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   Chapter 302 The Wedding Ceremony

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9116

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The woman giggled, but the other woman didn't say anything. She just quietly looked at Emily. The smile at the corners of her mouth didn't melt the quietness in the woman's eyes.

Since a moment ago, she had known that she was much more difficult to deal with than the talkative woman.

"So, when is your wedding?" The woman asked again.

When? When Emily wanted to make up a time, Brian said behind her, "You will be informed of the specific time. You should take a good rest as you just arrived. I will send you to the hotel to have a rest."

Handsome men's words were usually very attractive, especially a handsome man like Brian. He could easily beat the woman in a few words, but under such charm, the quiet women didn't react at all. Emily slightly narrowed her eyes.

After seeing them off, Brian looked at Emily and asked, "Are you worried?"

"No, I'm not. I am just curious. You just said that the specific date were informed. Are you really going to hold a wedding?" Emily had noticed the excitement in his eyes.

"All of a sudden, I remembered that I really owe you a wedding." Brian smiled. Charley's idea was good. He really wanted to have a wedding. Although he and Emily were widely recognized as a couple, they only spent a few dollars to get their marriage licenses.

"You know I hate trouble." Emily said. She had dreamed about the wedding before, but her dream had been shattered many years ago, so she didn't know how she would feel about the wedding now. Moreover, wedding without many close relatives or friends was somewhat desolate. Even though there were many people around her who gave her endless warmth, some warm could not be replaced, and some people could not be seen.

"Mommy, I want to be a ring bearer!" Charles looked at Emily, with his eyes full of hope. As everyone knew, most of the time, Emily just couldn't refuse his request. So after thinking for a while, she nodded in agreement.

He took a stealthy glance at Brian, indicating that he had his mother's approval, so he need a reward.

However, Brian just smiled and said nothing. Charles stared at Brian, seeming to say, "Mr. Brian, you dare to burn down the bridge after crossing it. Believe it or not, I can make my mommy refuse it."

"Tell me what you want," Brian asked, looking at him

"It's easy. I want Uncle Sean and Mike to accompany me for a few days." He laid out his terms straightforwardly.

"Deal." Brian said with a smile. He had planned it in the first place even if Charles didn't mention it. But he didn't expect that it would turn out to be a good deal.

But if Charles knew his father's plan, what would he think?

Upon returning to the World International, Brian asked Mike to

w that he had been well prepared for this.

In Fern, Emily was lying on the sofa cozily, as if she could do whatever she wanted. If she wasn't willing to do a thing, what could others do to her?

Alice sighed, "Emily, this is your company."

"So what? It doesn't make sense that I should do everything by myself. If so, I might be exhausted. Listen, Alice, I'll quit today no matter what you say. What do you say?" Emily was about to act shamelessly. If she was the second, and no one dared to be the first.

In the face of Emily, Alice was helpless. "Can you behave as Mr. Yun?"

"Why should I learn from him? Don't you think he was more hardworking than me? He was much lazier than me." Emily said righteously. She admitted the means of Brian was good, but it didn't mean that she admitted that he was more hardworking than her. Sometimes he was even lazier than her.

But only Emily thought of Brian in this way. Alice just glanced at Emily indifferently and said, "If he had been lazier than you, there would have been no the World International now."

"Okay!" Emily narrowed her eyes and said jokingly, "Isn't it because of your powerful boyfriend?"

Then Alice was left speechless. "Miss, since you don't work here, why don't you go to Mr. Yun's place and disturb him? It will make people jealous of you."

"No, I won't go." Emily put her hands on the sofa and looked unhappy. Alice never saw such a look on her face. After all, in their eyes, their young lady was always cool and relaxed. But now she was kind of simple and lovely, the kind of girl who was in conflict after a quarrel.

"Do you have a fight with Mr. Yun." It was rare for Alice to have soften her tone.

"Quarrel? Do you think I will quarrel with him? Or do you think he dares to quarrel with me?" Emily said confidently.

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