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   Chapter 294 Yun Family's Past

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 8935

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"So, what the hell are you doing here?" Ray said directly.

"As I said just now, I came here to celebrate the birthday. Don't you welcome the gift? Oh, I forgot. The head of the Yun Company is you, but in the Yun clan, it seems that it is not you who is in charge. " Emily narrowed her eyes, noticing that Ray looked displeased.

But Emily didn't care about it at all. She turned to Adam and said, "I think we're welcome, aren't we?"

Adam was shocked, "Since you are here, do you think I can drive you away?"

"See? Mr. Yun, the former head of the Yun Company said that I, my husband and my son would stay and enjoy ourselves here." Emily said coolly, but Melissa and Ray had a stronger bad feeling than before.

"I'm flattered. It's my birthday. I'm very happy that you and Brian can come to my birthday party." Melissa said in a mild and elegant voice.

"Oh, hope you are really happy with what you said." Said Emily in a gentle voice.

Melissa felt embarrassed, but she had no choice because Emily was always straightforward like this. But what Emily said was totally true.

"I'm flattered." Melissa sat down.

"Mr. Yun, how have you been enjoying your retirement time these days? Why can't I see you have a ruddy and energetic face? You should be younger without the burden of work, shouldn't you? Or the things that someone told me was not true." Asked Emily while looking at Brian with confusion.

With a smile, Brian replied, "That's true. I'm afraid that he didn't enjoy his retirement." For what Emily said, Brian had always agreed.

"Oh, I see. Mr. Yun, you shouldn't be like this. But as the old saying goes, smile makes people younger. Now you have no business to worry about, you should comfort yourself, and only in this way can you live a long time!" Emily said with a smile on her face. But it was obvious that the words didn't bring in the gratitude of Adam, but even a rather resentful look of Adam.

"So that's why you come here today?" It was an unbearable pain for Adam to be taken over the Yun group by his own son. Now he could do nothing but feel sad when others didn't comfort him. What's more, their words always added salt to his wounds, making him more embarrassed.

"Didn't I make myself clear just now? I don't think I spoke in a low voice, so you were so immersed in the atmosphere that you didn't hear me. Well, it's not your fault. I don't blame you. It's not your fault. I won't mind saying it again for the rare opportunity. I'm here for giving you a big gift. It's quite big. I'm sure you'll be interested in it. "

Adam didn't know what was on Emily's mind. If it were before, he would have tried to res

ly, this is your fault, isn't it, Miss Melissa?" Emily looked at Adam and then looked at Melissa.

Adam was shocked and confused. He didn't know what Emily was talking about.

"Can't you see that Mr. Yun is waiting for you? Tell us what you know as soon as possible." Said Emily while looking at the man.

The man shuddered and answered quickly. When the man started to speak, Emily held the hand of Brian tightly. She didn't want Brian to feel any grief. But she thought that he had the right to know the truth.

Feeling the strength on his hand, Brian just smiled and held her hand. His sadness about the past had been gradually healed. Now he just wanted to grasp the warmth from Emily.

Then the man slowly began to tell them the truth about the past, something they did not know, about Brian's mother, Adam, and Melissa.

After Adam was forced to break up with Melissa, Adam married Brian's mother, and they treated each other with respect and support, and Brian was born in expectation. Adam slowly put down the past and began to untie the knot in his heart.

So how did Brian's mother know the existence of Melissa and how did she know Melissa had a child? Adam certainly wouldn't say anything, and Brian's grandfather certainly wouldn't say anything either. Based on her mother's character, she wouldn't be suspicious or reckless, unless she had solid evidence.

However, where did the evidence come from and how it was handed over to Brian's mother? This was something that was worth thinking about. When Adam faced the question of Brian's mother, he had a quarrel with her because he doubted that Brian's mother would investigate him. That was why they broke up. And Adam hadn't seen clearly what kind of person Brian's mother was from beginning to end.

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