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   Chapter 17 I Used To Be Lonely

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Jake drove Polly to Bruce's apartment.

Before they got out of the car, Jake said to Polly in a consulting tone, "Miss Han, I have a favor to ask of you."

"What's the matter?" she asked impatiently

"Please don't mention anything about that bronze pipe band to Mr. He." Jake said cautiously, as if he was intimidated. "I have many ways to invite you over, but I've chosen the latter one. Because, in fact, I have an ulterior purpose. "

"What selfish motive do you have? Wasn't it arranged by Bruce?"

"Miss Han, you misunderstood. The band was not arranged by Mr. He. That's one of my friends who is currently establishing a band. They want to borrow more people to practice with each other. "

"Oh, I see." "It's a long night. If you have nothing to do, just take it as a funny story in the campus and tell him."

"Miss Han!"

A girl about twenty years old was standing outside the elevator, with a folder in her hand. She seemed to be waiting for the elevator to come down.

Her heart was filled with anger. She didn't look at the people and moved aside as usual. Then she walked angrily towards the house of Bruce.

"Hello!" The girl saw the astonished look on her face. She grabbed hold of her arm and said excitedly, "Wow, you're that Polly, right?"

Polly looked up at the girl carefully. Her skin was fair. Her clothes perfectly matched her hourglass coat, and her curvy figure was wrapped in a black low cut tight dress. She wore a pair of black high-heeled grinded ankle boots, and her two bare long, white legs were exposed.

A City was located in the north. It hadn't been three months yet. People would feel cold in this way, especially at night. Besides, the reason why she dressed like this didn't match her beautiful face.

Polly stared at her face for a long time, her delicate and angular makeup covered most of her real face, but she still found some traces of childhood on her face.

"You, Rachel Du!" She grabbed the girl's hand excitedly.

This was her childhood, two years older than her, they had a very good relationship since childhood. Rachel's uncle lived next door to her. Her father died at work at that time, and her mother worked in another city. So they lived in uncle's house all the time. When she was three years old, she moved out to live with her mother.

Later, they went to different universities, but their relationships were cut off gradually.

I didn't expect to meet him here.

"Do you live here?"

Her excitement sight gradually subsided. There were only two families living on this floor. She had come here only for a few times. She had never seen any family on this floor other than Bruce's.

"No, it's not like that!" Rachel was a little embarrassed. "The house here is so expensive. How can I afford it? I'm an intern in a company. I'm here to send some materials to the CEO. What about you? Do you live here? "

Polly' s eyelids twitched a little, wondering if the CEO that Rachel had mentioned was Bruce?

It was not easy for a friend to see each other. She didn't want to ruin her good mood because of something unimportant. She hurriedly shook her head and said, "I am poor too. I can't afford to live there. I... I'm here to help a friend. " That was not a lie.

Afraid that Rachel would ask more, she took out her phone immediately. "Rachel, tell me your phone number."

They exchanged numbers.

But it didn't seem to work as Polly tried to change the subject. Rachel was confused. She asked, "before you leave, your friend lives here? What kind of friend is he? Surname? "

Polly didn't know how to answer because she d

idn't want to lie to this innocent childhood sweetheart. At this moment, she received a call from Bruce, which saved her from anxiety. As she walked inside, she said to Rachel, "I'm sorry. My friend called and urged me. I have to go. Call me later!"

She didn't answer the phone, but hanged it up on the other side, which was invisible to Rachel. 'I am already at the door, to kill to cut, to enter.' Polly thought.

Rachel didn't go into the elevator immediately. She quietly followed Polly. She saw her stop in front of a door and enter the open password.

With a bang, the folder in her hand fell to the ground. The expression on her face suddenly changed.

As soon as she entered, she smelled the aroma of food.

"Here you are." He was about to enter the dining room with a bottle of wine in his hand. He greeted her happily when he turned around and saw her.

"Dear Polly, what a coincidence. You are here just in time. I had finished my work. Come on in and have lunch with me. "

The light in the room was dim, and only a few small lights were turned on in the corner. A faint, gentle yellow light, like a golden morning glow that sprinkled into the forest.

The light was off in the dining room, and there was a large silver candlestick on the table. The warm light reflected the special tenderness on his angular face.

He pulled out the seat for her and made a gesture of "please" like a gentleman. Then, some soothing music sounded.

The dishes on the table were a little peculiar with the combination of Chinese and Western styles, But it's all Polly likes. She tasted it and found it was much better than the one made by Bruce last time.

"Did you cook all of them?" She felt that everything was unreal. Originally thought, waiting for her is Bruce full head to face query, she played all the way stomach draft, how to deal with him.

She didn't expect

She found it difficult to see through him now.

As he sipped the red wine, his dark colored thin lips were tempting. He said softly, "is it your taste?"

"Yummy," she answered honestly

"If you like the food, you can eat as much as you want." Bruce helped her to take more food tenderly and said, "Wow, you are too thin. Don't let others think that I am mistreating you. "

Today's meal was very delicious, she suddenly began to enjoy it.

Soon, Polly found that she was the only one eating all the dishes on the table. Bruce only took a sip of wine occasionally and all other time, he looked at her tenderly.

In front of him, she was not that reserved, but she had never felt at ease with his watching the whole time, which made her feel bad.

"Why don't you eat?" She stopped eating and asked, "are all these dishes not to your taste?"

Bruce didn't answer. His eyes were as beautiful as the clouds, and there was a smile on his lips. He stared at her, but his expression was drifting away.

Polly raised her voice, "Bruce, I'm asking you? Why don't you eat? Do you want me to eat all these dishes alone? "

When Bruce finally came to his mind, her figure was reflected in his jade like eyes. "Do you think that having dinner alone is lonely?"

She had thought about wasting food!

Suddenly, he reached out from the other end of the table and pressed the back of her hand. He then stopped her from drawing her hand back. With loneliness in his clear and bright eyes, he said, "I was used to being lonely."

"Tonight, I thought Polly wouldn't come here. I wasn't sure whether you are the truth."

Hearing that, Polly's heart trembled. She hesitated for a long time and finally didn't withdraw her hand.

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