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   Chapter 15 Are You Serious About Polly!

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Avril walked through the quiet Soren forest behind the library and headed for the school gate, while humming a merry tune all the way.

Suddenly, she slowed down and walked softly.

"Kevin, what did you say! Say it again! " Fanny shouted angrily from the thick branches.

"Fanny, don't shout like that. Let's have a nice talk." Kevin added in a hurry and impatient voice, "you are always so emotional every time something happens."

"How can I calm down? That bitch named Han had beaten you up like this. You actually told me not to care about it! It's impossible! "

"Fanny, don't call me bitch all the time. It's not appropriate to be heard in the school. What's more, the whole thing has nothing to do with Polly. It was all about Hal. "

"Why does it have nothing to do with her! Don't forget that you slapped her in the mall. She always holds grudges against you and takes opportunity to find someone to revenge on you! "

"No way! I know her. No matter how sad she is and how much she hates me, she will never ask someone to hit me! "

"You are so sure! Alas, Kevin, why do I always find that you have been nice to that bitch? Tell me the truth. Are you still in love with her? Are you regretting it? You want to look back for her, don't you? Did she seduce you secretly? "

"You are really getting more and more offensive!" Since he was angry now, he said with a tough tone, "Fanny Li, I now officially tell you that it's a matter between me and Hal. You don't need to step in!"

"No way! I will take care of it! "

"Fanny, I'm your boyfriend now. Can't you do me a favor?" Kevin softened his voice, as if he was begging her.

"Save your face, then how about mine. 'Kevin, I'm the one who asked for your help, but you gave me away. You... "

Fanny suddenly burst into tears and accused Kevin, "you ungrateful man!"

"Fanny, don't cry..."

Avril wanted to hear more, but the sound she heard just now made her face blush.

It turned out that Kevin could not resist such a temptation like this. No wonder Kevin had been poached. If that girl encountered the same situation, she would never be able to shed a tear.

It was all her fault. She was not easily to shed tears.

As a gust of wind blew, the leaves of the cherry tree made the sound of sand, and the shadows of the tree were swayed with the wind. The sun's light through the cracks of the changed leaves scattered everywhere.

Seeing that Hal wanted to say something but hesitated, Polly said directly, "we are in a relationship now."

Unlike Avril, who was easy to be fooled, if she said to help Bruce, Hal is bound to ask the reason. Both he and Avril only knew that Kevin slapped her in front of Fanny. But they didn't know that later, Fanny let others bully her on the street.

I don't know what they will do if they know it. She hoped that it was over and she didn't want to make things more complicated. They were ordinary people and just would let such a wealthy and powerful lady off the hook.

Besides, Hal and Kevin lived in the same dormitory. She didn't want to worsen the conflict betwe

en them. A few days ago, Hal had a fight with Kevin for her. He was so weak now. If anything happened to him, she would feel guilty to death.

She knew well about Hal. Although he was weak and looked funny, he was very serious with his principles. If he kept quarreling with Kevin, Fanny would surely make trouble for him.

"Are you serious about it?" "Do you know who is that man? Do you know all the bad rumors about him? "

"What rumors?" Polly said in a flat voice, "because he's a gay?"

"You know!" The expression on Hal' s face is more tangled," you know! you still are together with him! "

"It doesn't matter? I know my charm is enough to change my sexual orientation. If I make it, it's my merit. All of them will thank me, ho ho ho... "

"What are you laughing at?" "Who do you think you are? 'turning into a lesbian? No way!'! It's impossible to succeed at all! "

Polly sat up and stared straight at him, which made his white face blush unnaturally.

"Hal, are you a gay? Did anyone change your mind? "

"What? What are you talking about! I'm not a gay! " Said Hal, furious.

"Since you are not a gay, why do you say it's not possible?"

"Dear Polly! I'm not arguing with you! This was impossible anyway! Don't be fooled by Bruce! Changing him? If you have time, do something right! If you really have nothing else to do, why not be my girlfriend? "

Polly sat up straight in a daze for ten seconds and burst into laughter.

"What are you laughing at?" Hal frowned and looked displeased. "Can't I be just kidding?"

"So I laughed!"

With knitted brows, Hal said in a serious voice, "okay! You'd better behave yourself. Don't learn from Avril. You are just like a girl with mental illness! "

Suddenly, his white face turned a little red, his eyes blinked and he stammered, "Dear Polly, I, I'm not kidding. I'm serious."

"Of course, what you said is true!" Polly Han smilingly patted him on the shoulder and said, "I have already known that Bruce is a gay. But it didn't matter. They would get along with each other for a period of time. If it didn't work, we will broke up. Isn't it the same with me and Kevin before? If men and women do not break up once they are in a relationship, there is no such thing as an ex. You don't have to care too much about it. "

Hearing that, Hal's face flushed and turned pale at once. Suddenly, he jumped up as if he had been stepped on his tail. He angrily pointed at her and said, "you are not such an easy person as you used to be! You... You really piss me off! "

He turned around and was about to leave.

"Why are you so angry? Hey, don't go! Avril will be back soon. Don't you eat the durian? "

"I... I have a stomachache! I want to go to the bathroom! "

When Avril came back, she only saw Polly, "where is Hal?"

"It's said that I ate something wrong with his stomach."

There was a hint of pity in Avril's eyes. She shook her head and said, "Alas, that's too bad."

The next second, she laughed even louder with a whole durian in her hands. "That's great. Come on. Let's share the fruits together."

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