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   Chapter 423 Sense His Feelings

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The early morning sun shone brightly into her eyes. She hardly slept all that night, but still felt very well since there was nothing special happening that night. Even though she returned to Lance Watson's side, she couldn't stay in the room for long. Obviously, Lance Watson didn't seem to treat her as a prisoner and didn't restrict her movements.

Therefore, when she went out of the room, the person standing guard just looked at her for a second. He did not stop her or warned her that she could not go anywhere.

Raising the corner of her mouth, Emily had to admit that Lance Watson knew her to some extent. If she had been trapped in the room, she wouldn't have cooperated with him obediently. She wouldn't be frightened by his imposing manner.

When she walked to the living room, she saw that Lance Watson was sitting in the living room. When he didn't speak, his elegant and graceful face would always mislead people into thinking that he should be a gentle and mild professor who would impart knowledge and educate people, rather than the leader of the Lance Watson family who made the other forces surrender and control the other people's lives.

His appearance and nature didn't match at all. This kind of face and family background might be the biggest joke that God played on Lance Watson. However, it was pity that such a joke was not very successful, because Lance Watson was destined to be unworthy of such elegance, and he gradually became sharp.

But she had to say that his face could mock people. She had also been fooled by his face at that time. Before she met Lance Watson, she didn't expect this kind of result. Now this face only gave her deep pain.

Dr. Zheng was sitting beside Lance Watson, and was carefully examining his legs. Dr. Zheng was absolutely professional and careful from the way he looked at him. Just now, when Emily looked at the seriousness in Dr. Zheng's eyes, she was a little curious.

She remembered that there was nothing wrong with Lance Watson's legs, but now it seemed that his legs had been badly injured. Emily immediately walked up to him.

"Seven years ago?" Naturally, Emily also wondered if it was because of the car accident seven years ago. After all, it was difficult for Lance Watson to get injured by other things. But since the car accident had deliberately made, it was impossible for Lance Watson to escape.

Moreover, her brother didn't escape from the car accident safely, so it was impossible that Lance Watson didn't get hurt at all.

"Are you very happy now?" Lance Watson squinted at Emily.

"In your words, your pain is the greatest joy for me." Emily

he can't be calm, she'll be in danger at any time. So don't let her do anything recklessly." Said Dr. Zheng calmly and respectfully.

Lance Watson got more furious and said, "Do you think I don't dare to do anything to you?" Obviously, he was talking to Dr. Zheng.

"Of course I know you are powerful, and also know that if you want to deal with me, it will only take a second. But I just tell you the truth. That's how that girl's physical condition is now. If you still want her to have an abortion, it should be impossible for the time being." He was still calm.

"You know what? I could kill you by your words just now," said Lance Watson, squinting his eyes.

Dr. Zheng smiled and said, "I'm old and have only a few years to live. I don't think it's a bad idea for me to be killed by you. However, you won't let me leave for the time being." After all, he had to take care of Emily.

"Indeed." Instead of arguing with Dr. Zheng, Lance Watson said indifferently.

Dr. Zheng just smiled and said nothing more. He was not afraid of Lance Watson. Even though many people regarded Lance Watson as a horrible existence. However, for Dr. Zheng, Lance Watson was just a kid whom he had watched grow from childhood.

Besides, Dr. Zheng knew that Lance Watson had never given up the thought to let Emily have an abortion. Before coming back, he could have let Emily do whatever she wanted, but once she was with him, she would have to obey his arrangements.

It was obvious that Emily wouldn't obey his order, so she would definitely struggle. Even though it was pointless to struggle, she wouldn't give up so easily. It was the nature of Emily to do so, and of course, Lance Watson wanted to watch her struggling, which was very interesting for him.

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