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   Chapter 5 How About We Have a Bet

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Polly sat far away from Bruce, with her face facing the window. She pretended to look at the scenery to avoid looking into Bruce eyes.

"Do you think I'm scary?" With a teasing smile, Bruce silently moved to the side of Polly.

"Of course not!" As Polly answered, she stepped aside to make way for Bruce.

Bruce seemed to be in a good mood. "Then why are you so far away from me? And you keep avoiding me? "

"Am I hiding from you?" Her body leaned against the door, and there was no place for her to hide. Her face was red. There was another man on the driver's seat in front of her. She wasn't that shameless.

Her embarrassment was all in the sight of Bruce. He smiled playfully and said to his personal assistant, "Jake, Polly are afraid of you, but not me. What should I do?"

"No, nothing like of the kind." Polly hurriedly said no, think this man is really speechless

Taking a glance at Bruce in the rearview mirror, Jake said sincerely, "I'm sorry, Mr. He." While saying that, Jake picked up the earphones and put them in his ears. "please, go on. I can't hear anything.

"Thank you! Pay you a pay rise this month. "

Jake have covered the ears. Can he hear? At this moment, Polly was completely speechless.

"If you misunderstand my character because of what happened last night, then I apologize." When his face almost touched hers, he sat up straight and said seriously.

"Actually, I'm not a saucy man."

Polly's face became redder. She had thought about it carefully last night. In fact, even if Bruce asked her to go back to the apartment to get the video, it did not mean that he wanted to do something to her.

Moreover, such a man as Bruce could get whatever kind of woman he wanted!

She thought too much.

"So, you don't need to worry about me."

"Mr. He, can I have my full name? If you call me like this, others will misunderstand us. " Bruce's attitude made Polly a little upset. They were not so close.

Without showing any embarrassment, Bruce smiled and said, "I like this name. It's just a name. You get used to it after hearing it a few more times. You're too serious. Dear Polly. "

It sounded as if he was plotting something. 'Forget it. He can call her whatever he like.'

"Are there any appointments on the weekend?"

"Not yet," said Polly curtly, glancing at Bruce with vigilance.

In fact, she had planned to go climbing with Kevin.

"That's great! I was afraid that you have date. I hadn't the chance to do something with you. " All of a sudden, Bruce smiled like a fox. "I'm not the kind of man who only pays no return, so Dear Polly. You must help me this time."

His words made her heart jolt, "Mr. He, what can I do for you?"

An upscale curtain store, Polly deliberately picked out the curtains of several colors

With a long face, she turned to the man who was reading a fashion magazine leisurely sitting on the sofa. "I'm sorry, Mr. He. These curtains are beautiful. They are all what girls like. I really can't make a choice."

This time, instead of threatening her with the video, Bruce used the fact that he had saved her from a group of high school students the other day to ask for a reward.

He was forced too hard by his family, so he had to ask her to pretend to be his girlfriend. In fact, that was the reason why he wanted to be together with her that day. But he was refused by her before he cou

ld explain it.

In order to avoid blind dates, he told his family that he had a girlfriend and his mother would come to his single apartment next week for inspection. In order to show that there was a woman living in this house, Bruce decided to change the decoration style of the house first.

But, pretending to be a his girlfriend, Polly is not willing to agree. When she thought of what Bruce had said in the car just now, she felt angry and uncomfortable.

"There are some reasons why I want you to disguise as my girlfriend."

"What reason?"

"You just broke up with your boyfriend and you have some experience. This is a good thing for me. And, I also did not have the suspicion that the third party interpose foot, more do not exist the bad behavior of love. I have to tell you that I am a person who cares much about social influence. It's true that business is hard for us. We all value our self-esteem. "

"But I can't lie to them. You'd better find someone else! You are handsome and rich. There must be a lot of girls willing to do this for you. "

"Yes, Dear Polly. Because I'm handsome, rich and charming, I have to be very careful about choosing the best woman for the wife. It will be troublesome if she takes a fancy to me. "

"What's the trouble? You can pay them money. "

"Dear Polly, what do you think of me? Yes, I am very rich. But do you think it is easy to make money? Why should I spend my hard-earned money on a woman who has a crush on me? To be honest, I'm a stingy person. And she is very innocent. "

Feeling dizzy, she rubbed her forehead.

Bruce looked at her with concern and asked, "Dear Polly, what's wrong with you? I've learned to give a massage before. Do you feel uncomfortable now? Can I help you? " He stretched out his hand to her.

"No need!" "Mr. He, to tell you the truth, I don't like to be too close to someone who is both rich and handsome." In addition to the fact that Kevin had been taken away by the heiress of a rich family, there was another reason

She was too complex to solve.

"So it is." A look of Epiphany appeared on Bruce's face. "Do you really think it's that easy to refuse me? Can I think that you are afraid of being attracted by my charm and can't help but fall in love with me, so you will not want to leave me after that? "

"How is that possible? Bruce, you're too overconfident! How can I be reluctant to leave you? I wish I could never see you again. "

She had seldom said such ruthless words. This time, she was really pissed off. She had never seen a man who was so shameless.

"How about we make a bet? If you had been with me for a month, you wouldn't have fallen in love with me at all. I promise you that I will destroy all the videos and won't pester you anymore. What do you think? "

She had agreed without thinking twice. It was impossible to repent. She could only make every effort to upset him and upset him. Perhaps he would give up within a week.

She was confident about that, because she had done such a thing years ago.

"I'll buy them all if Polly want. I'll change them everyday." His words interrupted her thoughts. "No, please wait! You can select three more for one week. "

The man walked up to her and gently smoothed her slightly messy hair. His deep eyes were as bright as a spring light. "Dear Polly, thanks for your hard work."

The smile on Polly's face froze.

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