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   Chapter 434 The First Part Of The Final Episode

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9296

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But it also explained why Chris didn't come to look for Emily, because he had forgotten her. But Ron believed that even if he had forgotten that memory, their blood ties wouldn't be changed.

"That's enough. It's time to make a decision, isn't it?" Lance Watson's words made everyone understand what was the most important thing right now.

"Well, it's time to make a decision." Said Lance Watson.

"What decision?" Emily asked.

"I once promised your brother a request. He asked me to set you free. Well, our previous gambling agreement is cancelled. Now let Mr. Brian make the decision. He can decide whether you stay or leave." Lance Watson said enchantingly.

"Go." Emily blurted it out without hesitation. However, Brian didn't make a decision in a hurry, because he knew that what Lance Watson said would never be so simple.

Looking at Emily, Ron asked, "Emily, are you pregnant?" The words shocked the people around, and so did Brian. Ron grabbed Emily's wrist without saying anything.

Then his eyes became darker and darker, "Ron, there's no need to check. I'm pregnant."

Brian was shocked again. Emily took Brian's hand and put it on her belly. "We have our baby and Charles's brother or sister here, so let's go home."

Although Brian was very happy and didn't expect to receive such a news, he was not overwhelmed by it. Instead, he clearly saw the deep look in Ron's eyes. He knew what kind of situation Emily was in now, so he wouldn't be affected by Emily.

He looked at Ron questioningly.

"Don't say it." Emily said first, but was stopped by Ron's sight. "Emily, are you kidding with your life?"

His words made the people around realize the seriousness.

"Tell me." Said Brian again.

"Excessive blood loss during Emily's delivery will damage the balance and endanger her life. Her life can't be continued with blood exchange." Ron said indifferently. As for Emily's health, Ron and Dr. Zheng knew best.

"Is there any way?" Said Brian anxiously.

Ron looked at Lance Watson and said, "There is only one person with the same physique as Emily in the world. If you want Emily to live, you can only use the blood of Lance Watson to stimulate Emily's body and attack poison with poison. There is a possibility of success, but then he will die."

Ron said. In other words, only one of Lance Watson and Emily could live, and only they could save each other.

"You are really a legendary doctor. What a wonderful analysis!" Lance Watson clapped his hands and asked, "So, Mr. Brian, what's your choice?"

"Can you save Emily with your own life?" Brian asked straightforwardly.

"Mr. Brian, it's not whether I can save Emily or not. You should know that the chance of survival with me is much higher than that with you." Lance Watson sai

rles and leave directly.

"He won't come out of here." As Lance Watson said, Emily gave him a glare and walked towards the heavy door. She knew that Charles was there.

The door was opened slowly. Charles appeared in front of everyone unharmed. Emily quickly stepped forward. They missed each other very much these days.

"Mommy, slow down. You are pregnant with a little brother or sister. You have to be careful now." Although he said so, he also quickly ran towards Emily.

At this moment, a ray of light shone into everyone's eyes. Brian immediately found something and said, "Be careful, Emily."

Emily was as sensitive as Brian. But when Emily found the bullet, she didn't dodge it, but quickly pounced on Charles, because the bullet was aimed at Charles.

Without any premonition, the bullet was shot into Emily's body without any precaution. Although it had avoided the important part of Emily, for Emily, bleeding meant a life and death crisis.



Not knowing how many voices echoed in his ears, James and Mike quickly took action and brought the shooter here. It was Charley. Charley just smiled contemptuously. In the end, he gambled, but still lost.

"Don't worry." Emily said lightly, but she also knew that what she said now was not credible at all.

Ron first observed the condition of Emily. It was not good. If he performed the operation on Emily to take out the bullet, it might break the balance, not to mention that Emily was still pregnant.

Holding Emily's hand tightly, Lance Watson's eyes turned much darker. In the end, Emily didn't ask him for help, and no one asked him for help, because they knew what Emily wanted.

Chris just looked at Lance Watson quietly, as if he was waiting for Lance Watson to make a decision. Chris could also guess what decision Lance Watson would make.

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