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   Chapter 295 The Truth

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And what Brian's mother received was given by this man in front of them, and there is no need to think about who instigated him, that is, the mild and graceful Mellissa.

And the man asked for help in the past was this one in front of her, as for how they hooked up at that time, and what they did, it need to be clear.

That year, Melissa left after Melissa and Adam broke up with each other, but it was not so-called "never see again" as she did not go far, or it could be said that she actually left the city at the beginning, under the coercion of Brian's grandfather, but returned afterwards.

Brian's grandfather could not watch Melissa for a lifetime. At that time, Melissa was so cooperative that she broke up obediently. She let go of Adam after seeing his choice, but Brian's grandfather did not expected that this so-called let up, which was just for a better premeditation.

If she could be reconciled, how could she have Ray? If she really didn't have any idea about Adam, how could it be her by Adam's side now, not Brian's mother? So everything was planned by her. A woman had designed a game in several years. As for the purpose, it's very simple. She wanted to stand beside Adam.

The man behind Zoey said slowly. Melissa had never hided Ray's identity from him since she gave birth to him. Melissa had always told Ray who his father was. He was the person that often appeared on TV, which could show her grievance in her heart.

It was not easy for Melissa, and rather hard for her, who had spent so many years with a child alone. At the beginning, they did not go to see Adam. That was why Melissa was so smart that Emily admired.

Over the first few years, even if Melissa went to see Adam, the result was self-evident, because the Yun family needed the cooperation of their common business from Brian's mother's family. At first, Adam gave up their love for this cause. So this time, he might not return his sight to them again, so Melissa endured, not to go to see him. Before she had no full confidence, she had to wait in silence.

She didn't return to Adam's sight until she felt the time was almost up and she could begin to carry out her plan. As for the method, it was a piece of cake.

Melissa showed up in front of Adam by accident, catching a glimpse of him naturally. People always had an unrequited attachment to the past, especially when they were oppressed by their families.

Adam had such a feeling foe Melissa at that time. So he had investigated on Melissa when he saw the familiar figure. Then everything was known by him.

Adam knew that he had another son, and he knew exactly what kind of life

into the Yun family with Ray, standing directly next to Adam. As for Brian, he had been with his grandfather, and he didn't care about anything day by day, and his grandfather never accepted Melissa.

Even though Adam used ten times of care to take care of Brian, to little avail, Adam still couldn't make up for what Brian had lost in his heart.

Shocked by how scheming Melissa was, Adam didn't expect that the people who lived beside him for decades was such a person. Adam always thought that what happened between him and Melissa was discovered by someone sent by Brian's mother, so he vented a lot of anger to Brian's mother, but it turned out that the person who didn't hide behind him was the most unlikely one in his mind.

Melissa cheated him for such a long time with this kind and tender face. He always thought Melissa was the best choice, but now he didn't expect that the best was just a plot which was elaborately designed by others, and he just walked in unconsciously.

"Why?" Adam looked much older than before. If the fact that Ray forced him to abdicate and take the position of CEO was a terrible blow to his heart, then what he had just heard was cutting a hole in his heart, blood streaming down, and he didn't know how to heal it.

Melissa seemed to have known that things would be revealed before that man spoke, so there was no heartbreaking cry, nor struggle, but calmly poured a cup of wine for herself.

She shook the wine glass gently. The red wine looked extremely beautiful under the light, but now it spread the beauty of desolation rather than strong.

Seeing Melissa like this, Emily lifted the corner of her lips into a playful smile, knowing how Melissa was feeling, and such sight and action made Emily feel interested.

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