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   Chapter 277 How Long Can You Hold On

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9853

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"Don't you want me to have a chat with Miss Ming?" Murphy grumbled. They hadn't seen each other for a long time since the last banquet. They hadn't had a good chat in the Yun family house.

"Emily has something to deal with!"

Murphy touched her nose. Although she knew Emily were very busy now, she still wanted to hear her voice. After all, she was a little worried about her. But she believed that she could solve all the problems. And this thing was not true from the beginning.

"But Emily is really not an ordinary person!" Murphy didn't expect that Emily was the decision maker of the Fern. What was more, Murphy had heard something about the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion at the banquet last time. Although she didn't know much about it, she could feel that the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion was quite powerful. Her sister Emily was invincible.

Hearing what Murphy had said, Jeremy just smiled. Many of them had been tactful enough not to tell others about what had happened in the engagement party of Ray. So the fact that Emily was the goddaughter of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion hadn't been spread yet. After all, none of them wanted to get themselves in trouble.

There was no need to keep the secret about Selina. Although Jeremy knew that Emily was not a simple person, what she had done now seemed to be beyond his imagination. There were more and more mysteries about Emily, including the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion and the Fern. Was it good or not for Brian?

But Jeremy shook his head with relief. Needless to say, he didn't need to intervene too much in the matters of the younger generation. Moreover, Jeremy believed that they had made a corresponding choice and all he could do was to support them.

No sooner had Emily just hung up than Calvin called her. He said directly, "Don't say anything. I'll ask Andy to bring some guys to help you. If anyone dares to hurt you, just beat him. And I'll take responsibility for you." Then he hung up the phone.

Emily didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. Did Calvin say that he would ask Andy to bring a group of people here to help her? Now she was looking for the evidence. She didn't want to fight. So there was no need for them to come. Just beat? Was that what a commander should say? But Emily was not disgusted with it. Or she was more happy because what Calvin said made her feel that he cared about her.

"Brian, look, there are so many people standing by your side, so the matter will soon be over," thought Emily with a smile.

"Emily, Mike has found Cassie." Said Vincent.

"Let's go!" Emily said as she stood up and walked out of the door. Vincent then turned to look at Alice, who was standing next to him.

"Go with her. I'll stay here for the moment." Now, Alice still should watch Charley, so she couldn't go there with Emily.

Vincent nodded. He looked at Alice affectionately. But it was not a good time to talk about the things between them. They cou

dagger and walked towards Cassie with a smile. Although Sean was not good at interrogating women, he was good at intimidating women and using a dagger.

Cassie looked at the man approaching her and said, "Do you think I'll be scared by that? I'm not afraid of being disfigured. I don't care." Shouted Cassie crazily.

So sometimes women were extremely horrible. They looked delicate and fragile, but if they had to be tough, many men would not be able to do anything. Now, Cassie didn't seem to care about this face any more. Emily slightly raised the corners of her mouth. It was rare that Cassie abandoned such a beauty that she had been proud of. She had been much maturer, but it didn't matter.

If Cassie was not afraid of being disfigured, what about her life? Is it painful? Said Emily with a brighter smile.

"When I was idle, I saw that there was such a penalty in the ancient novels. It seemed that the fingers will be broken one by one and the fingernails are removed one by one. I have been curious about the pain since then and I haven't had a chance to have a try. Now I finally have the chance."

Emily stared at Cassie, who huddled her hands tightly. Cassie knew that Emily wanted to try it with her. She wasn't joking.

"How dare you do this to me? I have information that you need to know. If you dare to do this to me, I will say nothing."

Cassie pulled herself back hard. Although Cassie had the desire to take revenge and a little bit of hatred towards Emily, she was still naive in front of Emily, Mike and Sean. Emily had been through hell, so she knew how to deal with Cassie.

"Is that so, Miss Cassie? Why don't you just keep your secret? Let me see how long you can hold on to this. Don't worry. If you can resist even with all your fingers broken, and your toes, I've got plenty of ways!" Emily didn't feel that she was talking about any terrible things at all, and her tone was light as if she was used to such things.

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