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   Chapter 278 Let's See Who Will Be The Winner

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9756

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This thought shocked Cassie. She thought, "From the very beginning, I didn't see through Emily. I just think that she acted so arrogantly because of Brian. As long as Brian was toppled down, I'm able to get the pleasure of revenge."

But now it was different from what she had imagined. Even when Brian was in the jail, it didn't damage the arrogance of Emily. Moreover, there was undisguised sternness and bloodiness on Emily, which made people panic.

"Sean, now that she want to have a try, why don't you serve her as quickly as possible?" Said Emily coldly.

Sean knew that he had to do it, so she walked forward. He had no choice but to do what he was told.

"No, you can't do this to me! You can't!" Cassie immediately flinched and dodged Sean, but she was no match for Sean. Sean quickly grabbed her hands and pressed her. Although she was still struggling, Sean didn't move at all.

"No, let me go." Looking at the crazy Cassie, Sean asked two people to hold her down, and then pressed her hand on the ground.

At the moment when her palm touched the ground, she was like a lamb to be slaughtered, and all that was waiting for her was to be slaughtered.

"One last question, are you not going to cooperate with me, Miss Cassie?"

Gritting her teeth, Cassie seemed to be making the last struggle. Emily smiled lightly. Just as the old saying said, people feared things less the more distant they are.

After receiving the hint from Emily, Sean was about to take action. But as soon as he was going to do it, he seemed to think of something and asked, "Emily, should I use my hand or knife directly?" It seemed to be a question quite perplexed Sean.

Hearing Sean's words, Mike and Emily's face darkened. If Charles had been here, he would have appreciated Sean. Sean might be the only person in the world could ask such a question in such a situation,.

"What do you want to do? In order not to make Miss Cassie feel pain, you'd better use the knife directly. If you can't control your strength, Miss Cassie will suffer more." Mike said coldly.

Cassie's face turned paler. Sean finally realized that Mike was right. He took out the dagger again.

"Don't worry, Miss Cassie. I'm good at cutting. You just felt a pain and it won't last long. Miss Cassie, get ready. I'm coming." After saying that, Sean raised the dagger in his hand and cut it down quickly.

"No, I will tell you everything!" Cassie almost blurted out when the knife was about to cut her hand. But it was too late. It was too late.

Cassie's tears and snot had come out. She was no longer as stubborn as she was just now. It was one thing to say that she was tough in her heart, but the fear she felt was quite another thing. The fear she had witnessed and felt by herself could completely destroy her heart.

Besides, Cassie wasn't that strong. She was just pretending to be tough. Tough people couldn't ove

ifferent from that of Sean. After all, Mike was also smart, and Emily was not a person who would act randomly. Mike's eyes darkened at once as if he had thought of something. Emily looked at Mike with a smile.

"I'll finish it as soon as possible." Said Mike. He didn't want to ask too much about it, because he knew that Emily had her own reasons.

The problem about Brian was solved finally. With Cassie as a witness and Charles' physical evidence, all of these would be settled down. So even if Cassie had really suffered from that at that time, she deserved it because it was Cassie who attacked them first.

However, these were all in the past. Emily was sure that Cassie was able to see through the situation. She didn't have enough strength to fight against them. Most importantly, she had been defeated long ago, and now she didn't have a chance to change her fate, because they wouldn't give Cassie such a chance.

Many people stared at Cassie, and Emily didn't worry that Cassie would make trouble again.

As soon as Emily walked out of the room, she suddenly sensed that there was something wrong with the place. She had been in the Lance Watson clan for several decades, so it was easy for her to know what kind of layout around the house. There were various protection systems and tremendous hidden traps. And there seemed to be some secrets in it. When Emily had a familiar feeling, she also frowned.

Since Mike, Vincent and Sean knew this place, which meant that it was the place that belonged to Brian. With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Emily sighed her husband really had a powerful background.

Mike was really efficient. In less than an hour, the news about Ray was flying all over the T City, and Emily could hear people talking about it.

"Do you believe that a car accident has something to do with Ray of the Yun group? What kind of car accident is it? Did he frame up others?" Emily heard that.

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