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   Chapter 288 The Bargaining Chip

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But before Adam could say anything, Ray said, "Now that the handover has been completed, you should get ready to go back. I can take charge of the whole Yun group, so you don't have to worry about it."

"You..." Adam's face was pale with anger, but Ray turned a blind eye to it. Standing up and leaving, he asked the driver to send Adam back.

Since all shareholders had achieved their goal, there was no need to stay here. Thus, they all left, leaving only Ray in the empty conference room.

Staring at the receding figure of Adam, a little bit lonely and old, Ray clenched his fists and thought to himself, "Don't blame me. I have been forced to do it. I also want to do it step by step. But you didn't give me the time. Don't blame me for being rude."

When Adam returned home, he just snorted coldly at Melissa, "What a nice son you have..." Adam went upstairs directly in a rage, without another look at Melissa.

Melissa had expected this reaction, too. But she could do nothing about it, just smiled helplessly, she made a choice between Ray and Adam the moment when Ray handed the paper to her. She would do whatever she could to help Ray, whether it was right or wrong.

Sitting in the CEO Office, Ray had no special feelings about that exact position. It was because that his mood changed or the position was just like this. He smiled indifferently.

Ray's assistant asked him about the plan of the Yun group.

"How is the Locke family?"

The assistant didn't expect this question. "I'm not sure about it for the time being, but it's going to be a hard time."

"Then help them. After all, I was engaged to the princess of the Locke family." Ray said coldly. His assistant was shocked to see such Ray. It was extremely crazy for him to help the Locke family now. But the assistant didn't dare to say such words. He could only think about it in his heart. After all, Ray just took over the Yun group and must have to do something to build up prestige. He didn't want to make any trouble and be involved in. So soon, he withdrew out of the room.

Ray smiled. He knew that the enemy of his enemy was his friend and he knew who was behind the conspiracy on the Locke family. It must be Brian and Emily. Then Ray would make the last fight with them. He wanted to see if Ray would be able to destroy the whole Yun group.

Unfortunately, in the beginning, Ray made a wrong idea. Emily never lost in gambling. She not only never lost, but also let the players in the game suffer heavy losses.

Not long after the incident happened in the Yun group, Brian was informed. Therefore, he knew clearly what Ray planned to do next.

Looking at Brian, Emily said, "I didn't expect that you would still have some people in the Yun group."

"I did it for the

es. He felt that there was something between James and Brian that was hid from him. What exactly was it? He didn't know!

When Brian came in, it seemed that Charles hadn't come out of the phone call with James. It was true that James would make trouble at times. Charles didn't mind him being like this. However, if James made him annoyed, he would be very angry.

Charles was absent-minded for a long time because of this. When he still didn't feel anything, her phone was taken away by Brian.

"Ah! It's improper for you to steal others' cellphones. " Charles wanted to take back his cellphone. But now that Brian was taller than him, he could do nothing but glare at him.

In the end, he was angry and stopped snatching the phone. After all, Brian wouldn't know anything from his phone. Brian smiled and began to check his phone.

"What are you doing, daddy?" In the past, Emily and Brian had never cared about his private affairs. Now it was an abnormal action for Brian to browse his phone.

"What's the ring of my phone number?" Brian uttered these words in a pretty natural tone, which made Charles have no idea what he meant.

"Well, it's very simple, the theme song of Detective Conan!" Replied Charles.

"What about Emily's?" Brian asked casually.

"Of course mommy is..." Feeling something was wrong, Charles' eyes squinted and a smile appeared on his face. It was really the result of the double genetic inheritance of Brian and Emily. It was so perfect.

"Daddy, what do you want to know?" His small eyes were brimming with joy.

"Really? I don't think so." Brian replied with a smile.

"Huh! Why do you ask me that?" Charles continued.

"Well, I just think such a childish song sounds a little harsh. I didn't expect my invincible son, Charles would like it." Brian said casually, still browsing his phone.

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