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   Chapter 19 A Clean Hand Wants No Washing

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The onlookers were all gone. Sally walked elegantly to Polly and looked at her with a sly pleasure.

"Polly, I didn't expect you to be capable of seducing men. Now that Kevin has broken up with you, why could he still think of you even though Fanny is much better than you. To be honest, Is your heart starting to sway, aren't you? "

It was undeniable that Kevin was good at chasing girls. Otherwise, you would not have been deeply attracted to him before. But Fanny wouldn't like his promise anymore.

"Perhaps Kevin will help you with today's matter. But Fanny was not that gullible. 'what will Bruce react if he knows what happened today? I'm looking forward to it. "

With a cold glance at Polly's face, Polly walked away from Sally without saying anything.

"Don't you have a word with me? Don't pretend to be aloof. "

"What do you want me to say? "If you are interested in Kevin, you should come to Fanny!" I think she will take a share for your help. "

"How could you..."

Clenching her fists, Sally glared at the back of Polly and yelled, "how dare you! Let's wait and see. I'll definitely ruin your reputation and make your life a living hell! "

Then she took out her phone and dialed a number, "May Zhang, print twenty copies of the photos you took on Marriage Flowers Restaurant that day!"

"Mr. Han, don't blame me. You made me do this!"

When Polly came out of the library, she met Avril, who was striding towards here.

When Avril saw her, her anxious eyes eased a lot. She asked with concern, "Dear Polly, are you okay? I just heard that bitch and Fanny had made trouble for you. Did they do anything to you? "

"Look at me. I'm fine. Nothing serious. Oh, where is the sugar fried chestnut you bought? Now I want to eat it all of a sudden. "

Avril blinked her bright eyes, feeling a little embarrassed. "Since you don't eat, I don't think it's a good idea to waste it, so I'll give it to Hal. I think he has already finished eating. "

Glaring at her, she turned around and left.

Avril chased after her at once and shouted, "stop! Dear Polly If you want to eat it, I can go and buy some more for you! "

It was dinner time at half past five, which was the quietest time in the campus.

Sally had an appointment with Kevin at the lawn behind the teaching building.

Then Kevin impatiently asked, "what do you want from me? Just say it!" He didn't like Sally. He wouldn't have come here if she hadn't told him about things concerning Polly.

As if she didn't notice that Kevin was pissed off, she smiled awkwardly and said, "Kevin, I can tell that even though you are with Fanny now, you still have feelings for Polly. You can hide it from others, but you can't hide it from me! "

"What does this have to do with you?"

"I would like to help you most. If you want to get back together with Polly, I can help you."

A wicked glint flashed across Kevin's eyes, but she soon regained his composure and said, "I don't need you to worry about it."

But Sally wasn't annoyed at all. She continued, "or, the fact is that you don't love him anymore. You badger with her just to get back at her. If so, I can help you too. "

"I have told you, it's none of your business!" All of a sudden, Kevin said in a cold and harsh tone, "Sally, I'm warning you. If you dare to do anything to hurt Polly, I will never let you go!"

"Who are you bluffing, Kevin?" With a deliberately horrible expression on her face, she continued, "I can't imagine how sad Fanny would be if she heard this!"

"It's none of your business!"

The two didn't notice that someone was hiding near the teaching building.

It was Avril, who was passing by here, with a large bag of

sugar fried chestnut in her hand. It was used to express her apology to Polly.

She even hadn't had her dinner in order to buy it, but she thought it was worth it. Otherwise, how could she hear such wonderful conversation?

She couldn't believe that Kevin still wanted Dear Polly. This man was so disgusting to her. As for Sally, who the hell was she? How could she get involved in the matter of Dear Polly?

Birds of a feather flock together. That kind of woman was just the same as Fanny.

According to her temper a few years ago, she would have rushed out and smashed a large bag of sugar fried chestnut at them.

But now she wouldn't do that again. When she came back, she just wanted to remind Dear Polly to be careful.

The next morning, there were a lot of people pointing at them on the way when Polly and Avril went to the restaurant for breakfast.

"Look, it's her! The one with ponytail! "

"Wow, she looks so innocent. I didn't expect her to be such a bitch!"

"Don't judge a book by its cover! The more innocent you are, the more shady the things you do in the dark! "

"Gosh, how can we go to the same school with her? It's so humiliating! "

"Don't worry. She will not leave school after such thing happened? The best way was to persuade to drop out of school. Otherwise, she would lose face! Our school is a place for talents training. It's not a red light district."

Polly had long straight hair with a ponytail. It was obvious that she is that girl.

Avril couldn't stand it anymore. She rushed to her classmates and asked, "who are you talking about?"

Those girls were not easy to deal with. When they looked into Polly's eyes, they made no secret of sarcasm and contempt. One of them pointed at her and shouted, "what? Are you afraid of what you have done?"

"Please make it clear. When did she do that?"

"If you don't believe me, you can go and see for yourselves!"

Avril dragged Polly to the bulletin board. The students would have made all kinds of announcement to the school, but now the photos were stuck all over the gooseberry. On the top of those photos was a line of words written in red paint.

A girl went in and out of high-grade hotels for compensated dating!

With a quick glance, the faces in the photos were not very clear. It could be seen that a girl was held in a man's arms, walking out of the private room in the hotel to get on a car. The photos were taken on the way she got on the car.

It was not the point.

The problem was that beside those photos, some photos of Polly's life were posted. In the photo, Polly wore the same clothes as the girl who was in a man's arms. In the photo, the high ponytail of the girl in the photo was marked with red lines.

That meaning was obvious.

"What? This is pure slander! You must have photoshoped it. I bet you have no evidence to prove it!" Avril came forward in a hurry and tried to tear the photos up, "these people are so disgusting!"

The onlookers were frightened by the threatening look of Avril, and they moved aside one by one. When they saw Polly behind her, their eyes revealed a subtle expression.

But the photo was glued. They couldn't be torn apart.

"Avril, stop!" Polly stepped forward to stop her and pulled her out of the crowd.

When she saw these pictures just now, she was so terrified. That night in Marriage Flowers Restaurant, she was drunk and taken out from a room by Bruce

Although those pictures were not true, they were real.

Avril's eyes turned red with anger, "Dear Polly, what are you doing? Are you going to let that man bully you so easily? Damn! Can't tear it off! "

"Avril, let's go. A clean hand wants no washing!"

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