to tie up the boy, Aaron, and throw him into the northwest no one area to live for a week by himself! " As he said, his fingers lightly drew circles on the table, and the area of the painting expanded like ripples.

Every time he drew a circle, Jake felt his heart sink a little, as if a stone fell into the water.

At first, he thought the boss in the street to help Polly, just the strong in the meeting of the weak by bullying when the kind of natural relief psychology rose. It was just like someone would tear the web open and help the butterfly escape when he saw the butterfly on the web.

Then, the CEO forced Polly to be his girlfriend. Like other rich men, the CEO thought that he just wanted to have some fun and also wanted to deal with the blind date a month later. But now it seemed that things were completely different from what he thought.

He didn't know whether he should persuade the CEO to don't put down the cruel punishment to the young master of the fan family, or keep silent.

"But..." as he paused, he continued with his hands crossed, "when I think about it now, I think it's not all bad things. How could I miss such a good opportunity! It's just that I'm still unhappy that Dear Polly has been wronged. "

Jake was confused.

"Contact Aaron fan right now and ask his flower shop to send 99.99 red roses to A University within an hour! Dear Polly is so sad. I'm going to comfort her personally! Ask Aaron fan to design carefully. The more grand, the better! "

Jake thought that young master of the fan family was good at pleasing women and being romantic. But what does boss want to do in such a big way?

"There are other things I need you to handle. Hurry up! If I find that Polly cry, your salary of this month will be loss! "

Jake finally understood why his boss's attitude had changed so fast. Because of this incident, boss found an excuse to chase Polly in a high profile. But he didn't understand why his boss needed to be careful in this relationship because of his excellent family background.

Under the watchful eyes of the public, Bruce got out of his white snow-white sports car, and walked slowly towards Polly in the hot sights from both sides of the road.

He held her hand peremptorily in front of everyone, and said with a gentle smile, "Dear Polly, I heard that someone post our photos and show off our love. Is it true or not? "

The white sports car, bright rose and the red words made this handsome man look a little silly.

However, it was this silly feeling that made her eyes hot, and she had an impulse to rush into his arms. If he was just an ordinary man, it might be a good thing to be with him.

"What if it is true or not?"

"If it's true," the man said and smiled like a withered equinox flower, which was both coquettish and striking. "Then I'll find the man and thank him!"

He turned around, with a gleam shining in his eyes. His voice was so loud that almost everyone could hear it.

"Do inform me as soon as possible if you do such good thing again! I would like to see who cares so much about my girlfriend! "

The man's sudden fierceness frightened Polly. He was so angry that she was about to step back.

However, before she could take a step back, Bruce pulled her into his arms and said in a gentle but serious tone.

"Dear Polly, how much injustice have you suffered today? I promise I will love you back with all my heart and soul."

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