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   Chapter 299 What Are You Going To Do

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Haze and Zoey were not surprised at what Emily and Brian had done. Even though Andy didn't spend much time with them, he knew the atmosphere between them. He felt at ease and happy at the same time.

Melissa glanced at Brian. She couldn't do nothing at all at this time. Because she was Ray's mother, she had to beg others' forgiveness due to her mistakes.

"I will not express my opinion." Brian answered indifferently, not because he didn't care about this matter, but because of Andy, who was involved in this matter more. After all, his mother spent too little time with him, but she spent much time with Andy.

Melissa understood Brian's meaning and turned her eyes at Andy again.

In fact, although Andy was mentally prepared, he did not expect that things would be like this. Her mother had tried her best to conceal it from him. He had a complicated mood. He felt sorry for his mother, and he also felt sorry for Brian, so he didn't want to forgive Ray.

The car accident was a deliberate murder, which could make him sue Ray, but his heart will be softened, especially when facing Melissa's gaze. Andy was a soldier. The education in the army was doomed to let him not be a hard-hearted person in front of this plea, and he will only be heartless in the face of the enemy. Obviously Melissa and Ray were not bad enough to be "enemy" in their eyes.

Therefore, Andy was conflicted and didn't know what was the right thing to do. "I don't know," he answered. He could only answer that way in front of the glances of Melissa.

Melissa's face could not be described now. She so embarrassed that no suitable word could be found to depict.

"Mom, forget it. I did it. I'm the one who should be blamed." He had worked so hard for a long time to get the approval he had always wanted, but he failed finally. Perhaps this was a good result. Perhaps once he gave up all his illusions, he wouldn't struggle in vain any more. Perhaps this was another way of relief that he might feel.

"Ray..." Melissa sobbed, miserably and sorrowfully, so that people did not want to hear it.

Adam was shocked by the scheme and the ruthlessness of the people around him from the very beginning. However, he was also shocked that there would be a series of events due to his feelings.

He didn't expect that his well-behaved son would become like this, his hand trembling, his eyes wandering around, like looking for a support. At the end, his gaze rested on Brian, but unfortunately, he had given up him a long time ago.

"Mr. Yun, you should be responsible for your mistakes." Said Emily coldly.

Adam was about to get something from Brian, but when he heard what she said

"The cake should be fine, and since it is a birthday, we should enjoy it well." What he said all of a sudden stunned Melissa and Ray, as if they didn't expect such a reaction at all.

"Okay!" A smile of joy flitted across Ray's face. It seemed that it was the most brilliant smile that he had ever had in front of his father.

Melissa was refraining her tears, and she didn't want to let the person in front of her down in such an atmosphere.

They all took this as the last time, and this birthday as their last memory, because they did not know what would be waiting for them tomorrow. Likewise, they did not expect others to forgive them. Since they had to atone for their sin, they could at least enjoy a little warmth before that.

After they got out of Yun family's villa, Zoey and Haze left because they just escorted that man who knew everything to come here. Now the drama was over, so they naturally wanted to leave. Moreover, they wanted to give Emily and others some private time to talk about it. It was their business.

"Emily..." Andy said.

"I know what you want to say. No matter what decision you make, it's always up to you. Just now, Brian said that he respected your opinion. So did I. I just don't want to see Ray set up us. When he stopped aiming at us, I naturally don't need to worry about it. You should believe that whatever decision you make is up to your mother. Dear, no matter what decision you make, no one will blame you." Emily said in an indifferent tone.

Andy smiled and said, "Thank you, Emily. My mother is a kind person. She didn't tell me about this when she was about to pass away. On the one hand, she wanted to protect Brian; on the other hand, she should..." On the other hand, he wondered that his mother didn't want to ruin Ray.

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