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   Chapter 8 Conditions

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Bruce was changing the curtains outside. At the same time, Polly was required to cook a sumptuous meal for him.

The dishes were bought and sent here by Jake.

Polly was not good at cooking, so she could barely make some simple food to snap. So it was impossible for Bruce to ask for a large amount of food.

She was taken good care of at home before.

Through the bright glass window, Polly stared at the tree buildings in the neighborhood. These were all green and green. She was lost in thought.

"Dear Polly, what are you looking at?" Bruce asked all of a sudden.

Hearing that, Polly came to her senses, picked up the knife and cut potato, "the green view is very good and beautiful. It must be comfortable to live here, right?"

"Do you want to move in or not?"

"What? Ouch! " She groaned with pain and her finger was cut by the kitchen knife.

"What's wrong?" He walked to her and took her hand. The next second, she felt her wound was wrapped in warm tenderness.

He was sucking her finger!

Her eyes widened, she looked at the man beside her in disbelief, forgetting to dodge.

After a long time, he left. The blood on his lips made him even more enchanting and eye-catching.

"Dear Polly, I'm sorry. It should be sterilized." He took Polly to the living room and quickly found the medicine box.

"Is it because that you don't need to cook at home?" The man pretended to ask casually as he disinfected the wound.

"Not often."

"Did I get Polly in a dilemma?"

"Not exactly. It's a matter of time for people to grow up. Just as you said, it's a required course, and sooner or later, you have to do it. "

Bruce raised his head and held her cold little hand in his palm. There was a deep emotion in his eyes, "then can I think that you agree take this lesson in order to me?"

"I..." Polly didn't know what else to say.

"I am kidding."

"Oh, really?".

She admitted that she was almost bewitched. A man like Bruce was no less attractive than his wealth.

Polly's hand was hurt, so she couldn't cook. At last, it was Bruce who went into the kitchen. Although his cooking skills were not very good, he was much better than her. At least the dishes he cooked were potato and green pepper.

"Mr. He..."

As soon as she said that, Bruce interrupted her, "Polly. You have made a mistake."

"It's true! Mr. He, I think we should meet some rules. If you obey them, I can continue to help you. Otherwise, I'm sorry that I can't keep you company anymore. "

Polly knew how dangerous it would be if she was too close to this man. Like other ordinary girls, she wanted to be loved. She was afraid that she would fall in love with him. It was obvious that Bruce wasn't suitable for her. If it weren't for him coming to her rescue on the street, she wouldn't have had anything to do with the rich.

Bruce kept silent for a long time, seeming to think about something seriously. He gazed at her with his bright eyes for a long time, and said, "of course you can. You can do whatever you want."

At last, they had made an agreement that during this month, she woul

d have to perform her duty as a girlfriend. For example, you would meet your friends and parents once a week, and you must answer the phone calls. But the intimacy between them was only on the surface and not too much in private unless it was necessary.

When Polly left for school, Bruce drove her to her school in person.

She went upstairs and received a text message from Bruce.

Polly, I told you not to let the wound touch water these two days.

She turned around and looked out from the window of the staircase. The black Benz car had not left yet.

It was Bruce's limited edition Bugatti. He only drove it to pick her up at the gate of the school. Since then, it seemed as if the cat had disappeared.

The rich people loved cars as they loved their mistress. Even though they were rich with almost everything, they still had something to cherish.

When she went up to the fourth floor, she felt something was wrong. The fifth floor was very noisy, as if a lot of people were talking. It was Saturday today. The dormitory building was usually very quiet at this time.

She suddenly remembered the call from Avril this morning.

Did Fanny wait for her until now? She should have called Avril to ask about it before she came back. She want to run away from reality, but she was prepared for it.

The moment Polly reached the fifth floor, she was caught by Sally.

"Polly is back!" The crowd swarmed towards the door of the dorm. Sally blocked Polly from entering.

Quickly, Sally took out her cell phone and called Fanny. She couldn't hide her excitement in her eyes. "Fanny, come here now. Polly has come back!"

When Polly opened the door of the dorm and came, an expectant look appeared on Avril face. Avril turned around and saw no one else. And she angrily left a sentence to Polly, "Polly Han, why don't you just die like a fool?" Then she went back and closed the door.

On the other hand, Avril was calling her roommate, "where the hell are you, Hal! Why did you turn on your phone so late! Are you all right! Fanny's group of people are coming over to make trouble in the dorm. In spite of all the difficulties, death and birth, you'd better come over to support the ass Polly! "

Looking at Sally like a proud cock, Polly said, "please get out of the way!"

"Why should I move?" Relying on the advantage of the crowd, Sally continued in an arrogant manner, "Polly, tonight here are all girls, no one to eat your poor, noble cold a set!

"What are you going to do with me?"

"Fanny is my friend. I don't like you bullying her like that! Let's see what she will say when she gets here! "

But Sally wasn't stupid enough to think that as far as she knew, Polly had become a mistress of a rich man. She would not give up until she got what she wanted. It didn't matter if he offended Polly, but Offending Polly behind that man is not good.

"But she hasn't come yet. Please let me in!"

"Bitch! I haven't come yet! " On the stairs, Fanny shouted at her angrily. The high pitched female voice, accompanied by the special sound of her high heels, came to Polly' ears.

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