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   Chapter 430 You Are My Brother

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10060

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Just as they were about to fight, Chris said, "This is my yard. Don't hurt my flowers." His words made Emily and Lance Watson stop.

Emily stopped because he was her brother, but Lance Watson stopped after taking a look at Chris.

"Come here." Said Chris in a soft and warm voice looking at Emily.

Emily slowly walked up to him. Taking a look at Lance Watson, Chris said, "Mr. Watson, it's late now, so I won't see you off. Go back and have a rest. She will be here with me." Chris said to Lance Watson bluntly.

"Of course. You haven't seen each other for a long time. You should have a good talk." It was rare that Lance Watson didn't object. Although Emily was a little inconceivable, it was not the right time to solve this inconceivable problem. After all, there was a more important thing now.

"Go to see them off." Looking at Charley, Chris asked him to see Lance Watson and Blood Sword off.

Lance Watson just smiled and didn't refuse. And Charley seemed to understand what Chris meant. Even if he took care of Chris for a short time, Chris obviously didn't want him to disturb them now.

Chris looked at Emily. Although Emily didn't exist in his mind at all, he could feel that the Emily in front of him could affect his heart. When he saw Emily crying, he felt a touch of pain in his heart.

"Come in and have a seat." As Chris pushed the wheelchair, the crisp sound of the wheelchair echoed in Emily's heart. His legs were the pain in her heart.

"What would you like to drink?" Asked Chris.

"I don't want to drink anything now." Emily used to like drinking coffee, but now it seemed that it was not the right time to drink coffee. After all, she was pregnant, so she had to consider it.

"Are you my sister?" Chris still brought a glass of milk to Emily. It seemed that he could tell that Emily was in a bad mood, or maybe he could see that Emily's condition was not good, or maybe he didn't see it. It was a kind of inborn telepathy.

"Yes." Emily had restrained her emotions.

"We..." Chris wanted to say something, but he couldn't. He had lost a lot of things. The only thing he was sure about was that he missed Emily very much.

"We are boy-girl twins." Emily said in a low voice.

Chris looked at Emily's face. Emily smiled and then picked up Chris' hand to touch her face. "This face used to be the same as yours. Later, you decided to change it for me. In order to make me live a better life, you have taken a lot of efforts for me. It doesn't matter if you don't remember. I'll tell you everything."

Chris' hand slowly slid across Emily's face. The warmth that seemed to have been forgotten for a long time spread in her heart and could not dissipate for a long time.

Emily and Chris grew up under the care of their mother. In their memory, their mother was a gentle woman, as calm as water, not like the current characteristic of Emily. Coincidentally, her mother's surname was also Xia, so Emily was not uncomfortable with changing her appearance and ident

to slowly gather, live or die, adapt to this fate, or resist it. I'm very interested in your choice."

They didn't know whether he said this to Chris or to Emily, but they both kept it in mind.

Lance Watson left with Emily in this way. And he didn't save Chris. Emily was venting her anger and struggling madly, but it was totally useless. How could a five year old child oppose Lance Watson and the Locke family? They had no choice but to be toys in their hands and obey their orders.

However, due to the failure in rescuing Chris in time, he couldn't stand up any more. Ron started to study medicine because of Chris' injured leg and the pain of their mother's death. As a result, he had become a legendary doctor. Unfortunately, Ron had tried every means but failed to make Chris stand up again.

So how could she not hate him? If Lance Watson could help her at that time, then Chris' legs wouldn't be disabled. Yes, just as what Lance Watson said, why should he care about Chris? There was no reason. Emily could understand what Lance Watson said, but she couldn't stop the hatred in her heart.

Moreover, Emily also understood that if she hated Lance Watson, she have to use the solution that Lance Watson had said. She would grow up in hatred and wouldn't yield in hardship, and then she could take revenge on Lance Watson.

That was why Emily had struggled for a long time against Lance Watson. Because she wanted to take revenge on him, and Lance Watson also wanted Emily to submit to him. So at the beginning, he had threatened her with Chris and Ron.

For them, they both cared about each other, so they were imprisoned by each other. And Lance Watson seemed to be happy to see such a scene.

It didn't stop until Chris and Ron disappeared. They knew what they needed was strength. If they continued to be together, they would only become each other's concern. It was better to become stronger, and then take back what they wanted to protect. Such a separation lasted for decades.

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