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   Chapter 376 That's Mine

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"Yes, the old man left it to me," Brian explained.

Of course, Emily knew who Brian was talking about. It was Brian's grandfather, who had offered Brian a lot of care. When Brian threw it to Henry, Emily took a quick look at the jade pendant and saw the pattern on it which seemed not to belong to men or was chosen by men.

Don't ask Emily why she knew this. There was a shopping maniac in her family who would only buy things that were good, exquisite, and rare. Sometimes, Emily just sighed. Fortunately, she was rich enough to let him spend lavishly. Otherwise, she couldn't afford it.

However, it seemed that even if she didn't support Charles, he could earn enough money to support himself. There was no way since he could cheat others. Most people of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion would do as he ordered. Now, there seemed to be the Heavenly Shadow to be like that too.

As a result, although Emily didn't have any artistic talent, she could remember some simple things since she was influenced by Charles, so she could distinguish them.

"I don't think so." Now that she had doubts, she had to speak out her doubts. Besides, it seemed that there was no need to hide anything between them.

"Yes!" Brian replied in a low voice. He seemed to know that he couldn't hide such a thing from Emily and, most importantly, he didn't want to hide it from her.

"My mother left it to me. She wanted me to pass it to her daughter-in-law in the future and let my grandfather to give it to me. " Brian explained.

Then Emily got it. She thought about it and found it was reasonable. If his mother had given the jade pendant directly to him, he might not have accepted it. But somehow she felt that she had ignored an important point. Hmm, why did she feel so? Daughter in law? That was it. "Isn't that for me?" She was definitely her daughter-in-law.

"Yes." Brian nodded.

"Have you sent my jade pendant to others?" That jade pendant seemed to be of great value. Even though she didn't know the quality of it, she was sure that it was quite precious. She hadn't ever touched the stuff that belonged to her. It was a pity that it was sent to others. Although she was not lack of money, she still wanted the good thing.

"She is your daughter-in-law with your permission." From the way Emily looked at him, he knew his wife was greedy again, so he reminded her.

Indeed, Joyce was her daughter-in-law, which was also her family. However, thinking for a while, she felt something wrong, "I haven't touched the jade pendant that your mother gave me. It's too tragic to give it to others like this. And why didn't you give it to me earlier?" Emily was not reconciled at all


After saying goodbye to Charles, Joyce left slowly, even though she was reluctant to part with him.

"Are you done?" When Emily met Joyce in the garden of the hospital, she asked.

"Thank you, auntie Emily." Said Joyce with a faint smile.

"Nothing. I just like you. That's all."

"I know. I will take the initiative to pursue the things I love. As for the result, I will know after my efforts," Joyce said calmly.

A gentle smile cracked on Emily's face. Sometimes Joyce really looked like her, especially in terms of the cognition of many things. She had known that she had to use her own strength to get what she wanted since she was five years old. Otherwise, nobody would give her anything.

"It seems that you are satisfied with her!" After Joyce left, Brian said to Emily in a low voice. It was the first time that she had said this and also told her feelings to a child, except for Charles.

"Are you not satisfied with her?" Said Emily with a meaningful look.

With a smile on his face, Brian didn't say anything, but his meaning was clear enough that he also agreed. He said, "She is the daughter of Henry." Emily knew his underlying meaning.

She narrowed her eyes and asked, "I don't know that my husband also knows the president of the K Consortium. You really have a lot of friends."

"I'm flattered. I don't mind you praising me more."

Emily cast a contemptuous glance at Brian and said, "Tell me. Where did you know him?"

"Nothing. We were classmates when I studied abroad." But at that time, Henry was not the CEO of a consortium.

"And then you have defeated him for once?" Emily did not forget what Henry had said.

"It's a thing of the past. I just won him in the business once." He didn't expect that Henry hadn't forgotten it.

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