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   Chapter 10 Let's Have Dinner Together

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 6870

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A phone call woke up Polly. She opened her eyes to see. It's Bruce again. She felt a little upset. They just met last night and now he called. Did he wait for her downstairs as yesterday?

She ran to the window as she answered the phone. Luckily, the black Benz was not there.

"What's up?" She leaned against the window and yawned with her sleepy eyes.

"Do I wake you up?" His voice was full of tenderness, "how about you sleep a little longer, I will call you later."

If he had made up his mind, he wouldn't have called her. However, when he was woken up, Polly was still very angry after getting up. She said in an angry tone, "if you have something to say, just say it directly. I don't need to keep thinking about you and can't fall asleep."

"I will ask Jake to pick you up at school this afternoon. Let's have dinner together."

"Why? Didn't I keep you company yesterday? " She would like to have a formal girlfriend. She didn't want to waste the two free time on weekend. "We agreed last night that we would only have dinner once a week. If there is no need to see each other, it's okay."

"Yes, I know. But I have to inform you because Aaron is so enthusiastic. "

"What do you mean?"

"Do you still remember the two boys you met yesterday? At that time, they wanted to have lunch. One of them named Aaron, whose lunch date was set at noon today. Don't you have time? That's great! I'm very busy with the work in the company these two days. I'll refuse him for you. "

"Wait!" "I, I'll try to make it. Where? "

"Jing Hua fate. I'll ask someone to pick you up at half past five. " Then he hung up the phone quickly.

The sound of beeping on the phone was so strange that Polly felt that something was wrong. But it was just a dinner and it was Aaron's treat. She had to go.

When Avril heard that Polly was going to have dinner with Bruce's friend, she kept talking about it in front of her since the breakfast was finished. She kept saying that in such an occasion, the most important thing for a person like Bruce was his prestige. He wanted his girlfriend to wear something beautiful and stunning to satisfy his vanity.

The purpose of Avril was very simple. She wanted to take Polly to the shopping mall to buy a new dress. But her proposal had been rejected by her for several times. If Polly insisted, even Avril could do nothing to her.

At 5:20, Polly started to walk downstairs. Polly was used to arriving ahead of schedule every time.

She was dressed in casual clothes and denim cloth shoes, with a high ponytail, still in her clean and simple school uniform. Polly felt pleased and walked downstairs at a brisk pace.

It would be better if Bruce had been so embarrassed. In that case, he would have ended his temporary girlfriend plan.

When Polly walked out of the girls' dorm, Polly found that Bruce' car hadn't arrived yet. She looked at the empty shady road in front of her, and thought that if the time did not come, she would take a bus there.

She walked to the shade of the forest and stretched out her hand to reach the blossoms and buds on the tender leaves. A university was surrounded by cherry trees. The surroundings were also affected. Cherry trees were planted everywhere. In March every year, there were a lot of women outside the school. Unfortunately, it was not the blossom season yet, only a few flowers appeared.

She heard footsteps behi

nd her, which were right in her direction. She didn't look back. In a step, she made way. The person stood very close to her.

She stepped aside to make room for him. But to her surprise, that man also moved towards her.

Suddenly, she thought of that possibility. As expected, the man standing next to her was exactly Kevin. His face looked the same as Hal's.

She suddenly felt it funny.

It was the first time that she had seen him so funny. He didn't deserve it. The way to hurt the enemy was totally unworthy.

"Polly!" Kevin finally broke the silence. "I heard that Fanny came to see you last night. Are you okay?"

"Do you want me to be hurt?"

"How can I hope that you will be hurt?" Kevin could be seen in her eyes. "Polly. That day in the mall, I had to hit you, I apologize to you now, please do not take it to heart."

"Oh, I forgot it for a long time." Even including himself. If the slap on the face hadn't completely shattered their previous feelings, then the later show of love between him and Fanny and the humiliation on the street would be enough.

She felt a little sad at the beginning, but she figured it out two days later. All in all, she was not so deep in love with her boyfriend, although she had thought about getting along with him.

"Polly, I know you must care about me. Give me back the slap. If you are still angry, you can beat me a few more times. "

With a cold and distant expression on her face, she moved sideways to avoid him. "No, thanks! I have said that I don't mind. "

Kevin approached her closely and looked at her coldly, "Polly, do you really not care about that slap? Or, do you ever care about me?"

She frowned and wondered, 'what's wrong with Kevin? Why does he say that now?

"Polly! If you don't say anything, it means you acquiesce! Do you know why I choose to do this? Because when I was with you, I felt insecure! Sometimes, even if I sit opposite to you, I don't know what you are thinking! "

She realized that he didn't come to apologize at all. He was blaming her. It was a different world. The person who cheated on her was bold and straight.

She didn't want to talk to such a bastard anymore. She turned around and left.

Kevin chased after her, not letting her go.

"Stop, Polly! I came here today to make things clear with you! "

She was speechless. Until now, they had nothing to say. He said they broke up and he fell in love with another woman. Wasn't it what she said?

Now he got what he wanted. How come she became the sinner?

"Kevin, what on earth do you want to say?" She couldn't get rid of him and had to stop.

Kevin stepped forward and grabbed Polly by the wrist. "I just want to ask you a question. Have you ever loved me?"

He could ask such a question, but she was not in the mood to answer it at all. She felt that this man was so disgusting.

"What are you doing?" As they were tugging, the voice of Bruce was as cold as a drizzle that had fallen into the night with the wind on a spring night, and came over several trees.

Polly looked up.

Standing under the beautiful cherry tree, Bruce was as sharp as a sword. The golden sunlight of the setting sun sprinkled on his body through the gap of the leaves. His jade white face was covered with a gentle halo. It was so beautiful that it was unreal.

His eyes with pink petals were as cold as his voice.

"Come here, Polly."

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