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   Chapter 296 All The People Gathered

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This was really the very interesting moment. But for this time, Emily paid more attention to Brian since they were talking about his mother. And what Melissa did made Brian suffer a lot. Emily didn't know how he felt now.

The thoughtful look from Emily made Brian feel like the warmth of summer. He gently spread the corners of his mouth and smiled, telling Emily how he was feeling at the moment, so that Emily could set her mind at rest.

When Emily saw the smile on Brian's face, she felt relieved. After all, she cared about him very much.

Melissa looked indifferently at the interaction between Emily and Brian, and the bitterness in her heart was unable to be vented even by the most genuine wine.

Everyone's eyes were on Melissa. Melissa smiled blandly and looked at Adam.

"Don't you know why?" Melissa stared at Adam coldly. He was so stunned, which seemed that he had never seen her like this before.

Adam didn't respond, or more precisely, was shocked by the sights of Melissa.

"If you didn't choose me to be who I am now, I wouldn't have done such a terrible thing. You have been unfaithful to me. I just want to change my life. I just want to change a life for Ray. Is that wrong? "

Melissa said indifferently, but the grief in her face was touching. Adam didn't know what to say, for he didn't know how to express his query.

On the other side, Emily and Brian were extremely calm. There was no reaction from either Zoey or Haze. But Charles had been burying his head eating since just now and totally ignored others' sight. Now it was time, he just raised his head and looked at Melissa.

"I don't understand the strange grandmother at the opposite. My mommy has said that I can pursue my own things, but I can't hurt others. My mommy has said that she is not a qualified mother. However even an unqualified mother knows it. Don't you know? I think you must know it. After all, you just thought yourself a good mother. "

It was okay that Charles didn't speak, but he would definitely piss people off when he spoke. Just like now.

Don't think Charles didn't hear what that man said just now when he was having dinner. He knew clearly that Melissa bullied his grandma, which gave his daddy a bad memory. How could anyone bully his father? He would never let that happen!

Brian also knew what Charles was thinking about. When he saw Charles' eyes, he knew that Charles was saying, "Daddy, it's okay. I can help you." The smile on Brian's face

the Yun family's villa.

Therefore, Andy didn't know much about the Yun family's members and the villa. He knew clearly how these people treated Brian. So he didn't like the Yun family. If Emily hadn't asked him to come here, he would never have a chance to enter the gate of the Yun family.

"Coming!" Said Emily with a smile.

Although Brian didn't know that Emily asked Andy here, he didn't feel surprised. After all, since Andy had appeared at the door, Brian had known what would happen.

"Ah, uncle, you are here to watch the show." Charles liked Andy very much. It was not only because of his identity as a colonel, but also because of his character. What was more, Andy cared about him very much.

Andy also liked his nephew, just as he liked Andy. But looking at Charles' half smiling face, he felt a little dizzy and said, "Let's see the play!"

"Yes, yes. This is performing the family drama of the Yun clan. It was quite noisy just now. Now the next round is about to begin. Uncle, would you like to participate in it?" Charles said with a grin.

Andy frowned, still a little dizzy. He looked towards Emily and Brian for confirmation. But Brian didn't say anything. Brian just changed his expression, as if his meaning was obvious. He let Andy to ask Emily and he didn't care.

With a slight smile on her face, Emily said, "That's right. I am talking about your mother, and you have a say in it. We had an argument just now. Now it's the right time for you to come."

Hearing that, even though he didn't know what exactly happened at the beginning, he was sure now that why Emily asked him here. It was about his mother's matter.

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