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   Chapter 275 The So-called Trap

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Brian pulled and kissed Emily fiercely. He wanted to drive away all the thoughts that Emily had, and let her have some peace. As for Emily, she also kissed back. After all, they both wanted to give the other a promise at the moment.

By the time Mike, Vincent and Sean arrived, Brian had already been taken away. In the living room, Emily was sitting there, thinking about something. It was obvious that Charles was looking at her. He was afraid that his mother would do something crazy. Although his mother would not do such a thing, her reaction just now let him see that his mother was irrational now.

"Emily!" Vincent broke the silence but didn't know what to say.

"Three things. First, find out the location of Cassie and take her here. Don't let her get away. Second, find out where the record come from. I don't want to hear the words "We can't find it". Third, dig out the people behind Cassie. We need to see them carefully." After these words, the atmosphere of the room was filled with gloom.

Cold eyes seemed to be able to pierce through people's soul, making people feel scared. This was the atmosphere of the dark night, and the aura only existed in those in higher positions. This was also the breath of real anger and it seemed that Emily wasn't afraid of anything now. Since Emily came back, they had never seen her really angry, but now, undoubtedly, she was really furious now.

Mike and Sean immediately did as what Emily told them. This was exactly what they were going to do. They were just too worried about Emily, but forgot that Emily was not an ordinary woman. Even so, they could see that she was extremely angry this time.

"Mike, Sean, ask Zoey and Haze to help you, and you can also order John's people. Just tell them that I ask you to do so. Calvin told me that he would come back today. Now he should have known the news, and you can ask him for help when necessary. Andy can use his power to help. I want to know the result as soon as possible. Do you understand?"

The cold and cruel eyes made them unable to refute. Her order was so firm and her imposing manner made them obey.

"Vincent, watch the Locke family. Don't let Charley do anything. If they are messing around, tell Alice to exterminate their companies directly." Emily said mercilessly. Since Brian had already taken actions to the Locke family, she believed that it wouldn't take Charley long to investigate Brian.

After all, Brian didn't hide himself when he started, just to give Charley a warning. But they didn't expect that Brian would involve in this matter. It would be even more troublesome if Charley played tricks on Brian, and now Emily couldn't stand any trouble.

The arrangement on the side of Alice was more than one or two days. If the Locke family did anything strange, th

words softly.

Emily let that man go. The three words could indeed describe Emily, but not a third of her. He was beautiful, gorgeous and open-minded. Most importantly, she was not beautiful for her appearance, but her posture, which was very attractive to many people.

Just like now, they were unknowingly attracted by Emily, who took control of the situation immediately. So they didn't have any complaint about this man's description. They were just curious why Emily asked him about that.

"I think I'm pretty, and much better than those who have been around my husband before. Don't you think so?"

The man nodded his head. It was true. He was a reporter who followed the news about Brian. He had seen the women around him. Even if the others didn't follow Brian, they knew well about the photos on Brian's reports before. In terms of beauty, Emily was right.

Seeing everyone nodding their heads, Emily smiled again and said, "If so, Brian are already married to me. Which woman can seduce my husband? It is so stupid to slander him as a rapist."

The reporters were extremely stunned by Emily's arrogance. Whose wife would clarify like this when her husband was investigated? But Emily did it. What she did was in accordance with her temperament.

Vincent couldn't help but grin when he heard the conversation. He knew that Emily was definitely not the one who was fooled by these people. Like Brian, Emily was in charge of others too. It was impossible for her to be controlled by others. However, he thought it would be interesting to let Brian know what Emily had said.

Emily's words shocked everyone for a few minutes, but someone seemed to have thought of another question, "Mrs. Yun, the victim accused that Mr. Yun ordered someone to do it, not by himself."

Everyone was suddenly sober and remembered what the key point of this matter was.

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