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   Chapter 283 Several Couples

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"What?" Under such gaze, Alice couldn't help saying.

"I feel that it's me who makes you confused by the way you looked at me just now. And I am the one who makes you intoxicated." Vincent said indifferently.

"Are you thinking too much?" Meeting the scrutinizing sight of Vincent, Alice did not admit, but her eyes were in a trance for a moment, which could let Vincent make sure a lot of things.

Vincent suddenly smiled. His dazzling smile made Alice's heart suddenly tighten. It seemed that there were many things she didn't need to prove before she slowly began to confirm.

"Alice, I have never seen you being like this since I meet you. Although Emily is the decision maker behind the scenes in Fern, she has given a lot of things to you to deal with. And when it comes to work, you are always calm and competent. Naturally it is not this problem. You are the CEO of Fern and Emily thinks the same way. You don't have any trouble in your life, do you? The only one that can make you have such an expression is love. " Vincent's analysis was totally right. He couldn't hold back the moment he fell in love with Alice, as if all the things about her were his own business.

"Except for Emily's brother, who can affect you? Now you can only think about me, right?" Vincent had said it with confidence, but his confidence was based on his deep understanding rather than casually.

Looking at Vincent, Alice felt his eyes were calm but passionate. There was a strong will that was hard to resist. Finally, Alice gave up. Maybe from the moment when she was confessed by Vincent, she had no place to escape at all.

Just like what Emily had said to her, she was always too lonely. She used to think that she would be able to be with the shadow of that person for a lifetime, but God was really making jokes on her. Why would there be a person named Vincent and why did he break into her life, causing the turmoil in her heart?

She had thought for so many years that her heart would never beat for anyone, but it beat for Vincent because Vincent knew her well. He did not force her. He just looked at her quietly and protected her silently. She had persuaded him to give up, but in the end, she had persuaded herself to do so.

When she tried to persuade him to give up, she thought why she didn't give up. Why did she always live with her own feelings? She was not a cold person, and she couldn't turn a blind eye to Vincent. She was also not a heartless person, and she couldn't be indifferent to his protection.

In the end, she realized that it was really easy to fall in love with someone. When she was caring for Vincent, when she wa

his gentleman like manner. However, he had made progress by taking a deep look at Murphy, which surprised and confused Murphy. She didn't say anything wrong, nor did she provoke Mike either. She always felt that Mike was angry at her seeing his eyes. The more Murphy thought about it, the more frightened she felt.

Seeing this, everyone was shocked. They sighed for Mike, "Mike, you haven't succeed. You still have to work hard." They could only support here.

Mike looked away as soon as he saw Murphy's somewhat evasive eyes, and just said indifferently, "I'm not your brother."

Murphy was confused again. What did he mean? It seemed that she said that when she responded to Charles's provocation. But she was just desperate. If they were not brothers, then were they sisters? Murphy had just come up with this word in her mind, but it was quickly strangled by herself. If Mike knew about this, she would definitely have a hard time.

But now, the problem was that they were not brothers or sisters. How could it be? Murphy really couldn't figure it out.

Everyone was speechless, and they all said that they didn't want to see this couple anymore, so they just let Murphy continue to be curious. They wanted to see when this child could understand.

Then, why don't we go and see another couple? Technically speaking, they are not a couple, but peers.

In fact, Haze had to take the responsibility of taking care of his boss while driving. He drove the car while twisting his body to the music. The atmosphere didn't match Zoey completely. It was rare that Haze was able to destroy the atmosphere that Zoey had usually created.

"Don't say that again." After a song was finished, Zoey slightly uttered these words in the gap before the next one began.

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