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   Chapter 281 The Happy Atmosphere

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But Brian didn't mind his wife playing tricks on others as she always did. He also added in time, "All the furnishings are sold in limited editions. Some of them are antiques, and the prices are fairly high. So, you may earn a lot from them, Emily."

All the people there wanted to find a stone and crash it to death. They was really speechless about the CEO of the World International, Brian. How could he spoil his wife like this? But there is no way since Brian was willing to do that.

"Mr. Yun, you know me very well!" Said Emily with a smile.

"It's a duty as a husband."

Hearing that, Vincent really didn't want to say anything more. However, Sean who didn't speak anything all the time, was extremely shocked. Although he knew that his boss spoiled Emily, he didn't expect that he even brought other people trouble. He had never seen his boss act in this way.

Sean was constantly in panic. At the same time, he worshiped Emily very much who made Brian become this. She absolutely had considerable charm.

"Miss, would it be good to single people like us? Mr. Yun, could you please restrain yourself a little? Don't you know our boss had a crush on Emily before? Please, please!" Haze squinted his eyes and said with a smile. Everyone could feel the meaning in Haze's eyes.

Emily had already been accustomed to Haze's teasing on her and Zoey, and Zoey also had gotten used to this kind of strange words from Haze. However, it was a bit too much for him to mention it in front of Brian in such a brazen way. But Zoey didn't say anything. Because there were a lot of things that would be explained more and more vaguely. Moreover, he was very calm now.

In face of this inquiry from Haze, Brian gave a soft smile and said, "It is not strange that there are someone who have a secret crush on Emily, and your boss is not the only one. Therefore, your boss can clearly see that what the current situation is. Short pain is better than long pain. Your boss is a decisive person." Brian was so merciless, but...

"Besides, your boss has already been hurt in the past. Now he is a family member in the heart of Emily. No one can replace him. And I see him as Emily's family member too. Isn't it good?" Although Brian said it slowly, he didn't lie.

Emily smiled and Zoey also smiled. He said, "Thank you so much, Mr. Yun." Now all Zoey wanted was to take care of Emily, which was the best result that he had ever wanted to see.

Haze shrugged and threw up his hands indifferently. He just mentioned it casually, and people here knew what kind of person he was, so they didn't mind it and changed the topic.

Looking at Alice, Emily asked, "Why didn't John come with you?" Not only that, Emily didn't receive any phone call from John when Brian was in trouble. It might be not strange to anyone else, but to


"Miss, you are really a nice person!" Haze said while gnashing his teeth.

"I thought I was always very kind to you, Mr. haze!" Emily knew that Haze didn't fear hardship or bullets, but he didn't want to cause trouble to others, especially when it was Zoey.

Since Haze had stood up, Zoey also stood up. So did Mike and Vincent. They had heard every word that Emily had said to Haze. If they didn't do as she had said, they couldn't imagine what crazy things she would do.

"Can you cook?" Murphy looked at Mike worriedly. Of course, Murphy was not worried that Emily would bully Mike. Instead, she was worried that the food cooked by Mike might ruin the overall beauty of the dinner.

How would Mike react if he knew about Murphy's thoughts? But luckily, Mike didn't know.

"Don't worry!" Mike spat out two words briefly and went to the kitchen.

Alice took a glance at Vincent and Vincent smiled softly. However, Alice didn't respond to him. Vincent had already been used to her attitude. Such a glance from Alice would already be enough for him to be satisfied.

Emily noticed the emotion change in Alice's eyes. Although others didn't know about her, it didn't mean that Emily didn't. If Alice didn't care, she would only be cold. But now, she was totally different in face of Vincent. Alice must have fallen in love with someone.

Looking at the cunning eyes of Emily, Alice knew that she could not hide her thoughts from Emily. But she did not intend to hide. She had struggled for so long and finally found that it was just in vain. As Emily had said, once someone was moved, it was difficult to stop.

Standing up and looking around, Sean was at a loss whether to go in or not. He didn't know much about the things in the kitchen. If he went in, he would probably fail. But it seemed to be inappropriate to stay here. Therefore, where should he go?

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