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   Chapter 427 A Bet

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9422

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"Don't you know it, Emily?" Lance Watson said.

"Not everything between us should be clear. I just need to know that he loves me with all his heart. I don't need to know the other things." Emily had such confidence in Brian, but this confidence was very disgusting to Lance Watson. After all, he didn't want to see such Emily.

"So you don't know it either?" Emily continued to ask, but she undoubtedly knew that it was impossible, because there were too few things that could be hidden from Lance Watson since he had been standing on the top for so long. The Lance Watson family still had unshakable power, especially on the aspect of the information.

"Heavenly Rasetsu. What a good identity, isn't it?" Lance Watson looked at Emily and said.

Emily just smiled at such an answer. It turned out that the force behind Brian was the Heavenly Rasetsu. She was a little surprised, but it made sense. No wonder there were so many coincidences before, and no wonder Brian had such an imposing manner. It was true.

But thinking of this, if Brian had Heavenly Rasetsu, this gathering would be very interesting. Moreover, it seemed that this gathering could be regarded as a meeting of relatives. After all, almost all the people she would see were familiar to her.

If they fought alone, they might not be a match for Lance Watson, but if they attacked together, they would not always be in a weak position. Moreover, the host of this gathering was not Lance Watson. It depended on what choice he would make.

"It seems that you are very happy." Lance Watson looked at Emily and said. There was obvious pleasure on Emily's face. It was hard for Lance Watson not to come to such a conclusion.

"That's true." Emily admitted bluntly.

"Oh, is it because of Brian or because you think you have the chance to escape from me?" Lance Watson stared at Emily.

"Do you want to make a bet with me?" Emily also looked back at Lance Watson.

"It depends on the chips of the bet. If the chips are not enough, you can't attract me." Lance Watson looked at Emily and said, but his meaning was obvious.

Emily slightly narrowed her eyes and looked at Lance Watson. Of course, Emily knew what kind of chips she should take out to make a bet with Lance Watson. Moreover, her chips were indeed not small. After all, what she wanted was also not ordinary, so she naturally had to exchange at equal values.

"How about betting with my freedom?" Emily said in a low voice, but no one knew better than Emily and Lance Watson that what she said carried a lot of weight.

But undoubtedly, Lance Watson definitely liked this chip, and it was also something that Emily didn't want to give. But this time, Lance Watson smiled slightly.

"Good chip! It is very to my taste, so what's your request?" Since Emily could offer such a

n an indifferent tone. The past had been brought up, but now there was only this indifference left.

"You still hate me?" Haze smiled.

"Hate." Leo could still remembered the feeling of being abandoned in the past. However, as time went by, this hatred slowly stained with other colors. It was hatred, but not hatred sometimes. Sometimes he couldn't even figure it out.

"That's it. After all, it's good for you to hate me more, especially for me."

"You don't want to explain?" Leo still asked.

"I don't have to say anything. Or do you still care about it?"

Leo narrowed his eyes and didn't answer.

"The current me is the real me, who lives casually. I'm not the young master of Thunder anymore. You are the leader of Thunder now. There would be a position for you at the party tomorrow. There is no position for me."

"What? Are you jealous?" Leo asked.

Haze smiled, "No, I just sigh that you've grown up and that's all." Then he left without hesitation.

Looking at the back of Haze, Leo thought, 'What is this? Reminiscing, apologizing and caring? I really don't feel any of them.' He closed his eyes and touched the ring on his finger, which symbolized the identity of the master of Thunder. Then he smiled.

Anyway, everything had become an established fact. There was nothing to regret, and there was nothing to miss. Forget it. Anyway, now he knew that he was the boss of thunder.

He used to follow Haze and called him brother, but it seemed that they both had changed a lot. He touched his hair on his forehead. Alas, the party was just to expose his identity, but what could he do? He could only go.

Anyway, he wouldn't be lonely. He just thought of Ron's appearance and felt it would be a trouble. But thinking of Ron, he thought that Ron might have already guessed his identity, even if he didn't guess it, he would definitely doubt it.

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