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   Chapter 285 Inquiry

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Emily had let go of Cassie because she let Brian handle with it before, but now that Cassie offended them again, why should she still give her chance? Emily wouldn't go easy on her.

It was not until Brian left that Vincent realized why Brian wanted to talk to Cassie. It was naturally because of Emily.

"Hasn't he mentioned how should we deal with Charley?" Looking at the leaving figure, Vincent said.

Mike didn't even look at him with disdain. He stood up and left. Sean also followed Mike. He didn't know what else Vincent would say when he was in such a state.

Looking at their leaving figures, Vincent felt quite angry and thought, "Shit, do they have to do that one by one? I am just a little slow in mind today."

People were speechless. Their president, Vincent, was this a little bit slow in mind? He was just out of order. So it took him a lot of efforts to understand the things that he could easily think of generally.

Even Sean knew that Brian didn't bring him and didn't mention Charley because Brian wanted to let Emily be in charge of it. But strangely, Vincent even asked him about that. People all shook their heads. It was true that love made people silly.

In the police station, Brian looked at Cassie, calm and elegant. Now Cassie was only detained for trial, but had not been formally convicted.

Looking at the man she once loved deeply, Cassie didn't know whether she loved his money or his status, or she loved him just because he was Brian. The only thing she was sure about was that she fell in love with him when she saw that he was handsome and charming, and she would be doomed eternally.

"I don't think you have anything to say to me." In the face of Brian, Cassie was always diffident. After intimidated by Emily, her initial hatred towards them had slowly dissipated. She didn't dare to hate Emily, because Emily could do anything. This impression was deeply imprinted on her mind.

"How do you know about Emily and Italy?" That was the only thing Brian wanted to know the most. Yesterday, Emily almost forgot to ask that question because of him, but he wouldn't. He would not allow anything to threaten Emily.

"Well, what if I don't want to tell you?" Now that she had already been arrested, she didn't care anything.

"The Qin family lives well in the rural area abroad. I don't think you want the peaceful life to be destroyed." Brian said indifferently. He didn't mind to hurt Cassie.

In a daze for a moment, Cassie's eyes obviously shrank. Then she smiled in a trance. "Brian, I have never thought that you are like this!"

"Shouldn't you have known this a long time ago!" Brian said calmly.

Yeah, she should have known that before, when she wanted to provoke Emily, the harsh words of Brian were still ringing in her ears. If she was n

Michael was furious about the news about Emily. How could it be possible? How could it be possible that the president of Fern was Emily? How could Emily be so powerful? Or maybe it was Tristan who gave it to Emily. It was impossible, because Tristan did not escape from his eyes all these years. What was going on now?

Besides, there were also news about the Locke family besides the reports on Emily. He didn't get any news from Charley after that day, so it seemed that Charley couldn't keep his promise anymore, because the Locke family was in an unprecedented blow now. Moreover, even if the Locke family could survive, would they have the strength to support him? No, he couldn't make this hard won opportunity come to naught.

In the Xia Company, when Walter read the report about Emily, he slightly smiled. He had long known that Emily was not simple, but he didn't expect that she was the CEO of Fern. So he kept the newspaper well. No matter what happened, he would be happy as long as Emily was happy.

In the early morning of the next day, Charles was put into the school by Emily. Although he could easily graduate from the school with his current intelligence, Emily still forced him into the school to let him feel the atmosphere. Didn't he feel the atmosphere enough? Charles felt that it was enough.

When the people got used to the narcissistic attitude of Charles, they thought what Charles said made sense. Of course, what they thought was not totally different with Charles' thought. They also thought that Charles didn't need to learn any more. Of course, it was not because Charles was smart and invincible, but because Charles would be a big blow to the children of the same age. It would be terrible to destroy the future masters of the country.

What Charles will be like if he knows what other people think of him? It must be interesting.

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