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   Chapter 7 Call Me Loudly

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With all her attention focused on the phone, she was so unprepared that she almost hit the cushion in front of her. At this moment, a pair of warm hands grabbed her waist and pulled her back into the car seat.

It happened so fast that her mind went blank. When she reacted, she found herself sitting on Bruce's lap.

"Mr. He..." She felt the heat spread all over her face to the ear tip, struggling to get down from his legs. She was flustered and flurried. When she turned her head, she was so close to him that he slightly touched her cheek with his lips.

This made her even more flustered, her heart pounding, "Mr. He..."

"Don't move!" Hearing what she said, Bruce held her in his arms tightly. A touch of displeasure flashed through his deep eyes and he asked, "what's the matter, Jake?"

Jake apologized, "I'm sorry, Mr. He. A dog suddenly appeared on the road."

Luckily, there were not many cars around and they had been far away from each other. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Dear Polly, what happened? Why don't you say anything? " Avril's nervous voice came from the phone that had fallen on the ground.

Polly was going to get the phone, Bruce also bent down to pick it up. As a result, their faces met.

Bruce smiled and said, "I'm sorry." He let go of her.

Having no time to answer the phone, Polly rushed back to her seat and rubbed her aching hand. Polly didn't know whether he was apologizing for his rude behavior or for touching her face.

As Bruce hooked the phone up with his slender fingers, he said to the microphone, "don't worry. Polly is safe."

Then she handed the phone to him, but what Avril said next was, "Polly idiot! I have nothing to say to you now. Ask Mr. He to answer the phone!"

Polly didn't know what Avril said to Bruce, but he kept nodding his head and answered, "yes." 'I know' She couldn't figure out what they were talking about.

By the time the phone was hung up by Avril. 'what kind of friend is this!

She called Hal to ask about the situation. But just as what Avril said, his phone was powered off. She was worried about Hal. He was weak and got injection every now and then. If he fought with Kevin, nobody would know what would happen to him.

Polly thought for a while and texted Hal, asking him to call her as soon as possible.

Bruce took Polly to a single apartment in a high-end residential area. Jake followed them. He left after he put the curtains down in the living room.

At present, there were only two people in the apartment, Polly and Bruce. This was the first time Polly came to a man's home alone with a man.

She even didn't dare to breathe hard, and the air was filled with a faint smell, which was a kind of smell that belonged to Bruce.

To avoid embarrassment, she bent over and looked through the curtains. "Which one do you want first, Mr. He?" she asked

As she spoke, she looked around the room. It was neat and tidy. The color was grey, white and black. It was icy. It felt like the place of work rather than home. No wonder Bruce asked her to pick these curtains. There was indeed no trace of a woman in this house.

He couldn't deceive his shrewd mother, even me.

"No, wait!" Then he opened the refrigerator and asked, "what would you like to drink? I have milk and juice. "

"Juice, please."

"Do you like juice?"

"Not bad,"

Bruce took out a can of apple juice, opened it and put it in front of Polly, "this is the only one used by me at present. If you like it, I wi

ll make it for you in person."

Seeing how gentle and considerate he was, Polly could not bear his attitude any more. She turned to him and said, "Mr. He, I don't think you need to take it so seriously. We are not really boyfriend and girlfriend."

Bruce took it for granted and said, "it makes sense. This is the benefit for you to promise to be my girlfriend."

All of a sudden, Bruce lifted the corner of his mouth with an evil and attractive smile, staring at Polly, "it's only a word from you, it's true or not. Do you want to be my girlfriend or not? "

"Mr He! In order to get along with each other, could you please stop saying such ambiguous words? "

"Intimate?" As soon as he heard that, Bruce's face enlarged in front of Polly. With a sexy smile at his thin lips, he exhaled warm breath gently against her neck, and said, "dear, I suddenly realize a serious problem."

His sudden approach made the faint fresh and pleasant smell in the room much denser all of a sudden. Polly' heart raced violently. "What's wrong?"

The man stood straight and looked at her with a faint smile. "Don't you think it's inappropriate to call me like that? We are in a relationship now. How can you still mention it? "

"Then what should I call you?" How could she address him in that way? The way she addressed him sent a chill down his spine. But she couldn't call him Mr. He.

With a serious expression on his face, Bruce said, "as a boyfriend and girlfriend, in the appellation must be close, the more close the better. Do you know what you should call your boyfriend? "

She had thrown the question back, but this man returned. Well, that's good. I won't have to be forced to call him very disgusting name.

She raised her hand to flick a lock of hair near her temples. "Let's call each other 'Name'. I'll call you 'Bruce He' from now on."

With one hand in his pocket, Bruce's face was hard to tell whether he was satisfied with it or not. All of a sudden, he laughed and said, "Polly, you are not honest."

"I used to call Kevin. If you don't believe me, you can ask him."

He frowned slightly, but soon he resumed his gentle expression. "Wow, it turns out that Polly likes to call me Bruce. It's OK."

Polly thought for a while before she came to her senses. Her face flushed. It was hard for her to call him that.

Bruce came over, looking at her eagerly, "let's have a try first."

"Mr. He, i..."

He patted her on the shoulder and gently said, "don't be nervous. You can take this as a required course of your course. Yes. Just treat me as an ancient Greek statue. "

An ancient Greek male statue! He's really good at telling jokes!

"You can make it, definitely."

Originally, it was impossible for Polly to do it, but the Bruce's eyes showed that he was encouraging employees to work hard, and his apparent alienation made her suddenly realize that they were just acting. Since then, it didn't matter how she named him.

She plucked up all her courage and called, "Bruce."

At this moment, she seemed to see a bright light shining in his eyes like a meteor. But it was also because of the shooting star that they couldn't see. The man in front of Polly was still the calm looking Bruce.

"I didn't hear you! Dear Polly, shout!"

This time, Polly spoke in a loud voice, looking at him with her bright eyes, "Bruce!"

Looking into the eyes of the man like ink lake, Bruce's mood fluctuated slightly. He pulled her into his arms with his chin against her head and murmured, "Hmm, Dear Polly."

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