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   Chapter 16 Polly, Are You Sure You Want To Do This

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"Are you sure you want it?"

Avril repeated these words the whole morning.

Polly bent over the table and stretched herself.

They successfully occupied the last row of the lecture room. Basking in the sun, they listened to the gentle and low voice of the old professor. They had a good sleep.

She didn't think it was a bad thing.

If there are any bad things, it would be that Bruce had called her for several times, which disturbed her dreams. At last, she got tired of it and turned off her phone. She knew that it was against the rules here and she must pay a price.

But she didn't want to pay any attention to it now.

She kept thinking about what Hal had said, and tried to find out if her behavior was too casual or not. But she thought about it for a long time and realized that such a kind of person as Bruce could do anything he wanted. She had owed Bruce a favor, so it was almost impossible to repay him. That's all I can do for now.

Anyway, it was only for a month.

Although she thought so, she still felt entangled and uncomfortable. Hal was pissed off by her this time. What he wanted to do most was to point at her face and say "Polly, You are rotten".

"Hey, Dear Polly, are you really think that' s good?" In the end, Avril groaned and fell asleep with her head on the table.

She probably said she was tired. As a woman, she only cared about others. Her body couldn't stand it.

There was only five minutes left. The atmosphere in the classroom became tense. The student who approached the door had stretched out his legs, waiting for the mysterious bell to ring.

Every time Polly woke up at this time, she was still thinking about something today. When she finally got the time, she switched on the phone as soon as possible.

She thought many calls Bruce would call, the only result was that he called one time after she turned off her phone. He was a smart man and didn't want to embarrass himself.

Which also indicated that Bruce wasn't in a hurry to find her, so the matter was over.

By chance, she was waiting for the end of the class.

At five o'clock, the school bell rang, and she got a text from Bruce on time. She was startled.

Dear Polly, I'll ask Jake to pick you up!

She read it again and again. It was a simple sentence, but she couldn't help but value it.

She thought quickly about if she refused, would Bruce stop. The answer is, I'm afraid he can't. In that case, she would not waste her time to think about it.

Maybe it was because she hadn't fallen asleep for the whole afternoon, or because she was too worried and melancholy, she had ignored the most important and detail part.

She pulled up Avril, who was sleeping on the ground, and went out with the crowd. Since there were so many people in the campus and they were hiding in the crowd, Jake might not be able to see her.

"Is the class over? Is dinner ready? " Avril wiped the saliva with her hand and continued in dissatisfaction, "I dreamt of many delicious dishes just now. When I was about to eat, you woke me up. You're a bummer! "

On the other side, Avril was still asleep with her head resting on her

shoulder. She was wrapped in Polly' arms with her sleepy eyes. She couldn't tell what was happening.

Suddenly, her eyes were as bright as lightening! What's that! Are they shooting a movie? "

And Polly had also seen that.

Headed by Jake, more than thirty men in black suits and sunglasses were standing at the foot of the stairs. They looked very tall and strong. The biggest problem was that these guys wore white gloves, and each of them had copper instruments in their hands.

The band of bronze in the underworld?

Not only them, but also all the students passing by were attracted by the strange group of people at the door of the classroom.

They were just too eye-catching.

"Miss Han, Mr. He told us to invite you to his office today anyway." Jake's voice sounded a little awkward. If he wasn't wearing sunglasses, he would rather find a hole on the ground to hide.

"Mr. He, do you mean that you want to tie me up?" Polly coldly looked at those black coated bodyguards.

Jake explained at once, "Miss Han, you've misunderstood. What Mr. He said is true."

"What if I say no?" Polly's tone became colder, and she was suddenly rebellious towards the man's behavior.

Jake sweated. He pushed the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose and replied respectfully, "it's your business whether you accept it or not. Whether I do it or not is my business."

"Are you sure you won't use force?"

"Miss Han, you must be kidding. We are really here to invite you for a dinner. Mr. He said that if we couldn't invite you, it means that we are not sincere enough and we are not competent enough. "

"That's good."

Without looking at those people, Polly dragged Avril to the dining room.

Jake raised his hand and commanded, "squash! Miss Polly will go to the dining room and play an athlete! "

Here came the familiar melody. Around thirty people followed closely behind him and headed to the restaurant. Seeing that Polly had been wearing a long face, Avril tried not to laugh in this way.

On the half way, Polly was unable to go on, so she decided to talk to Jake.

"Mr. Zhou, can you stop following us?"

"Miss Zhou, we didn't follow you. We happened to walk on the same road with you."

"Mr. Zhou, don't you think it's a waste of time and money for a talented person like you to do this?"

"As an assistant, we are responsible for the president's life. This is one of them, not as narrow-minded as you think."

The boss was difficult to deal with and he was not an ordinary assistant.

"Lady is going to the dining room and play a wedding song."

Polly's face turned pale. Before she heard the melody which could definitely cure the bad temper of an old woman, she immediately turned around and stopped Jake Zhou. "Assistant Zhou, I'm sorry for you. I'll go with you."

By now, she had completely understood one thing.

To embarrass others is to embarrass herself.

Jake heaved a sigh of relief and said to his companions, "everybody, dismiss. Let's call it a day! You don't have to buy food, vegetables, soup, wash the dishes and escort her upstairs. "

Avril behind Polly, Avril almost laughed her head off.

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