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   Chapter 426 Who Was He

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At this time, here came the sound of a wheelchair. Charley quickly looked away and saw an elegant man going out in his wheelchair. His gaze seemed to have been accumulated for many years, with a light aura, as if everyone could be sucked in accidentally and all evils could be washed away.

But when he looked at that man carefully, he found that the man's face was similar to that of Charles. He was shocked and wondered who the man was.

"Who came here just now?" The man asked, but his voice seemed to reverberate in people's hearts, like spring water that could not be extinguished for a long time.

Charley replied respectfully, "The one Master care about."

He called Lance Watson master here. After all, since he joined Lance Watson, he naturally had to call him master.

However, he couldn't get Lance Watson trust him immediately. Maybe it should be said that Lance Watson didn't plan to trust him at all, so he arranged him here.

Charley didn't know who the man was, but it was obvious that Lance Watson cared about him very much. Even though the man in front of him looked at Lance Watson coldly, he still came to visit him regularly and blocked the news of him.

He wouldn't treat an important man in this way and neither treat an unimportant man, so Charley didn't know how to define the person beside him. But he always felt that he had seen this face, but he didn't know where he saw him.

The man ignored Charley and looked at the figure leaving. Was it his illusion? Why did he feel a little pain in his heart when he saw that figure? And there was a feeling of nostalgia. Was it an illusion?

The man didn't know, but he knew that the leaving figure made his heart messy, and there was an indescribable ripple in his heart.

Blood Sword came in and looked at Lance Watson, who was leaning against the French window. He bent down respectfully and said, "She went to that place." Of course, he was talking about Emily.

Lance Watson smiled and asked, "How was it?"

"They didn't meet." He didn't know what his master was going to do, whether he wanted Emily to find out the existence of that person or not, but the existence of that person was a very useful method to suppress her. However, it depended on how their master would deal with her.

"Oh, it's rare. It seems that it's not the right time." Lance Watson didn't continue the topic. He believed that Emily would give the best response to the man, and he was looking forward to it.

At this time, Anna's call came in. Naturally, he called Lance Watson. After all, they knew that Lance Watson didn't like to be disturbed by anyone, even Anna. Sometimes things that could be solved without a call would be naturall

hink that Lance Charles would have any good plan for Brian, nor would he compromise to Brian. Because Emily was very clear that there were conditions for Lance Watson to compromise to her, but she didn't want to have any compromise with him.

"Why are you so nervous? It's not what I want to do, but what does Brian want to do? But I like his heart very much." The smile on Lance Watson's face gave Emily a bad feeling.

"What's wrong with him?" It was not a good thing that Lance Watson was interested in him, because what he was interested in usually contained bloodiness and violence.

"It's okay. It's just a party. I like it." Lance Watson said slowly. Emily squinted again.

Party! The party could attract Lance Watson, and could make him attend. What kind of party would it be? Emily immediately had a guess in her heart, "Power Party!"

Lance Watson smiled. He was not surprised that Emily could guess it. After all, she was also a member on this road, so she was sensitive to it.

"Brian started it?"

"Is there another person besides him?" Lance Watson said with a smile.

Emily squinted her eyes. She could guess the purpose of Brian's action. It must be because he didn't get any information about her position and this place, so he tried his best to come up with such an idea.

It was because Lance Watson would definitely attend the party. There was no other reason. She just asked, "In what name did it start?" Heavenly Shadow? It seemed that it could, but it was not enough for all forces to participate. Then, Emily's expression became a little serious. It seemed that the secret power of Brian had been exposed, and perhaps Zoey was also involved.

But it made sense. Her sudden disappearance must have made them confused. After all, they were her closest friends now.

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