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   Chapter 432 The Conversation

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Ron squinted his eyes. If that was the case, then they had no choice but to find the place where Lance Watson was. Only by face-to-face confrontation could they get everything back.

Even though Ron had some doubts about it. However, if Chris was trapped by Lance Watson, he didn't have time to think twice about it.

"How is it going?" Brian asked Mike.

"I've got in touch with him."

"I need to know where Lance Watson in one hour." Brian said in a gloomy tone. Now he didn't have time to think about anything else. The most important thing for him to do now was to find the position of Lance Watson.

The others looked at Brian and didn't seem to understand what he was talking about. Judging from what he had said just now, it seemed that Brian had known where Lance Watson was.

It seemed impossible. They all knew what kind of person Lance Watson was and that he wouldn't be found easily. Then how did Brian know it?

Vincent explained in a low voice, "We have people around Lance Watson." This sentence made people understand at once, and they were even more curious why there were people of Brian around Lance Watson.

It was not that there were no other organizations or forces around Lance Watson. This was the so-called path. The strong were the king, and sometimes they would use some different methods. However, there should be no one who could succeed in cheating on him.

All the other spies and forces were eradicated by Lance Watson one by one, and the method he adopted was also frightening. Nobody didn't dare to do it again. Then how did Brian succeed?

"After the car accident in T City seven years ago, we were not only the witnesses, but also the participants. At that time, we took advantage of the chaos and sent them to Lance Watson. We haven't contacted each other for seven years." Vincent explained lightly, but his explanation made people admire Brian's insight and courage.

Ron just squinted and said nothing.

"I haven't heard from him, so I don't know how Lance Watson are doing." It explained why he didn't mention it before. At that time, Brian should not have thought that he would fall in love with Emily.

What's more, he didn't expect that one day he would become an enemy of Lance Watson for the sake of Emily, so he had always thought that he wouldn't use that man, but now it seemed that he had to.

He had already taken action when they knew the relationship between Emily and Lance Watson

There was only one reason why Ron didn't suspect Brian, because he knew that Brian really loved Emily very much. From this point, Ron knew that Brian would never do anything to hurt her.

All of them sat there with smile on their faces. Since Brian was so det

't plan to implement it yet, do you?" Chris said in a determined tone. Lance Watson smiled.

Indeed, Emily and Chris were bargaining chips for him. Even if they lost their memories, they still had a kind of affection for each other.

"The tea is ready. Have a taste." In front of Lance Watson, Chris was always indifferent, while the former was always casual. It was inconceivable for them to get along with each other like this, but on second thought, it seemed reasonable.

There was only one person on the island who could talk to Lance Watson like that. Sometimes, Lance Watson was tired of their obedience, not to mention that Chris had the same face as Emily.

A man who had fought with him and made him suffer losses did have some outstanding abilities.

"It's not your purpose to invite me here for tea." Lance Watson said indifferently.

"Yes, it's true. What kind of deal did you make with Emily by luring Emily back here?"

"Have a guess." Lance Watson remained calm.

"I heard what happened in the past to Emily. Although I don't remember, I don't think the reason why you, Lance, are so obsessed with Emily is not just to kill Emily. If that's the case, I won't reunite with Emily here."

"You have always wanted to win, just like playing chess. If you lose a game, you will always want to win the next. And so does Emily. My design and Emily's escape make you feel that you have lost. You want to win, so you have chased Emily for decades."

"I admire your persistence, but when did it change? From the beginning to the end, you are still pursuing it. What you want is not only Emily, but also her heart."

Hearing what he said, Lance Watson narrowed his eyes and looked at him sharply. Chris was just drinking tea leisurely while a gloomy smile appeared on Lance Watson's face.

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