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   Chapter 13 Clothes Have Been Changed

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Polly had a dream.

In her dream, she was chasing a familiar back in panic on a gray path. The road looked endless into the mist's deep sky. She kept running, begging the man to stop and not to leave, but the man did not listen to her at all.

Then she tried hard to catch up with him. The man turned around and said gently with a smile, "Dear Polly."

Why did it become Bruce's face! She woke up immediately.

She tried to sit up but fell back as soon as she lifted her body. She held her head with both hands and felt her head was splitting. After a while, she finally remembered that she had drunk so much last night, one after another.

She had heard that it took people's life to have a hangover. But now, after realizing it, it was really worse than death. She had a headache, and felt weak all over. Her stomach and mouth were as dry as she hadn't drunk water for days.

The next moment, she realized a bigger problem. The room looked familiar, but obviously it was not their dormitory, and she was wearing a pink lace Nightgown, not her white snow princess's nightgown.

Her temples throbbed abruptly. She rubbed her head hard to clear her mind. Contrary to the decoration style, the black and grey color was not suitable for that of black and grey color. The bright colored curtains

It suddenly occurred to her that this was the house of Bruce. He didn't send her back to her dormitory last night unexpectedly. And he even changed her pajamas for her!

She drank too much last night, and so did Bruce. She believed that they wouldn't get drunk and have a one night stand. She quickly opened the clothes and saw that her skin was still white and tender. Until she didn't find any trace of ambiguity, she was slowly relieved.

She looked around for her clothes. The curtains separated the room from others and made it an independent room. The room was dim, and people couldn't see it clearly.

She put on her shoes and got out of bed, pulling open the curtain. A strong sunlight shone on her, which was so piercing that she could hardly open her eyes.

'when did the sun rise above my head?' she wondered?

In a hurry, she grabbed her cell phone and looked at the time. She was pissed off only by one glance at it.

It was already ten o'clock!

In a huff, she dialed Bruce's number. As soon as the phone rang twice, someone answered it at the other end of the line. The man on the other end said in a magnetic and gentle voice with a smile, "Dear Polly, are you awake?"

She yelled at him as soon as possible, "are you Bruce? Why didn't you drive me back to my dormitory last night? Why didn't you wake me up this morning! It's ten o'clock and I am late again! "

"Dear Polly, don't worry. I've already asked for leave for you." He answered patiently.

She asked for leave again. He's been asking for leave ever since I met him. What does he think of school? She isn't absent classes during a year and a half, even if she is ill

She wanted to attack him for several times, but she controlled herself with all the anger and said patiently, "I want to tell you, I am still a student. I should focus on my study! I don't want to ask for leave so frequently! "

"I know. I promise that such a thing will never happen again! Please trust me. "

Thinking that the video was still in his hand, she could not be so absolute: "okay! If this happens again in the future, I can't help you anymore! "

It seemed that Bruce wanted to say something more, but she was not in the mood to listen to him, so she hung up the phone.

Her heart was in a mess. She was too embarrassed to ask Bruce about her pajamas and the question whether they slept in the same room last night. She sent a message but it was already half written. She thought it was not a good idea, so she deleted it.

She was angry, but she couldn't release it. She felt very uncomfortable. She imagined the big bed as Bruce's face, and on it, she punched and kicked.

At this moment, there was a sudden slight sound from the outside, as if someone was walking in and out. She was startled, wondering if there was a thief outside. She immediately lifted the quilt that had been kicked to the ground and covered it over her body.

"Knock, knock, knock!" There was a knock on the door. "Are you awake, miss?" It was a voice of a strange woman.

Holding the quilt in her arms, she was stunned for a while before she realized that it was not a thief. She responded, "I'm awake. Who are you?


"I'm Mr. He's housekeeper, Molly. Miss, Mr. He has ordered us to prepare a bowl of porridge for you to protect your stomach when you wake up. Is it convenient for you now? "

Her face seemed to be heated by the warm sunshine and she said loudly, "no need to bring it in. Just put it on the table. I'll go out for a drink."

"Okay. When will you have your breakfast, miss? "

And breakfast? It's almost noon. '. But on second thought, it was she who had drunk so much last night that she slept till now, so it was not all because of Bruce's fault. However, she would not forgive him for changing pajamas for her without authorization.

The bedroom was large and there weren't many furniture. The room looked empty. She looked for all her clothes but couldn't find them anywhere. 'forget it. I'll just go out in pajamas. Anyway, after this night, I can't say anything.'.

She tiptoed to the door and opened it. There was no one in the living room. And there was sound in the kitchen. She guessed that Molly was making breakfast in the kitchen.

She felt dizzy and headache. She walked to the table and picked up the steaming soup. 'It tastes apple juice. But I could endure the slightly bitter taste. She was thirsty and drank it up in one breath.

Polly didn't know what it was and she felt that her stomach felt better after drinking it.

The scent of the food filled the living room, which made Polly feel very hungry. But she had to find her own clothes to change. She didn't find anything in the living room except a set of new women's clothes which was neatly folded on the sofa.

Then she heard footsteps from the kitchen coming over. Maybe Molly was coming out. She was freaked out and rushed into the bathroom.

After a while, she heard no sound from the kitchen again. She felt guilty.

When she came out of the bathroom quietly, she happened to see Molly walking out of the kitchen with breakfast tray in his hand. She then took a step back in fear. When she saw Molly put the breakfast on the table, he went to the bedroom and knocked on the door, thinking that she hadn't gotten up.

"Young lady, breakfast is ready."

"Thank you. I'll be right there." She replied, hiding behind the bathroom door.

Then she went out for another while. She didn't want to hide for the whole morning.

When she was greeting Molly, she smiled shyly as she smoothed her hair near her ear.

Molly was in his fifties. She looked clean and tidy. When he looked at others, his eyes were soft and he gave people a kind feeling.

However, her appearance was different from Molly' s expectation. Maybe it was because she was more pure and innocent. When he saw her looks, he was surprised.

"You are so beautiful, my lady." Molly praised sincerely, "Mr. He has good taste."

Polly blushed and said in a low voice, "thank you." She ran to the table.

A bowl of porridge, a few pieces of bun and two appetizers. The breakfast was very simple. It might be helpful for her hangover appetite.

"You are so lucky, miss. I have worked as an hourly worker for nearly two years in Mr. He's family, and I have never seen him bring any girls back. I'm old and I don't think I have not meet another man who is as pure as him. " Molly chattered as he tidied up the living room.

Because he was a secret Gay.

"When I came here in the morning, Mr. He was lying on the sofa and didn't look very well. I guess that he had taken care of you for the whole night."

"What?" This surprised Polly.

"you was drunk last night, so you must have forgotten everything. You threw up and stained Mr. He's clothes. " "Oh, I found this this in the morning when I was washing clothes," Molly added considerately

Polly caught the key words in her sentence and asked, "Molly, did you mean that you have washed my clothes?"

No wonder I couldn't find them everywhere. '.

Molly replied with a smile, "your clothes were dirty and they has already washed them."

She pointed at the new dress on the sofa and said, "that's for Miss He."

Through Molly's smile, Polly could tell that there was something that made her blush with shyness and her heart beat faster. She wanted to tell something, but she didn't know why. Things were always going black in her eyes, so she just kept silent.

She took the suit and went into the bedroom.

The size of the dress was exactly suitable, as if it was tailor-made for her. Thinking of the possible reasons, she felt annoyed and ashamed.

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