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   Chapter 412 Meet Again

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As Charles spoke, he was very forceful, bold and reckless, which made Blood Sword behind him shocked. He didn't expect Charles to say that and he was the first one who could say such words in front of Lance Watson.

Besides, Charles was only seven years old. Nobody knew why he was so brave, or how he dared to say such words. But for no reason, Blood Sword wanted to believe in his words. Charles was just so magic.

He was more aggressive and more convincing than Emily. Although Emily was wildly arrogant and cold back then, she didn't say something like that. It seemed that it was more difficult to deal with her son.

At first, Lance Watson merely slightly raised the corners of his mouth, and then he slowly began to laugh out loud. It seemed that Charles' words had touched a point in his heart, but it was still hard to say where it was.

After some time, Lance Watson slowly calmed down and then looked at Charles and said, "Heavenly Shadow really chooses an interesting young master. After hearing your words, I suddenly changed my mind. Let me see how capable you are."

Before Charles could figure out what was going on, Lance Watson cast a glance at Blood Sword and Blood Sword immediately understood what he meant. Without hesitation, he immediately knocked Charles unconscious.

Of course, in normal times, Charles would certainly resist and fight fiercely. But now he was a patient with injuries, and the opponent was Blood Sword. Although he didn't want to admit, he was not a match for Blood Sword at present. It was obvious that Blood Sword didn't want to give him chance to fight. When he realized it, he was already in darkness.

"Master." Blood Sword held Charles in his arms. Lance Watson cast a glance at Charles, then closed his eyes and said with a smirk, "Take him with you."

"Yes, the others..." Blood Sword was certainly talking about Ron, Jim and Leo.

"Now that we have realized our goal, they are of no use for us. And they will find a way to go back." Lance Watson didn't care about these people at all. He only cared about Emily, and now that he had gotten Emily, the others could do anything he wanted.

Moreover, with the ability of these people, if his people all left, it was very easy for them to go out of this place. As for Charles, Lance Watson smiled slightly and he had other arrangement.

Thus, it was already too late when Ron found that Charles was missing. After all, they were too careless. They should have stayed with him all the time. They had warned him not to provoke Lance Watson, but now it seemed that he still did that, which was quite annoying.

Since it was obvious that Charles had been taken away by Lance Wa

be killed by me?" Emily asked with a sneer. Emily's eyes were full of aggressiveness.

"What do you think?" Lance Watson stared at Emily. She really hated to be watched by this man.

"Where is Charles?" Emily asked directly.

"I don't like your face now!" When Lance Watson slowly spoke out the words, his fingers slowly touched Emily's face. His hand had not even a hint of warmth like normal human but endless cold at this moment. The coldness made people feel chilly to the bone. Although Emily slightly dodged away from his touch, Lance Watson wouldn't let her go so easily.

Lance Watson grabbed at Emily's jaw so hard that she wouldn't be able to move an inch. She wanted to get rid of the control of Lance Watson, but she was too weak to do that.

"Let me go." She glared at him with loathing and some hatred in her eyes. Obviously, she didn't want him to touch her.

"Oh, let go of you? It's been years since I last saw you. You even dare to order me now. But you should think about your position before you speak. You are controlled by me now, do you understand?"

Such a cold tone seemed to be able to freeze the blood of everyone, but obviously Emily wasn't frightened by such a tone. She had been accustomed to it since she had stayed beside Lance Watson for such a long time.

After so many years, even though she hadn't been with Lance Watson, she was still unyielding and arrogant, or more than before.

Since then, even though she couldn't move an inch, even though she was forced to look into the eyes of Lance Watson, she still smiled and said, "Lance Watson, I have been staring at you like this for decades. Don't you know that? You've said such words for many times. It's boring for me. You are so foolish to say that. Do you think you can frighten me? "

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