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   Chapter 12 Dear Polly! Wake up!

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Polly was very generous, and she drank up all the toast offered by other people. The atmosphere in the private room was so good. The friends of Bruce all had a sweet smile on their faces, and they kept complimenting sister-in-law and Bruce on how lucky they were.

After drinking several glasses of wine, she gradually remembered several people. All of them were young people, and they didn't put on airs in front of Bruce. So all of them got along well with each other.

In the meantime, when Bruce went out to answer the phone, those rich children were even more excited.

"Sister in law, come on, drink one more glass!"

After drinking a few more glasses of wine, Polly was dizzy, but she was still rational and sober minded.

"sister-in-law!" Aaron was the host, the most arrogant one. He was obviously drunk, so he took Bruce's seat directly.

"In fact, Bruce is a rare good man! He had been doing business only for so many years without any scandal! We all suspect that he is a gay, ha ha... "

"Yes, you are right!" Henry also added, "sister in law, believe it! It's true! This is known to all in our circle! There were news about this on the Internet before, but it has been peaceful. "

"That's right. Bruce was forced to get married every year, and how embarrassing it was, hahaha..."

"sister-in-law, please take care of Bruce! You must get him back from gay. I'll rely on you to save him! "

"sister-in-law, the future is full of hardships. You have to hold on!"

It turned out that Bruce was a gay, which astonished Polly. In fact, he was less than thirty years old, so his family didn't have to be in such a hurry.

No wonder he had to find a fake girlfriend to deal with his family! No wonder he wanted to find her, but not those women who had betrayed him! He must have felt sick at the sight of the girls who were gazing at him intently!

This fact was so useful to her that she wouldn't have to worry so much from now on.

When Bruce went back to the room, he noticed that the way Polly looked at him was very strange. It was regret, pity, and even pity.

He looked around with his cold and sharp eyes. When he saw that Aaron and others were afraid to laugh, he understood immediately.

It was not the first time for them to do such a thing. Since the situation was different this time, they could do nothing about it.

While he was in a daze, the women next to he had drunk a few more glasses of beer. She had a small red face as if she had put on blusher, and her smooth red lips were watery.

But she was still asking for it.

A sudden anger rose in his heart, and his deep eyes were filled with bottomless storms. He grabbed her cup and put it on the table. The hubbub in the room suddenly vanished with the thump.

Bruce stood up and said, "s

ince she is drunk, I'll take her home." As he said, he lifted her in his arms and walked out of the room regardless of other people's reaction.

The rich young masters finally came to their senses after the door was heavily slammed.

"Things are different this time."

"Are you serious?"

"Holy crap! Wait for death! "

The room was full of fear and depression.

Holding in Bruce's arms, Polly was not obedient at all. She grabbed his clothes and shook it violently. "Aaron, I want to drink one more glass of wine!"

"You asked me why I drank so much? Alcohol can chase away my sorrows. I feel bad! "

Both of his hands hit the target, and he couldn't prevent the woman from tearing his clothes. He cursed in a low voice, "damn!" He quickened his pace towards the parking lot.

"Where are we going, Mr. He?" Asked Jake softly.

"The apartment!"

On the way, Polly was quiet with a sweet smile on her face. She seemed to be having a dream. But when she entered the room, she suddenly opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, her body clung to him tightly like an octopus.

"Polly. Wake up!" He struggled but failed. It was better to say that he didn't want to break away from her than he couldn't.

She hugged him tightly, which turned his brain into chaos. He warned her in a hoarse voice, "get away from me! Don't blame me if you don't let me go!"

Unconsciously, his big hand touched her waist and went down her plump buttocks.

Not only didn't she let go of him, but she also put her body close to him. They were already tightly stitched except there were several layers of cloth between them.

He thought it was not good to go on like this, so he forced himself to calm down and coaxed her in a soft voice, "honey, sleep on the bed." Regardless of his gentleness, he pulled her away and carried her to the bedroom.

When they got to the bedside, Polly suddenly exerted much more strength, much stronger than usual. It never occurred to him that she would do this. His legs gave out and he fell onto the bed with her.

Bruce pressed on Polly, with two hands holding. Her eyes became dim and she giggled at Bruce.

The good smell of alcohol overwhelmed the fragrance of her body and the touch of her soft body, all of which stimulated Bruce's nerves. His dark eyes reflected the beautiful lips in front of him. His usual calmness and self-control almost collapsed. Unconsciously, his fingers left many deep scratches on the bed sheet.

"Am I dreaming?" Polly reached out to hold his face, her slender fingers skimming over his lips. Suddenly, she lowered her head, with sweet and soft lips getting closer to him.

However, when she was about to kiss him, she tilted her body and slid her soft lips from his face to his neck. She muttered, "Owen..."

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