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   Chapter 2 You Can Have a Try!

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"What the hell?! Are you seriously all so useless that you can't even deal with a single woman?! Get her hands down. I want to take a close-up shot of her face!" The leader of the group yelled out impatiently at one of the other girls. "Show that bitch's face for everyone in the world to see!"

Polly lost count of how many hands were keeping her restrained. Sad to say, she didn't have enough strength to fight back. So, there was no use struggling. At that point, she didn't have much clothes left to cover herself with, and all she could do now was to use her arms to protect herself. Under such circumstances, she could feel that her heart was about to break. What was she supposed to do if they manage to take a picture of her face?

All of a sudden, the hands that had been grabbing tightly onto her and keeping her from running away had loosened up, and someone screamed out of panic, "Hurry up and get out of the street!

A car is going to crash into us! Is someone drunk driving?"

"Which unlucky bastard had the nerve to spoil my good time by drunk driving? You'll pay for this! I'll call my father right away and tell him! Whoever that guy is, I'll make sure he won't get away in one piece!"

Although Polly couldn't see what was behind her, she instinctively felt that the car was getting closer. With the sound of the wheels rolling and the hot air from the engine splashing, she could feel the ground trembling slightly at this moment. Right now, the dreadful killer who was about to take her life was approaching her inch by inch.

However, Polly was so desperate at this moment. She no longer wanted to fight it and it wasn't like she had the strength to do so as well. Then, the screech coming from a car's brakes resounded.

After a series of quick footsteps, she heard the leader of the group swear out loud and spew out a lot of terrible words, followed by the sound of many hands slapping on the car.

"Are you fucking blind? Why did you have to crash into the crowd? You almost got us killed!"

"Crowd? Why can't I see anyone here?" The man's voice seemed rather calm, like a gentle breeze over the quiet lake in the summer. "Oh! There's actually a person here," the man exclaimed. Then, he opened the door and walked toward the side of Polly who hunched up to cover herself. After taking off his coat, he put it over her shoulders to cover her body with it. Then, he held her in his arms, looked around and gave them cold stares.

Out of guilt, the people around lowered their heads and couldn't say a thing. The look of guilt in their eyes was almost impossible to hide. They couldn't say a word as they got so intimidated by the man's imposing presence. Truth be told, those students hadn't experienced something like that. Those girls who didn't want to get involved in such a big scene didn't have the guts to come forward for a while and helplessly watched the car drove away into the distance with Polly.

It was only after the car was a significant distance away that one of the students finally opened her mouth and exclaimed, "Shit, how dare he disrespect me like that!"

On the following day…

The light illuminating A University in the afternoon was so warm and comfortable. Sitting under the sun for a long time, the people were so relaxed that they couldn't help but feel a bit sleepy. Days like this one was quite rare after the new year. Be that as it might, Polly Han had requested for a leave to get some much-needed rest in her dormitory. She wasn't in the right state of mind to be attending class right now. Apart from that, she didn't want to see the disgusting sight of those two lovers around the campus. And above all else, there was one more thing that she had to figure out.

Yesterday, the man who saved her from getting disgraced any further had asked her out on a date and wanted her to have dinner with him. She turned down his request without thinking twice.

Now, after re-reading that man's message a few times over, she ended up getting pissed off.

About an h

our ago.

Polly, who was still sound asleep in her dorm room, was awakened by a message. Scrambling around he bed to find her phone, she picked it up and saw that it was from Bruce He.

It was from that man!

Yesterday, he asked for her number and saved it in his phone overbearingly.

[Meet me at the gate of the campus at 5:30 p.m. If don't show up, I'll share yesterday's video to the public.]

At that moment, she was fuming with intense anger that she was about to blow a gasket. Even after cudgeling her mind to figure out how he got his hands on the video footage, she couldn't come up with anything. Then, she ended up moving her fingers and sent him a reply, albeit hesitantly.

No one had photographed their faces, so it would be hard to identify who it was!

Now that he went so low as to twist her arm, he shouldn't blame her for acting so shameless.

It didn't take too long before she got a response from him.

[Humph, dear Polly, you should just play along for now and see how it goes!]

With that in mind, Polly had to give in.

In case the video really got uploaded somewhere, even if people couldn't see her face, they would be able to get an idea of who the girl was in the video.

She couldn't care less about what other people would think of her, but what if her parents saw that? They'd definitely feel so devastated. So, she didn't want to give her parents something to worry about.

After blowing hot and cold for about ten minutes, she ended up sending the text.

[Mr. He, if I agree to have dinner with you, will you promise me that you'll delete the video?]

Now it was that man's turn to give her a response. An hour had passed, but there was still no response coming from him. At that point, she knew that she must have come across such a nasty piece of work.

A couple of minutes before five o'clock in the afternoon, Polly had packed up her things neatly and headed toward the gate to wait for him.

School ended at 5 o'clock. Her best friend, Avril An, would most certainly tell her something about Kevin and Fanny. Polly would've hated to hear any bit of news about them! In any case, even if Bruce didn't ask her out, she would still steer clear of Avril, at least for now.

In the past, she used to despise people who would turn away whenever something bad happened, but now it was her turn to realize just how hard of a situation it was to be in.

Bruce seemed to be quite pleased with Polly's response. Stepping out of his limited edition Bugatti luxury car, he kept the door open and gracefully invited her to get in. All the other girls outside the school could only watch in envy.

Meanwhile, at the gate, there happened to be a student close by named Sally Ding who was a follower of Fanny. She blurted out to the girl next to her in a peculiar tone, "No wonder she broke up with Kevin. As it turns out, she has actually hooked up with a rich man! And do you know the man who has been keeping Polly Han?" Her voice was so loud that it attracted the attention of almost everyone at the school gate. If she was completely being honest, she wasn't expecting for anyone to respond whatsoever. Her only goal was to let others know that Polly had been doing shameless things left and right.

Bruce He asked the driver to pull over right next to Sally Ding. As the car window was slowly rolled down, his handsome face appeared in front of her.

Giving her a gentle smile, he stared at her with his deep eyes. And it wasn't until her fair face had become red-flushed that he finally opened his mouth and told her slowly, "Little miss, to be kept by someone, you would need to be attractive. Meaning to say, you would first have to give a man a reason to be interested in you. Have you taken a good look at yourself in the mirror? Nobody will keep you even if you are free!"

The car drove away quickly soon after. And the onlookers at the school gate went their separate ways, not wanting to have anything to do it, leaving Sally Ding all by herself at the gate.

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