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   Chapter 11 A Freak Clan

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As soon as she got on the car, Bruce came over, grabbed her wrist and looked at her carefully.

She has the one-in-a-hundred skin, delicate and white, delicate and easy to blow. Kevin takes exercise for a long time. He was so strong that Polly wrist was already bruised.

If one didn't observe it carefully, it couldn't be found, but it certainly escaped from the sharp eyes of Bruce.

With his lips tightly closed and eyes squinted, his face was as dark as the sky before the storm, probably because he hid deep in the forest.

For some reason, Polly felt a little guilty. In order to ease the embarrassment in her heart, she broke the silence first. "Didn't you say that you would send Jake to pick me up?"

As soon as Bruce loosened his grip on her wrist and looked in the direction of her eyes, the haze on his face was already swept away, and there was even a gentle smile on his brows and brows. "I just wanted to see you, so I came."

"Didn't you say that you were extremely busy these days?" asked Polly

"There is no conflict between being busy and being with you." Bruce turned her around and smiled, " Polly took time to have dinner with me, and I have no reason to continue working."

Polly heart suddenly skipped a beat.

The two doormen at the door saw Bruce greeted him respectfully, "Hello, Mr. He, Miss Han."

As soon as she entered the room, she noticed that a lot of eyes fell on her, and everyone paid attention to her as much as on Bruce. She knew it was all because of the man around her. Those people were probably curious about what the woman beside Boss looked like.

The waiter courteously opened the door of the private room.

Polly Han was stunned for a while. In the blink of an eye, Bruce had put his hands around her slender waist, dragging her into the room.

There were many people inside. They were all young and handsome strangers.

When those people saw them, they all stood up and greeted with a smile, "nice to meet you, Bruce! sister-in-law !"

Although Bruce was smiling, he showed no politeness in what he said. "Who let you guys come here?"

They answered in one voice, "we have no choice. we have been fed up with these dishes at home, so I come out to change a taste. Do you mind it? "

Aaron quickly stood out and explained, "Bruce, sister in law, it's not my fault! They are acting like they have made a deal. They just burst in and wouldn't leave. I have driven them away several times! "

Polly reached out her hand to smooth her hair. Really? Polly don't think so.

Looking into her eyes, Bruce said, "of course I won't mind." The implication in his words was obvious. He was waiting for her to express her position.

What else could she say? She could only say something against her will. "I don't mind. More people, more fun."

Although she said she didn't mind it, she had to say something in front of Bruce, or she wouldn't be able to vent her anger.


dn't you say that Aaron only invited us? Why there were so many people here. Don't say something like that. I'm not a fool. "

"You are smart, of course. It's all my fault. I didn't make a good friend. Although Aaron looks gentle and mild, he is a well-known celebrity in the business circle. He posted the news that he saw me with you that day on the Internet and it caused a stir among those young men. But don't worry. It's just a meal. Aaron's family is engaged in jewelry. They can afford a lot of food. "

When she asked the reason, he actually mentioned money. The rich's thought was really different. This was the nature of a businessman. All he thought about was money.

"Dear Polly, what's that look on your face? I know you don't like rich people. I'm sorry. I became a rich man accidentally. Don't dislike me. "

It was still too early to say that she despised him. No, the man was simply changing the topic. "All right, Mr. He!" said Polly. She was even more upset! Now I understand your intention. You just want to let your friends know about me, right? "

"Is there anything wrong? As long as my friends know you, they will help me win my mother's trust. Why are you so smart? Don't you know to be prepared? "

She felt that Bruce have some wiles.

"Bruce, don't just whisper to sister in law. Please introduce her to us!"

Bruce introduced all the sons of rich families one by one. There were eight people apart from Aaron. There was nothing special about being young and handsome. She couldn't remember so many boys, after introducing them, it was the same as never.

However, she found Abbe wasn't among them.

"Why doesn't Abbe come here?" Bruce's lips curled into a smile, and his eyes were filled with coldness.

After ordering the waiter to leave, Aaron turned around and replied, "here is the thing! Is Abbe under house arrest again! "

Upon hearing this, the young man responded, "that's what the family is like. It was the first time that she had gone through such a thing! Poor Abbe! "

"It's all because Abbe's big brother is too powerful and abnormal! Hardly a modern man. "

"What do you mean?" asked Polly, as she was shocked by his words

"sister-in-law, let me tell you," said another young man, who got close to Polly and nervously said, "as an old saying goes... All in all, Abbe' big brother had a wide range of abnormal actions. Mr. Su insisted that Abbe should take his brother as an example and set him in house if something went wrong! But Abbe was different from his brother. His brother had been brought up outside and suffered a lot. Abbe was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. How could he bear to suffer so much? "

The rest sighed.

"You know what? It's terrible to have an excellent elder brother,"

"Fortunately, Bruce is our only child. Otherwise, being his brother will be very stressful."

"Not all the families are like the Su family, which is totally abnormal!"

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