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   Chapter 18 You'll Forgive Me One Day

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Polly threw the freshly cooked sugar fried chestnut back to Avril's desk and gave her a cold smile. Then she continued to read the network novel she had been chasing.

"Dear Polly, I remember you love eating shrimps? To buy you this, I took a taxi there. " Avril peeled the chestnut and gave it to her. "Smell it. It smells so sweet!"

"What are you doing?".

Avril grabbed her bed with both hands and looked at her eagerly, "You're really ignoring me? See, I didn't do anything bad. I just made an excuse for you to get a boyfriend with it successfully. Why do you have to pull a long face? "

Avril said a lot of nice words to make Polly have some reaction finally.

"Let me tell you something! I will change my taste and living habits from now on. Well, everything of me! Then you can't be my informer anymore. "

Avril patted on her bed heavily and said, "you can't do this to me! You can't change yourself for a man! You are degenerate now! "

It was not until now that Polly got to know the reason why Bruce had gotten to know her taste for food was that it was because of what Avril had told him.

She was very upset.

But the most important reason was that she even began to feel pity for Bruce last night. She promised him that she would never refuse to treat him a meal.

She was very regretful now.

As a man of his sort, he could get whatever he wanted regardless of the rain or the wind. Why didn't anybody keep him company for dinner?

What's more, what's her relationship with that man? She hated him before. Why couldn't she be hard on him?

So, it was not that she didn't want to talk to Avril, but that she was sulking at herself.

In the afternoon, Polly left the library to look up the materials. She stood between two bookshelves, holding a book in her hand. A man came over and stopped beside her.

"This book is more useful for dealing with your sister's disease." With the man's familiar words, a book was handed to her.

She frowned and didn't take the book.

"What? Do you think I am like a monster when you see me now? " There was a touch of irony and unwillingness in Kevin' smile. "But this book is not mine. Go ahead."

He didn't care whether Polly wanted it or not, stubbornly shoved the book into her hands.

"It's none of your business!" "I'm sorry. Please excuse me," said Polly, as she put the book back on the shelf angrily

But Kevin stretched out his hand to block her way.

"What? Are you leaving as soon as you see me? Are you hiding something from me? Or are you just going to give up on being your classmate after you break up with me? "

Because this was the library, she tried her best to be calm and said, "whatever you think. Now please move away and let me out! "

Taking a few steps back, she said with a smile, "I'm not a fool. At the beginning, I was worried that you would be sad after we broke up, and that you would feel guilty all day long. I didn't expect that you would have no feelings for me at all. Or in fact, you have long been in love with Bruce and wanted me to break up with you! Since I said so, you took this opportunity and agreed! "

Clenching her fists, Polly pointed at him, "don't go too far, Kevin!"

Now, she finally understood why Kevin trouble her after he has Fanny.

In their relationship, he was the one that broke up. As a man, Kevin thought Polly should be sad for a long time because of him.

He didn't expect that right after they broke up, she was with Bruce. It hurt his van

ity badly. He couldn't hold back his anger and would ask for her trouble from time to time.

"Have I gone too far? 'how could you be so romantic with me. At that time, do you think it is funny to see how hard I love you? "

Polly didn't know why he had thought of this. If she didn't make it clear to him, she would probably be caught up in the middle of this in the future.

"Listen carefully, Kevin! I have never thought that you are funny, so I hope that you will not do funny things in the future! Now that you are with Fanny, you should treat her wholeheartedly! Let bygones be bygones. I hope you won't mention them again. "

She pushed Kevin aside and walked out.

Kevin caught up with her and pulled her back before she went out.

Her back bumped into the shelves made of steel, and she couldn't help crying out in pain. But Kevin didn't listen to her. He leaned forward and pressed her against the bookshelf.

"You want to leave before you make your words clear?"

Annoyed by Kevin's words, she had no time to care about the onlookers anymore and scolded him loudly, "what else do you want me to say? We've broken up! break up! It's over! Please let me go! "

With his eyes blood red, veins stood out on his forehead. His face twisted, and his voice was even more terrifying than hers. "You want me to let you go? "In your dreams!"! You make me feel bad, and you won't be comfortable, either! "

At this moment, Kevin was out of her mind, or else how could he keep pestering her. He was not only not reconciled, but also wanted to kill all of them.

"When we were still together, you even didn't want to hold your hand. Don't you always pretend to be pure and lofty? Why did she go to his home and stay out all night! Don't tell me that you are still clear with him! What Fanny said was right. A bitch like you! When you see a rich man, you come forward automatically! "

With a resounding slap, Polly gave Kevin a violent slap in the face. Kevin accidently tilted his body to one side due to her great strength.

"Kevin! Shame on you! "

However, Kevin didn't get angry at all. Instead, he smiled. He touched his face and said meaningfully, "Dear Polly, you finally slapped me back. I will repay you everything I owe you. You will forgive me one day. "

He kept her in his arms and turned around to yell at the crowd, "what are you looking at! Get out of here! "

Standing in the crowd, Sally picked up her phone and took a picture of the scene just now. Then she sent an MMS to Fanny.

In less than five minutes, Fanny came. The students who had been driven away by Kevin gathered again and waited to see what was going on.

When Kevin was about to force a kiss on Polly' s lips, Fanny yelled at him, "Kevin, what are you doing?" He was interrupted.

He turned around and saw Fanny. With a flustered and embarrassed expression on his face, he quickly let go of Polly.

"Fanny, I..."

"Shut up!" Fanny came straight to Polly and slapped her in the face, "bitch, how dare you seduce him!"

Polly was about to move away but Fanny's hand was grabbed by Kevin. With strength on his hand, he dragged Fanny outside. "Fanny, stop. Let's go back first!"

"Why should we go back first? 'you protected her, but you protected that bitch!'! Do you think you haven't broken up with her yet? How can you do this to me? I love you so much but you keep me from staying with that bitch! "

"Fanny, I've told you. We can talk about this when we go back! I will explain to you! "

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