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   Chapter 9 How Dare You Hit A Woman

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Fanny walked so fast that she reached Polly in the blink of an eye.

"Polly Han, you are gentle and soft. I never thought you are so vicious. They had agreed to break up with each other face to face, but in fact, you even asked others to beat Kevin secretly. I took Kevin away from you. You can't vent your anger on me! Why did you ask people to hit him? "

"Your bitch hit Polly first!" Avril pushed the door out of the dormitory and stared angrily at Fanny. "As a man, how could Kevin beat a woman? Shame on him. Fanny, I really don't know why you have a crush on Kevin! "

How could a rich young lady like Fanny stand being pointed at and cursed by others? Her face turned red with anger. She pointed at Polly and shouted arrogantly, "if it weren't for Polly pestering Kevin and begging Kevin not to break up with her, how could he slap her? She has no sense of shame! "

"Fanny, you have to say..."

"I'm crying, begging Kevin not to break up with me!" Polly's face was full of sarcasm. "Fanny, it's just a dream. I was blind to fall in love with someone like Kevin! "

"Yes, he is!" Avril continued, "Fanny, you are such a shameless woman. You stole Polly boyfriend and even showed off. What's wrong with you? 'now that Kevin was slapped, you should go find the one who did it, ' she thought! Why do you find Polly? As a man, he hid himself behind like a little wife and asked a woman to solve the problem. It's so hard to find a boyfriend like him. "

That's how she was. She must say something she thought.

Fanny wasn't willing to be inferior to Polly. She shouted to Sally and the other five girls, "you are all dead. Are you dumb?"

The other five girls also joined in Sally's debate.

Fiercely, Woman wouldn't fiercely fight with each other. But the fierceness of a fight would never come to an end. Once they had a quarrel, they could hear nothing clearly as there were sound everywhere.

There were still some students in the dormitory who didn't go out. They walked out to have a look, and the whole floor was crowded with people.

"Polly, You bastard! I don't want to talk to you anymore!" Finally, Fanny spoke in a rough manner, "you guys go ahead! I was so kind last time. But today, you won't be so lucky. I will tear your mouth apart! "

The six of them came up together. Sally and two other girls subdued Avril, while the other three held Polly tightly. They grabbed her hair and raised her face.

Fanny want to slap Polly. But her wrist was grabbed in the air. She didn't expect that someone would dare to stop them at this time. She was furious and was about to scold, "who can find..." Dead!

Before she spoke out the word "death", the man who stopped her suddenly laughed. "Ha ha, you're insane again?"

Hearing the man's voice, Fanny turned around and looked at the man. Her arrogance immediately subsided and she said in surprise, "Aaron? Why are you here? "

Hearing her words, Aaron loosened his grip on Fanny and turned to her with a faint smile, "why can't I come here?" His outstanding appearance and extraordinary temperament immediately attracted the attention of the whole floor of girls.

"Why are you still unwilling to let go?" He said in a harsh tone and glared at the girls who were trying to grasp Polly and Avril. "Do you want me to do it myself?"

The girls saw the four or five tall bodyguards behind Aaron and didn't dare to keep them even if they were afraid of Fanny.

Hearing that, Fanny couldn't breathe. She was on the verge of success and became really angry. "Aaron, what do you mean? This is none of your business! "

"It's none of my business! I'm dating my goddess on the fourth floor. The moment I heard you, too noisy. How romantic the moment is! You broke it. But since you are the one who ruined the atmosphere, for the sake of kindergarten, forget it. "

Aaron had a heavy accent on the word "Kindergarten" on purpose, and the expression on Fanny's face changed. But if she just left like that, then she was afraid of Aaron and she didn't want to lose face.

"Polly Han, I can let you off today for the time being! If you ever try to seduce Kevin again, I will not let you go easily. "

Following Fanny, the other three went downstairs together, but they were stopped by Aaron. He gave a gentle glance at those people and said harshly.

