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Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9013

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"Is it because you failed to attract the women yesterday and were bullied by the beautiful women?" Vincent said with a smile.

"You are the one who is bullied by the beautiful woman." Said Sean angrily, which didn't bother Vincent at all.

"So what's wrong with you? You look so miserable from the early morning." It was not Sean's style.

"What else can it be? It's all the fault of Charles." He didn't think it was a good idea to send Charles to school in the early morning. What's more, Charles insisted on competing with him in a special place. Sean had to try his best to win this competition. In the end, he still had to accept the cold eyes of Charles, which made him feel that his heart was cut into pieces by Charles' eyes.

"Well, if it is Charles, calm down. I'm sorry that I can't help you." When Vincent first met Charles, he was shot several times by the kind of seeming harmless gaze of Charles. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to pay the money every time he didn't want to. So he didn't think it was strange that Sean was cheated by Charles.

"I'm just wondering I'm not the only one who defeated him that day. Why didn't he avenge you and Mike? Why is he always staring at me?" For this point, Sean was rather upset. He wanted Charles to shift his gaze from him, but it seemed not to be the case. He always felt that Charles always stared at him for revenge.

"Well, maybe Charles likes you too much." Vincent patted Sean on his shoulder. However, in his mind, another voice was echoing. How could he like Sean? Wasn't it because it was easy to bully Sean? But Vincent couldn't say such words. After all, Vincent didn't want to fight in the office of the World International.

Besides, there were too many risks to take to fight with Sean, and he didn't like it.

After Emily and Brian got up, Brian set the table to have breakfast.

"What's your plan about Ray?" Last morning he heard the phone call between Emily and Alice.

"Do you have any idea?" Emily looked at Brian and asked.

"Since you've taken it, you can make the decision."

Emily looked at Brian and said in a more serious tone, "Brian, if the death of your mother is not an accident, what are you going to do?"

Hearing that, Brian suddenly stopped his action filling his bowl with rice. But after a short while, he said, "As you know, I've forgotten her for a long time, so I don't know that." In front of Emily, Brian always told the truth, even though he was not sure.

"I know!" Emily could only say these simple words. She had once longed for family affection, and she believed that Brian must have also longed for family affection in the past, but he was disappointed at

the same time. To be honest, if it was not Melissa, Emily might not have hated her so much, but it was just impossible for her all the time.

Brian was listening to Emily quietly. All the people were used to such a scene. After Emily and Brian got married, Brian was always the best spectator who listened to and guarded Emily quietly when Emily was about to make a speech. There was no exception this time.

As for the other one, just ignore him. Charles had already fallen into the charm of delicious food again.

"I heard that you have just become the CEO of the Yun group. Congratulations!" Emily said casually with her legs crossed.

"Thank you for your congratulations, Miss Xia. But it is much worse than Miss Xia's Fern and Brian's World International. I didn't expect that Miss Xia is the owner of the Fern." There was some underlying meaning in what Ray said.

With a slight smile, Emily answered, "I just wanted to play. I didn't expect that it would grow up into such a big company. If you are frustrated, then I'm sorry." Emily never know how to stop being arrogant. There was someone else in the room who could make her stop. But that person was not Ray, Adam or Melissa.

As for Emily's words, Ray didn't pay too much attention. If he took every word of Emily seriously in his heart, he would definitely suffer a lot. Emily indeed had such ability.

"Miss Xia, you are right. I should feel frustrated." Admitted Ray and continued.

Emily narrowed her eyes and was surprised that Ray became smart, "You're right. It's right that you should be frustrated because of your action." In the verbal battle, Emily wouldn't lose.

Ray narrowed his eyes and didn't continue to talk with Emily. He seemed to have realized that he didn't gain any advantage in this aspect.

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