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   Chapter 3 Please Behave Yourself, Mr. Bruce!

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Noticing the smile on Polly's face, Bruce moved his lean body closer to her and asked, "What is it that makes you so happy?"

"Nothing," Polly replied as she moved aside. The smile on her face still remained.

Prior to this, she had no clue who Bruce was, but she could instinctively tell that he was no ordinary man. As she waited for his message to arrive in the dorm in the afternoon, she had googled his name to see if she could find anything. Much to her surprise, she did manage to find a bit of information about him.

As she did her search, she was so amazed to find out the titles attached to his name, the president of BA Group as well as the youngest business elite in A City. And as it turned out, he was a rather well-known personality in the internet.

Her first impression of Bruce was that he was some kind of playboy who enjoyed fooling around with women, someone who stood out in a crowd and would only show a gentle side to him if the situation called for it. Never could she have guessed that he was a famous figure in A City.

Compared with those students who had yet to graduate, he was much more dangerous and brilliant, as though he was in a league of his own. There would always be a dagger hidden behind his bright and gentle smile. As one was attracted by the light, they had to be prepared to be stabbed at any time, otherwise they would end up feeling so miserable.

Sally Ding would be a great example.

Polly felt so lucky because of her wise decision today.

While they were on their way, Bruce asked her what she wanted to eat. And she simply told him to decide himself. It wasn't that she couldn't be bothered to think of something, but it was just that a poor student like her really didn't have any idea which hotel or restaurant those belonging to the upper class usually went to. The romantic restaurant next to A University was quite good, but there would be no point in bringing it up. After all, such a small and cheap place would make a successful man like Bruce lose face.

Without bothering to ask her any more questions, Bruce dialed a number and gave someone a call. Although she was sitting right next to him, she had no clue as to who it was or what they talked about, because she couldn't understand the language Bruce was speaking.

Twenty minutes later, the car pulled over in front of a restaurant, a famous one which was owned by an Italian family, La Delizia. On the signage, glittering English letters stood, especially dazzling under the grey and blue night.

Their table was by the widow. Through the bright glass, they had a perfect evening view of the city which was bustling with activity.

The minute he took a seat, a waiter immediately walked over toward him and asked respectfully, "Mr. Bruce, would you like us to serve the dishes right away?"

Without saying anything, he simply nodded his head.

As his eyes met Polly's, which looked so surprised, Bruce beamed her a smile and said, "This restaurant is good. Trust me. I think you're going to like it."

Polly couldn't help feeling a bit uneasy. She hadn't even ordered anything yet, so how come he make the decision for her? Having said that, it was hardly surprising for a man of his stature to be acting so arrogant in front of others.

At that moment, she wanted to discuss with him the matter regarding the video, but the words she had prepared earlier got stuck in her throat and wouldn't come out. She couldn't say anything at all.

In just a matter of minutes, all the dishes were served on their table.

Raising his seemingly perfect eyebrows, Bruce asked, "Aren't you hungry? You should eat first. Go ahead." Upon saying that, he grabbed a glass of orange juice but didn't take a sip. Instead, he took his time and leisurely stared at Polly.

As she looked at all of the dishes on the table, she asked, "Mr. Bruce, are there any other guests who will be joining us?"

"No, it's just the two of us."

"But why did you order so many dishes? Isn't this a bit too much?" From the looks of it, they had probably served all of the specialty dishes of the restaurant.

Bruce's thin lips shook slightly, his beautiful black eyes glistening as he looked at her and said, "I didn't know what you would like to eat, so I asked them to prep

are their best dishes. That way, you can choose whichever you want, and next time, I'll know what to order for you."

This was probably the longest meal that Polly had ever had in her entire life, and the most tiring one as well. With her mind preoccupied with other things, there was no way she could possibly feel interested in the delicious food in front of her. But she didn't have much of a choice either, so she had no choice but to go along with what he wanted.

That was all because of what the man had told her before.

Seeing that she didn't seem to be in a mood to be eating, he smiled at her and asked, his voice sounding a little concerned, "Dear Polly, is there something wrong? Why aren't you eating? Isn't there anything you might want to try? If that's the case, then no worries. There are many restaurants in A City, so we can just look for something that you might like. It's alright. We have enough time in our hands. We can check all of it one by one."

After hearing those words, she was forced to work extra hard on the food before them, trying to pretend that she was having a good time.

All in all, the dinner lasted for about an hour, and by the time they were done, it was already dark outside. So, Bruce decided to take her home.

The car pulled over at the gate of the ladies' dorm. Feeling extremely anxious, Polly thought that if she didn't bring it up this time, she wouldn't be able to get another chance to ask him about it again.

Mustering up all of her courage, she told him before stepping out of the car, "Mr. He, about the video, can..." 'Can you please delete it?' She didn't say it out loud because she was hoping that a smart man like Bruce would be able to understand what she was trying to say right away.

Putting out the cigarette he was smoking, he said in a reassuring tone, "You don't have to worry about that. The video is in my hand."

Polly was eagerly waiting for him to continue, however, nothing else came after that. Completely ignoring her, Bruce took out his cell phone. His slender fingers seemed to be doing something on the keyboard, but no one could tell what he was actually doing.

It took a bit of time before Polly could fully comprehend what he really meant. It was true that he promised her that he would not post the video online, but her never said anything about deleting it. He simply wanted to keep the video so that he could continue to threaten her.

She might have a strong mental fortitude, but she knew that she was bound to lose her temper at some point.

"Mr. Bruce, what do you mean by that? What are you trying to say? I have agreed to do what you wanted and had dinner with you. Why do you still want to keep the video? Aren't you going to delete them?"

Solely from the expression on his face, no one would be able to say whether he was pleased or angry. Staring straight at her with his deep eyes, he answered, "Do you really want to know what I want?"

Upon hearing that, Polly was rendered speechless and was frozen in place.

Last night, when he told her that he wanted to go out with her, she didn't take it seriously at all and assumed that he was just pulling her leg. After finding out more about his real identity, she came to the conclusion that he was just poking fun at her.

"I won't ever give up until I finally get what I want." Bruce took out another cigarette and lit it up. Under the light of the cigarette, it seemed as though his eyes were burning with passion. "But I'm willing to make you an exception. If you really, really want to have it, I'm keeping the video in my apartment. But before that..."

"Mr. Bruce! I'm not that kind of promiscuous woman. Please get a hold of yourself!" Polly cut him off, flying off the handle as she was talking.

Then, she swung the car door open and headed toward the dormitory.

Without any plans of stopping her in her tracks, he just kept staring at her delicate and stubborn figure through the smoke until he heard her go upstairs.

Polly was, by no means, an easy-going woman, of course he was well aware of that.

Fortunately for him, he had managed to get there in time that day. Now that she had walked into his life, he couldn't possibly stay calm any longer. How on earth was he supposed to behave himself?

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