"I just graduated from this university last year. I like this school very much. And I

hate those who destroy this land most." He pointed at Sally. "Stop! The contract with the Ding family is due to end this year. Although your family has been working in this industry for a long time and is experienced, there is still someone who can replace them. "

All of a sudden, the true feelings in Sally' heart disappeared when she found that she had been looking at Aaron's handsome face shyly. She quickly apologized, "I'm sorry, Mr. Fan. I'll be careful in the future!"

Hearing his words, the girls who were walking in front of them picked up their pace, afraid of being stopped by Aaron.

But Aaron didn't want to let them go. He said loudly, "you'd better think twice before you do anything. Don't make trouble for your parents on impulse!"

After dismissing Fanny, Aaron changed his aloof attitude immediately and ran up to Polly, speaking reverently, "I'm sorry, my Polly sister-in-law. I didn't know it was you. Are you okay? "

"It's okay. Thank you very much," said Polly in a grateful tone

"We are a family. It's so kind of you to say 'thank you' to me. This is my name card. If you need anything, call me anytime. " "With a shy smile on his face, Aaron said, "well, then you go ahead with your work. I, Ho, I will go downstairs to continue my date.

With her eyes sparkling with admiration, Avril gazed at the receding figure of Aaron and asked, "who is that handsome?"

"A friend of Bruce." Hearing that, Polly turned around and went back to her dormitory. After entering the room, she found that Avril was still giggling stupidly at the door.

She couldn't bear it anymore and dragged she in. "Stop being an anthomaniac! Didn't you hear that he was dating with his goddess? "

Ten minutes later, the door of the dorm was knocked, and Avril stood up to open the door when her bed was close to the door. When the door was opened, she almost bumped into a man who broke in.

"Dear Polly, are you okay?" The man was almost out of breath, his hands on the door, still fumbling for Polly.

"Nothing serious!" Avril answered. She closed the door and sighed, "honey Hal, finally you are here. If you come here to save the beauty, both Polly and I will be beaten up. Ash, what's wrong with your face? "

Polly was packing her stuff. When she turned around to look at Hal, she was shocked to see his face. His face was not clean, with several more scratches. His left eye was swollen like a panda's, and the corner of his mouth was blue.

She would have recognized him if they were not familiar with each other.

"Hal, how did you get hurt so badly?" she asked with concern? Did you really fight with Kevin? "

"Don't mention that jerk!" Feeling a pang of hatred, Hal rubbed his face and said, "he need to be beaten! He is all shameless enough to beat a woman! "

He ran to the big mirror in the dorm and looked himself in the mirror, "that jerk are so cruel that I'm almost disfigured!"

"You deserve it!" Avril stared at him and said, "all right, now you are not angry. Bad luck will come soon. That Polly is so easy to be bullied. Fanny might bring some people here to make trouble one day. "

Hearing that, Hal turned his head back to look at Polly with an apologetic look on his face. "Oh, I'm so sorry for that. I didn't expect that I would be so angry. "

Avril poured cold water on him, "I think you are always very funny when you are still angry."

"Shall we have a nice talk now?" Hal rolled his blue eyes and said in a wronged tone, "do you think I don't need help Polly at this time? As far as I'm concerned, I have to stay at home for the last two days because I can't even seduce any beautiful girls. Alas, who else in the world can understand my pain? "

"Hahaha," said Polly with a smile, "uncle, aunt, don't be so distressed by your injury! Is everything okay with you? "

"I'm fine. Just a little injury!" Hal continued to look at himself in the mirror.

"His body, after all kinds of viruses in turn bombing, has long become a disease deathless cockroach!" Avril snorted in her nose and said, "but this time, he dares not to go home. He must hide from his uncle."

"I'm not a coward! You never saw the heroic scene when I fought with Kevin! He was injured badly! I took some photos with my phone. Would you like to have a look? "

He was talking to them, but his eyes were fixed on Polly.

"I'm not interested in it." said Polly, shaking her head

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