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   Chapter 282 It's An International Dinner

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9236

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Emily also knew she couldn't make high-level requirements for Sean. After all, Sean was only good at fighting. She had confirmed it a long time ago. Besides, he was a mysterious master in martial arts.

"Take the plate." If Sean couldn't do such a simple thing, Emily would "admire" him.

"Okay, Emily. I can do it." Sean giggled.

"Do you think they will make an international dinner?" Murphy said. After all, they were not from the same place.

"It's highly possible!" Said Emily with a smile.

Therefore, the kitchen was bustling with noise and laughter. These men all worked together. They were not putting on airs and they were all capable. If the girls in T City saw this scene, they must be jealous. After all, they could be considered as the representative of the good men in the city.

Generally speaking, it was reasonable for people to help each other and then the food was done perfectly. They, of course, had different styles. It seemed that they really had a feeling of an international meal.

There was already someone who couldn't sit still and began to eat without hesitation. "Daddy, mommy, everyone, I will taste it for you first." Everyone present didn't mind his greedy expression.

Taking out a bottle of good wine from the wine cabinet, Emily said, "It is rare for you guys to take so many efforts. There has to be good wine to match the dishes you make."

Everyone responded with a smile. Emily poured wine for them. They all accepted it under the gaze of Emily.

Brian looked at Emily silently. In fact, he didn't mind that Emily attracted all the people's attention. In Brian's eyes, Emily was the most important person wherever she went.

"Thank you all for your help today. May I have a toast?" When Emily started to drink, she was always free and easy-going. Everyone naturally followed her.

"Hey, Brian, it's you who should say that. Are you asking Emily to drink for you?" Vincent said with a smile. He was just kidding.

"I have no choice. My wife loves me. If you are jealous of me, you should find one as soon as possible! " Brian said with a smile, making Vincent grit his teeth.

Emily smiled. It was really a long time since she last felt such a warm atmosphere. She hadn't experienced it since many years ago, or since the age of five. Now she was experiencing it again, and she was a little excited, maybe it had something to do with her mood.

But who changed her mood? Looking at Brian, Emily got an answer. Noticing that Emily was looking at him, Brian also looked at her with an affectionate look in his eyes. Both of them smiled happily.

The dinner didn't come to an end until a long time later. At that time, Charles' belly became a ball. Alice and Vincent left together, and M

Emily to be unsuspecting in his arms, and to see Emily sleep peacefully in his arms like this.

When he gently lifted up Emily in his arms, a smile appeared on the corner of Emily's mouth. Brian thought that it might be a good dream, so he quietly put her on the bed.

On the other side, it seemed that Alice hadn't seen Vincent since she got in his car. Since then, Alice had been looking out of the window.

"Are you trying to avoid me?" Vincent sounded relaxed but playful.

"No, I'm not. I just want some fresh air," said Alice.

"The fresh air is enough. You haven't drunk too much." The implication was that he thought that Alice was hiding from him on purpose.

"It's necessary to be sober not only when you are drunk." Said Alice in a cold voice as she turned around and looked at Vincent.

Looking at Alice's sight, Vincent seemed to be enlightened and smiled. "Oh, then what did you do to make you confused?" He was still grinning.

Staring at the man in front of her, Alice felt that Vincent was handsome, refined and elegant, but he was also stable and had a lot of thoughts in his heart which he couldn't conceal. However, it was this man who broke her defenses and made her struggle. Compared with the man who she had loved, there was no doubt that Vincent was lively and emotional. That was why she didn't know how to choose.

Looking at Vincent and thinking quietly, Alice didn't notice that she had fixed her eyes on Vincent for a long time and that she was looking at him with emotional eyes until a sharp brake sounded and she came to her senses in the bump.

"What's wrong?" Asked Alice.

Holding back his laughter, Vincent looked at Alice seriously, "Do you know what I have remembered when you look at me?" Vincent looked at Alice as if there was a strong penetrating power in his calm eyes.

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