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   Chapter 14 Shouldn't He Make Up For It

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With the lunch box in her hand, Avril sat next to Polly and took a look at the dishes on her plate. She said unkindly, "Wow, you're losing weight, or you ate too much last night?"

All the dishes in her plate were vegetable, fried with green vegetable, mushroom, shredded potato and sweet and sour cabbage.

"Don't talk nonsense!" "The fact is I didn't work this month. I don't have enough food."

Avril put one fish in her plate to her plate and said, "ask for more, your family can afford you."

It was true. When Polly was young, her parents divorced and her mother married a young boss. Her stepfather was a nice person. He treated her as if she were his biological daughter. Although her family was not very rich, it was okay to support her to go to college.

But her half sister has autism, and it costs a lot of money for treatment every year. As a kindhearted person, her stepfather often donated money to projects and children in poor mountainous areas. She felt that it was not easy for her stepfather to bear the burden on her.

Because her mother had been changed, she had been very considerate since she was a child and never spent money at will.

Since last year, she began to work to earn living expenses. She had saved the money and bought her a variety of toys and assist in treatment.

They were a family. Polly wanted to make her efforts to help her sister. She hoped that her sister could get better one day.

The thought of her sister made her heart ache. How could such a lovely and beautiful child get the disease?

"Besides, you have a rich and handsome boyfriend? You have delayed your work just because you wanted to spend these days with him. Shouldn't he offer the compensation? "

She was unhappy in the first place and lost her appetite when she mentioned that person.

She poked the rice with chopsticks, "Avril, I just got a chance to have a meal quietly, can you stop mentioning that man? To be honest, he and I just... "

"What's the relationship between you and him?" Not knowing what was happening, Hal put the lunch box on the table and huddled with them at the same table.

Polly raised her head, only to find that Hal not the only one who was concerned about this. Some of her classmates on the nearby table had heard the conversation between her and Avril, and all looked curiously at her side.

"Nothing. Let's eat." As far as she knew, it was not appropriate to talk about this in public.

Hal didn't ask any more questions. He put all the braised pork chops into the plate in front of Polly and said thoughtfully, "Dear Polly, have some meat. You've lost a lot of weight in these days."

Looking at the braised fish and sweet and sour spareribs in her plate, Polly felt very warm.

Avril didn't have her parents, so she grew up with her grandpa. In order to continue her education and living expense, she worked several times and didn't have a rest on holidays. She was so frugal that she had to save money to buy braised fish for the first time.

As for Hal, he was the thinnest one among them. He was over six feet tall, but he was so weak that he could fall down as easily as a gust of wind blew over him.

They were so lucky to have such good friends.

In the afternoon, Polly and Avril liked reading magazine under the cherry tree in their campus. Although it was past the season of cherry, they still liked this place.

Hal once made a poem to sick that both of them smelled the fragrance of flowers through green leaves.

However, this man, who was satirizing their sentimentality, had come without invitation. With a magazine in his hand, Hal walked towards the cherry tree and said to sleepy Avril, "Avril, do you want to eat durian?"

She took the book from her face, glanced at him, and covered it again. She asked lazily, "is it your treat?"

"Of course it's my treat!" Taking out five big red bills from his wallet, Hal aggressively patted on Avril's hand and said, "I heard that you are good at picking durians. Now I'm giving you a chance to choose the best one for you to come back!"

"Hey, Hal, have you made a fortune?" When she saw the money, there was a twinkle of green light in her eyes. She took it up and looked in the sunshine. She exaggerated, "it's true!"

"Of course!" Hal's face turned blue with anger, "I have earned some money by working together with several friends recently. Although I don't make much money, I can afford to invite you to eat durian! Go ahead! Stop talking nonsense! "

"Okay!" Avril ran away with the money excitedly and turned back in a few steps. "If you two can't get along with each other good when I come back, can I eat on my own?"

Hal glared at Avril, "nonsense! How could we quarrel! Get out of here! "

"If you want to teach me, you can do it now." After Avril left, Polly took down the book from her face.

"You are smart. I can't hide anything from you," said Hal with a smile

It was not about whether she was smart or not. He had always been mean. But today, he was willing to spend money to send Avril away. Only a fool don't knew what he was going to do.

After confirming that there was no one around them, Hal leaned towards her and said in a low voice, "Dear Polly. I've heard something about you and the president of the He group. You two..."

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