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   Chapter 4 To Meet That Rich and Handsome Guy!

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Polly stopped at the second floor.

On the platform between the second floor and the third floor, wearing heavy makeup and neatly dressed, Sally was looking down at Polly from a height.

Polly just looked up and continued to walk. She was in a bad mood and didn't want to argue with others at this time.

"Hey! Stop! " Sally stopped her," Polly Han, how did I not find you still have seduce man's capital? Come on, let me see what a great beauty you are! "

"Please get out of the way!" said Polly in a polite manner, trying to restrain her anger

Standing in the middle of the stairs, Sally looked at her provocatively. "I won't let you go. What can you do? Being tough with me? Why didn't you say anything when Kevin slapped you? "

Hearing someone bringing up the word Kevin' in front of her annoyed Polly. She exploded immediately, "yes, I was slapped by Kevin, without saying a word! It's because he's Kevin. He used to bring me tea and bring me water. Who are you, please? "

While saying, she took out a mirror from her bag and handed it to Sally. "Look at this mirror carefully. It will help you become sober completely!"

Sally held the mirror in her hand, and her face, which was thickly powdered, turned blue and white.

It was a long time before she came to her senses. She slammed the mirror on the ground and stepped on that mirror using the thin high heels with all her strength.

The dim yellow light in the stairwell reflected her, leaving a very angry shadow on the ground.

"Haha!" There was a chuckle coming from upstairs. Avril An gave a thumbs up as she clapped her hands to Polly.

"Avril, why are you here?"

Their dormitory was on the fifth floor.

With her hands on the rail, Avril looked down and said, "I was worried about you so I came downstairs to have a look. Unexpectedly, I saw a very wonderful scene!"

"Polly, from today on, I will worship you! Hee hee... " She walked to Polly, held her arm and smiled at her mischievously. "I heard about what happened at the school gate this afternoon. You know, Sally has always been fond of beauty. She must be mad! Your rich, handsome boyfriend is awesome! "

"I'm not seeing a rich, handsome boyfriend! Come on! I'm not in the mood now! "

Avril definitely wouldn't let it go, "why you don't have the mood? Let me tell you something, Polly. That Kevin is in the past! If I were you, I would stick to that handsome man, I would make Devin suffer! He is nobody and you have never taken him seriously! "


"All right, all right, I got it! I don't want to talk about it anymore. Okay? " Avril knew that Polly take Kevin seriously. If she could fall in love with another man within two days after breaking up, it would not be her.

But she could not control her anger.

One was a playboy and the other was a slut. She really detested Fanny and Kevin.

The next day was Saturday. However, Polly could not fall asleep. She woke up early and tossed and turned in bed.

When she was with Kevin, she got up early every day even on weekend, because he had the habit of early morning exercise. She went with him. Now that they're separated, she can't even sleep in.

Habit was really a terrible thin


Polly cell phone rang. She took out her phone from the pillow. Who would call in such an early morning? As soon as she touched the cellphone, it fell to the ground with a bang.

She got out of bed to check if her phone was broken or not, but Avril picked it up first.

"Wow, wow, it's Bruce!" Avril raised her phone and shouted excitedly.

"Hang up!" Polly was as cold as ice.

"Are you silly? Why do you want to hang up?" Avril answer the call, not even looking at Polly.

As soon as the line was connected, the man's magnetic voice rang out. "Dear Polly, I'll wait for you downstairs."

Hearing the word " Dear Polly", Avril was stunned. Polly pretended to be cool and aloof in front of her, but actually she was so close to him behind her back.

She pointed at Polly with her little finger and moved to the window She saw a black Benz MPV waiting downstairs, next to which stood a handsome man on the phone.

Avril was so excited that she hurriedly nodded and bowed, "Okay, okay! Please wait a moment, Mr. He. Polly will be there soon. "

Without waiting for Bruce's response, she hung up the phone.

"Avril, What did you promise to Bruce? You can go there yourself. I don't agree! " Polly angrily staring as if played chicken blood as aggressive

"Okay, okay, I'll go. Don't regret it!"

Humming a song, Avril quickened her pace and dashed into the washroom with a basin of water. She would finish washing in less than three minutes. Then she stood in front of the dorm's dressing mirror and began to use various kinds of makeup, rubbing and torturing.

Polly felt strange. Did Avril really want to attend the appointment on behalf of her?

Avril cleaned herself up as fast as she could and said, "before we leave, I've given you three minutes!"

Before she opened the door of her dorm, she made an order to Polly, "I'll give you ten minutes! Remember, just ten minutes! Get ready and go downstairs to see that rich and handsome man! "

"If you don't come down by time, don't blame me for not giving you chance. All the people in our school know that a rich and handsome man is chasing you! Hahaha... "

Polly was not afraid of tigers and wolves. Instead, she was afraid of Avril, who was a lunatic deep in her heart. She would do what she said.

Perhaps this was the best way to take revenge on Kevin, but she didn't want to do something against her will. She just wanted to be herself. She didn't want to live for anyone.

Moreover, Bruce was a human being, and he wasn't something that could be used to show off. If it was true love, she wouldn't let it go; if it was not, she disdained to act.

Ten minutes later, Polly arrived downstairs on time.

Avril had been talking to Bruce, and they were talking very happily. A gentle smile always hung on Bruce's face.

"Polly, come here quickly. Mr. Bruce has so good temper. He has been waiting you for a long time." Avril smiled like an idiot, and pulled the door of the passenger seat for Polly complaisantly, "get in!"

Polly is really speechless

Her best friend has changed, and she is completely convinced by this man We should be careful in making friends. If we make bad friends, we will make mistakes.

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