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   Chapter 274 Trap

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"Don't worry. You will see what will happen to Brian tomorrow. Do you think she will receive a good result if she loses his protection? Isn't a revenge that there's nothing she can do when Brian was taken away?" Ray said in a conceited and shameless tone.

"I can do it only if you can give me a sum of money that is enough for me to live a peaceful life for the rest of my life. Moreover, send me out safely." The woman said.

"All right. If things didn't go well for Brian, no one could stop you. Besides, he won't doubt you. It's easy for me to send you out."

"Okay, I believe you." After the woman hung up the phone, she stared at the dark sky and thought, "Don't blame me, Brian. It's you who have been cruel to me. You shouldn't have treated me that way and fall in love with women like Emily. Since I can't have you, nobody can't have you."

The night passed slowly, with their own thoughts in their minds. At this time, neither Emily nor Brian knew that a premeditation against them had already sneaked in the night, and they were waiting for the dawn to burst out. As expected, it was quite shocking.

The next morning, two pieces of news shocked everyone. The group under the Locke family was suddenly attacked, and several branches in several countries went bankruptcy in one night. It had shocked everyone, but it was not as shocking as the news below.

The CEO of the World International, Brian, ordered others to rape a woman. There was a record of the woman accusing of Brian after she was injured, and there was also a record of Brian's voice. The voice record proved the fact that Brian had plotted the rape. She claimed that she dared not report the case because of his status. She was severely hurt, so she decided to expose it in this way.

The news stirred up thousands of ripples in a sudden, and people from all the streets and alleyways of T City were accusing Brian of being worse than animals, and verbal attacks on him were more severe than what happened to Emily seven years ago. Those ordinary people liked to insult those who were superior to them when they were attacked, as if they could be promoted by this way.

In fact, the so-called status-class of the world was separated by themselves, but now the president of the World International was attacked, which must be something that many people wanted to see. Therefore, both Emily and Charles saw the news naturally.

"Who is it? He hurt my father in a rumor. Does he want to die? Dad, have you found any clue? Tell me!"

A sense of indignation spread through Charles. He knew his father very well. He ju

up. Where can they find you if you run away?" Emily looked at Brian and said with an unhappy face.

Brian could understand why she would say so, but he had been calm down a lot when he saw the calm look on her face.

"If I really run away, I have to take Emily with me. I'm not willing to part with her."

"Well, I am willing to part with you. Brian, if you get used to staying there and don't want to come out, don't blame me for stealing your money and finding another good man!" Emily said with duplicity.

"Don't worry. I won't give you the chance." Brian said firmly.

"Charles, why are you stopping him? Didn't you see that he can't wait to leave?" But, to be honest, Emily was still furious and put a bad look. She seemed to be still upset about the fact that Brian had been recorded.

Looking at the anger in Emily's eyes, Charles quickly draw a wise conclusion that he should not provoke his mommy now. And he would certainly be taken as a scapegoat. After all, Emily was so angry now, and there was no need to say who irritated her.

The policemen were standing outside the door. They looked at Brian and said, "Mr. Yun, we got a tip off. Now, we need your cooperation to investigate!"

"I know. I'll go with you." As he slowly stood up, Emily tightly held his hand and said, "If you really like that place, I will definitely take Charles with me and find another good man."

It was the first time that she felt so nervous and uncertain. She had never felt this panic before. It was much more panic than when she remember what her brother had done for her.

"Don't worry. I won't give you such a chance." Brian's reply was arrogant and confident, but now she needed it. It would not make her lost her mind.

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