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   Chapter 20 To Best Love, Polly Han!

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In the afternoon, Polly was called to the student affairs office. Avril wanted to come with her. She didn't want to get her friends involved in any trouble. She didn't agree. She told Avril about the photos and asked her to work.

When she was far away, she saw a large group of students gathering at the Student Affairs Office's door, who were coming to snitch on her. Since they couldn't tear down the photos, they took photos of them with their cellphones. They came to a conclusion that a school leader must investigate the matter clearly and punish the girl.

It was noisy inside.

"Hasn't that girl come yet?" Someone said indignantly.

"How dare she come here after what she has done? She brought shame on our university! "

"Who knows her name? Whose department is he from? Such a person should cyber manhunt her whole family! Rubbish! "

"My name is Polly Han. I majored in plane design." "Excuse me, please," said Polly who was standing at the door

After this, her name would attract the whole school, which was no longer a big deal.

The rioters all turned their heads. The boys looked at her with disdainful eyes, while the girls stepped back a few steps, as if they were afraid to be stained if leaning on her.

At the same time, Polly walked into the student affairs office through the crowd.

"Director, are you looking for me?"

The student affairs director nodded and said to the students huddling in the room, "please go back first. We will find out the truth."

After they left, the Dean closed the door and took out a file from the drawer. He quickly turned to the last page and handed it to rose, pointing at the signature area.

"Sign this."

"What's this?"

"Notice of dismission!"

Polly stood up abruptly, her eyes full of disbelief. "Why? You haven't found out the whole thing. Why do you want me to drop out of school? "

"Polly, calm down, please! In fact, we don't want to deal with it in this way. We have received the complaints from more than half of the parents of the whole school in just three hours from this noon to now! The adverse impact of this incident is beyond our imagination! I have no other choice! "

It was an incredible way to deal with it, which irritated Polly. "But that's not the truth. You should be fair and just. Investigate it!"

The head of Student Affairs Affairs Affairs said impatiently, "has the bad influence been caused? Is the truth so important? What's more, there had always been no wind without waves, and there had never been a thing like this. Polly Han, do you still remember what you have done? Our school is such a holy place. There is no place for you to argue! "

"Do you mean that I have to be responsible for what I have suffered even if I am wronged because of this matter? And how can those who spread rumors get away with law? "

"I didn't say that!"

"But that's exactly what you mean!" The normally affable director looked so disagreeable in her eyes

The head of the student affairs sat back on his chair and crossed his legs. "Polly, please make it clear that this is not my idea. It is the principal's decision. I just follow the rules!"

"As usual?" "You are a good talker!" said Polly with a sneer

The photos were posted on the Internet in the morning, but the punishment for her in such a short time come to. Since when had they become so efficient?

The man who had framed her up exerted pressure on the school behind her back, so they had to do so.

The director opened an envelope of kraft paper on the desk and showed the photos inside.

"Look at that by yourself. Even if you are shameless, you will have nothing to say after you finish reading it!"

This stack of photos were more detailed, in addition to the photos posted outside, the photos taken when she got off Bruce's car, and enter entered Marriage Flowers Restaurant with him.

But they were all clear enough to see her hair, except for Bruce' s face.

"This was shot by a

high-definition full view camera in the hotel." The head of the student affairs department pointed at the photos and said, "that snitch has given you enough face. The pictures posted on the trees outside have been processed ambiguously."

Polly had a vague idea why the person on the other end of the line dared not to expose Bruce, just like what had happened to the head of the student affairs department.

"Do you mean I should thank him for what he has done to me? Director, are you dreaming? "

"Polly, don't go too far! Do you think the girl on the photo is not you? As long as you dare to say that the woman is not you, I will admit that we are wrong! "

With his hand on the photo, Polly said, "yes, it is me. But how can the two photos prove anything? I went to a hotel with my boyfriend to have a meal. What's wrong with that? "

"Is he your boyfriend?" "Okay, you can prove that he is your boyfriend."

Ok! Polly picked up her phone, and quickly found the number of Bruce. She hesitated for a while, but still dialed. However, his phone was busy.

"The subscriber you dialed is busy now. Please redial later." she kept calling he.

She was worried to death.

About ten minutes later, the head of the student affairs affairs knocked on the table. He sat up straight and said, "have you signed your name? There is no need to delay anymore. I know the people who can depend on our university are the best in the country. Since it's not easy, you should cherish it and stop doing things that will ruin your future. "

"To tell you the truth, you have to sign it, even if you don't! Now you just signed the agreement to tell her to quit school. If you don't appreciate it, you will be expelled by force! "

What's the difference?

At this moment, someone kicked the door hard outside. It was Hal who rushed in and asked anxiously, "Polly, what's going on?"

The man's wrist was wrapped with a large piece of gauze, and his right hand was pressed against the needle eye of his left hand. It seemed that he was running to there from hospital.

She remembered that he had a fever last night and had asked for a leave to the hospital this morning.

He saw the application for retirement from school on the table, reached out his hand, grabbed it and tore it into pieces.

"What are you doing?" He was about to say something, but his phone suddenly rang.

It might be the phone of some important person. The director's expressionless face suddenly burst into laughter.

"Yes, yes, you can rest assured! This matter will be thoroughly investigated and the one who spread the rumor will absolutely be severely punished! "

The director of the student affairs department said to Polly with a smile after hanging up the phone, "I'm sorry. It's just a mistake. Please don't take it to heart! Now, you can go. "

"You can't just leave like this! Director, you asked someone to call Polly, also ordered her to sign on the school leave notice The matter makes so big, does the school have a point of view? Since you said it was a mistake, the person who post photos on the newspaper to start the rumor would just let it go? "

"What else do you want?"

"Hal with a never had strong tone said: very easy to do You not only have to find out the truth and punish those who misbehave, but also have to apologize to Polly in front of the whole school! "

As soon as Polly walked out of the student affairs office, she saw many people on the road to the gate of the school, just like the people who saw their graduation every year. During the process, there were girls shouting wildly.

"Is there anything wrong?" Polly asked Hal He was new here and might know the truth.

"Let's go to have a look," said Hal, shaking his head

The two of them walked quickly.

A sports car with roses was slowly driving in from the school gate. The helicopter, which was circling over the car, hung a long red banner.

It read, "this is for my love, Polly Han!"!

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