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   Chapter 301 Old Friends

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"Do you have any idea?" When Abby heard what Emily said, she became excited suddenly, as if she had put all her hope on her.

"I don't know. I didn't know it until he came here."

Abby's body went limp again.

"What do you think?" Emily asked Brian.

"I don't think there is anyone who is against the Xia clan on purpose." Looking at Emily, Brian said calmly. After all, the Xia clan was not qualified to be a thorn in the flesh.

The Xia clan was not powerful enough in this city. Brian's eyes were full of danger.

Emily smiled, and she looked like a poppy blossoming in the dark night, charming and fatal.

"So they did it for me!" She didn't ask or think about it, but she was sure.

Brian didn't answer, but he was sure that Walter's trouble must have something to do with Emily. Except for Emily's relationship with the Xia clan, there was nothing that could make them take action in such a roundabout way

"Who do you think would have this kind of mind to beat around the bush?" Emily said with a brighter smile.

Looking at her smile, Brian gave her an affectionate smile.

"Haven't you found a suitable person in your heart?" He knew what kind of person his wife was.

"I don't know how many people I have made trouble with, but as far as I can see, the most annoying one is your confidant. So is it the same this time?" Emily said with a slight smile.

"I don't think they have the ability to make you angry again!"

"Humph!" Emily narrowed her eyes, but she didn't deny what Brian said. She didn't take his admirers seriously.

Besides, if they were smart enough, they would not provoke her. Then Charley was the only person in the city that had been keeping an eye on her.

But why did Charley hit Walter? Emily was sure that there was nothing special for Charley to do so, not to mention that he was not such an imprudent man, so he had his purpose.

"Charley has contacted with Michael before." Brian explained to Emily.

Hearing that, Emily's eyes got a little fierce. "It seems that this old man really doesn't want to live a stable life!" Why did he always try to challenge her bottom line?

However, she also glanced at Brian from the corner of her eyes! "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Her gaze seemed cold.

"I thought you already knew." I just didn't want you to work too hard."

Emily continued to stare at Brian. If she looked at others with such cold eyes, they would certainly be frozen. However, it was nobody else but Brian who sat opposite to her, so he didn't take her gaze seriously.

But Emily didn't know how to deal with such a Brian

"I will do what Emily requested." Jim said calmly.

"Thank you very much, Emily." Charlie said with gratitude.

Emily didn't say anything but nodded. Since the matter had been settled and Walter was out of danger, she could go to find the man behind the plot and see what their plan was.

But to her surprise, when she just walked out of the hospital, she came across another inquiry.

As soon as he walked out of the hospital, a few people walked towards her. They were two girls. "Wow! It's so brilliant! Emily, it's you. We haven't seen each other in a long time. I didn't expect that we could still receive your invitation. I'm so happy that you still remember us!"

A pretty girl was pouncing on her while speaking. But Emily frowned and dodged a little. "You are..." Emily had no impression of her.

"Really? Emily, you can't remember anything now. We have been roommates for three or four years. Are you kidding me?"

That was a thunderbolt from the clear sky. Emily squinted, as if knowing what Charley was up to. At the same time, both Brian and Charles turned pale. Others didn't know about that, but they did.

With a slight smile on her face, Emily said, "Of course I know you. It's just that you have changed a lot since we met last time." Emily explained slowly, but in her heart, things were different.

"You are here..." Emily didn't finished her words.

"Of course I'm here to attend your wedding. I heard that you're going to marry the CEO of the World International, but I didn't expect that you would invite us to your wedding. To be honest, we were so surprised when we received the invitation. After all, you have given us the invitation, so we'll come to your wedding despite all the difficulties."

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