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   Chapter 6 He Is Mysterious

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As soon as Polly and Bruce arrived downstairs, Jake drove the car over. When Bruce was about to open the door, he heard a honk.

When he looked back, he saw a red BMW sports car about ten meters away from him. The door opened. A handsome guy got out and greeted with a smile, "Hi, Bruce!"

"Hi, Bruce. What a coincidence. You're here to look curtains as well?" The young handsome man talked with a smile, but his big watery eyes were fixed on Polly who was standing next to Bruce.

His eyes were full of surprise and brightness, as if he had seen something new. Seeing his hands keep shaking behind him, Abbe seemed to make some gestures to the people in the car.

Then Bruce stopped and looked at the young handsome man, asking, ", Abbe is there anyone else in the car?"

Abbe Su smiled and said, "and Aaron. He is a bashful man. He would rather die than come with me." While speaking, he turned to look at Polly.

Bruce didn't intend to hide anything from them. He hugged Polly, who looked embarrassed and whose face was reddish, into his arms and said, "let me introduce my girlfriend, Polly."

Polly was stunned. She wanted to clarify, but she couldn't open her mouth in front of the scorching eyes of Bruce. She didn't know how to address this handsome guy, but she couldn't say anything, so she had to smile.

The young man cheered up. He reached out his hand and said, "nice to meet you, sister-in-law. I'm Abbe Su. It's my honor to meet you."

The word "sister-in-law" was very embarrassing. Her little white face seemed to be as beautiful as sunset. "I am actually not..."

"Enough!" Bruce interrupted her. He held her hand and rejected the handsome man decisively, "you don't need to hold Polly' hand! That's enough. "

Abbe didn't show any unpleasantness. He turned around and waved at the BMW, "Aaron, come here quickly! But this time, it was true! Come here. I promise you that you will be fine! "

Taking advantage of the chance when Abbe turned his head back, Polly tried hard to break away from the arms of Bruce and said, "Mr. He, I've just come to help you. It's not proper for you to do that."

"What's wrong with that?" Bruce didn't let her go, and instead, he held her tighter and tighter with a serious expression. "Dear Polly. You don't know, my mother is very smart. It's useless for us to just show up in front of her twice."

"Then what else do you want?" Polly asked in astonishment

A doleful look appeared on his face. He sighed slightly and said, "what can I do? I just want you to act a play with me in front of my friends. If you don't cooperate right now, they are all smart people. Once they find out, the news will reach my mother's ears immediately, and then I'll be done. "

"You didn't say that you would let your friend know about this."

"I'm not God. I have the ability to predict the future. How could I know I would meet them here?" The grievance increased in his voice as he said, "do you remember our agreement? Polly! You have to fulfill your obligation as a girlfriend in the coming month, and you can't break your promise!"

"Nice to meet you, Polly!"

At this time, Aaron came over and greeted them with a smile. Just now, Abbe wanted to hold his sister-in-law's hand but was

refused. It was obvious that Bruce don't wanted me to get close to Polly. So this time, he could not show it again.

But people always say that when they are excited, they can't control their mouths. He looked at Abbe happily, raising his eyebrows. "Abbe, I have already said that Bruce isn't..."

Abbe was very happy at first, but he was startled by Aaron's words. However, he reacted quickly and covered his mouth with his hand when he turned around. "Oh, brother Bruce, sister-in-law, we have to go now. We will treat you to dinner some other day!"

Then Abbe dragged him to the curtain shop.

Polly Han had never thought that a rich, handsome man was so cute. She couldn't help smiling.

"The man in a white suit is the young master of the fan family, my father's company, Aaron Fan; the man in casual clothes is Abbe Su, the second son of the Su family, from the Su group." His voice was soft and far wiser than hers.

His words made her heart skip a beat. She turned around and looked at him, "why did you say that?"

"Dear Polly you seems to be interested in them." With a smile on his lips, Bruce asked, "or, do you mean that you are only interested in one of them?"

"How could it be possible? Don't talk nonsense! " Polly quickly drew back her eyesight, and subconsciously combed the hair near his ear, which was a habit of her when she was nervous.

"Dear Polly, why are you in such a hurry?"

The man's smile was tinged with danger. He stretched his hand to raise her chin and let her look at him. "You are my girlfriend now. I'm mean. Even if you pretend to be, I don't want you to look at other men while staying with me! Do you understand? "

Suddenly, he let go of her, with a perfect smile on his face. He took a step back and said like a gentleman, "sorry, I seemed to hurt you."

His coldness and indifference made her feel that he was like a bottomless fountain in a silent, dark night.

He was not cold, nor bossy, not to mention the kind of superiority and arrogance that rich people had. He seemed to be quite gentle and kind. But he seemed to be cold, overbearing, not gentle.

He is

What kind of man was he on earth?

As soon as the car started, Polly called Avril.

"Polly, where are you now?" Avril's furious voice came from the phone, "I tell you, you'd better not come back today! Fanny Li is searching for you with a group of people! "

"Why did she call me?" Polly didn't think she owed her anything. She took her boyfriend away and even let others bully her in the street. What an unreasonable woman she was.

"It's said that bitch was beaten by Hal in her dormitory!"

"Why did Hal hit him?"

"What do you think! Hal Xia is my buddy. He knew that Kevin dumped you and slapped you for Fanny. He was so angry that he decided to fight with Kevin that night! "

"What! How is Hal now? "

"I don't know. Hal wasn't at school, and his phone was turned off. Why don't you try again! Anyway, don't go back to school today! "

It was impossible for her not to go back to school. She couldn't stop going to school just because she didn't want to meet Fanny.

"Avril..." All of a sudden, the car screeched to a halt with grinding brakes, and Polly was pushed forward out of inertia.

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