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   Chapter 286 Abduction!

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 8976

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Being put in the school, Charles felt very bored, so he had nothing to do but go out for a walk. It didn't matter if he wanted to go for a walk, but it happened that he got into trouble this time.

There was an old woman standing at the door, with a kind smile on her face. It should be said that the middle-aged woman was smirking at him. Normally, when facing such a kind old woman, Charles would definitely respond with a handsome smile on his face. Unfortunately, he couldn't smile at the person opposite him, because he knew the person in front of him and had a bad impression.

"Charles..." Melissa smiled kindly.

Looking at Melissa smiling like that, Charles suddenly felt a chill because he had a super sensitive nerves, especially when he felt someone's bad intentions, which was obviously the case at this time.

"Well, what do you want to do?" Charles decided to adopt his usual method, giving Melissa a big smile to wait the enemy to move first. Just play tricks. Everyone can do it. Charles is a master of acting.

"I heard that you like delicious food. A pastry chef from France recently made quite good cakes. Do you have the mood to try some?" Melissa still smiled.

When Charles heard the word "cake", his eyes began to glow, and then he looked at the expression of Melissa, knowing that this woman had no evil intention, but just had some other purposes, but compared with food...

So in less than three seconds, Charles nodded quickly, as if the cakes would disappear if he didn't nod. The most important thing is that he was sure that he had the ability to defeat Melissa, so there was no problem, well, absolutely no problem.

Melissa smiled and then went to the cake shop with him.

After dealing with the files in her hand and stretched lazily, Emily saw the message on her phone. It was an address. When she was wondering who sent the message, she looked at the name of Charles in an instant and left with her clothes, without caring about who it was.

Emily even didn't say goodbye to Alice. Looking at the behaviors of Emily, Alice narrowed her eyes. Emily was always calm and seldom did such movements. It seemed that something had happened. After thinking for a while, Alice took out her phone and dialed a number. She thought that she should be careful in this sensitive period.

When Emily arrived at the place, she saw that Charles was eating a cake like a hungry ghost, and constantly praising the pastry was good. The one sitting next to him was Melissa.

"Mommy, what brings you here? Did you hear that the new pastry here is great?" Charles asked surprisingly as he saw his mother. Charles kept eating when he spoke.

r. "You can't go back on your word."

Emily didn't want to say anything to him since she still couldn't get used that he was so greedy. But she could do nothing about it.

So Charles cheered happily. But when Emily turned around, she left a sentence, "What do you think of the car accident?" She smiled charmingly and left.

But that smile remained deeply in Melissa's memory. Melissa slumped into the chair. Car accident? Car accident? She just smiled bitterly. Eventually, she couldn't escape. What could she do?

Then Charles was dragged out of the room by Emily. "Charles, you're getting more and more daring. You can be seduced just because of delicious food. I'm so proud of you, Charles." Emily twisted his ear and said.

"Mommy, be gentle. My ears are valuable." Charles wanted to escape from the grip of Emily, but he couldn't escape even though Emily didn't use all her strength.

This was the so-called "one step higher than the devil". Poor Charles could do nothing but continued to be tortured by Emily. After all, the woman who tormented him was his cute and lovable mommy.

"What are you talking about? Are you kidding me? We're all with ears."

Charles wanted to retort, but he changed his mind when he saw his mother's angry face. After all, he had to show respect for his mother, which meant that he was filial towards his mother.

At the same time, Emily dragged Charles and tried to teach him a lesson. It was rare that Charles did not refute at all. He just listened to her quietly and didn't say anything until another person showed in front of his eyes. Looking up quickly, Charles began to cry, "Daddy, come to save your dear son and help me to escape from the tortures." After saying that, he stretched his arms and was about to pounce on Brian.

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