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   Chapter 273 Trap 1

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"I don't mind you bringing one back." What Brian said almost made the food spit out of Charles' mouth, and even Emily was shocked.

"Mr. Yun, you are so open-minded!" Emily gave him a thumbs up. She admired him so much. Perhaps in the world, Brian was the first one to be a father like him.

Charles shook his head helplessly. How invincible his father was. "What's the matter? Do you think I can't win a woman's heart? However, the best woman in the world has been seduced by Brian. How can I find a woman like my mommy?" Thinking of that, Charles felt heartbroken. Then he abruptly began to eat, intending to comfort his broken heart with these delicious food.

Emily smiled and didn't continue to tease Charles like Brian did. "So, who on earth is that woman? Have you found out?"

Brian didn't expect that Emily knew the matter about Selina. He took a bowl of soup for her and said, "You know her too."

Emily took it over and said, "I know?" She didn't mean to offend any women who were close to Brian, especially few of them dared to provoke her. So she wouldn't hurt them. Thinking of this, Emily realized that one of the women around Brian really irritated her, and that woman was... "Cassie!"

Brian nodded his head. At the same time, Charles, who was eating fast, raised his head because he heard a familiar name, Cassie, the one who had kidnapped him. "What's wrong with that woman?" He spoke with a lisp while eating.

"It's okay. Just enjoy your meal. Nothing serious. She is just looking for a lesson." Said Emily in a low voice.

Charles nodded. With Emily and Brian around, Cassie could do nothing. Besides, Cassie even didn't deserve to be the opponent of his parents, so he didn't think there was anything interesting to watch. Thus, of course, he lost his interest and continued to enjoy the delicious food in front of him.

Emily was thinking for a long time. Brian looked at her and said, "Don't think too much. Nothing will happen!"

In fact, Emily thought a lot not because she thought that Cassie was worthy of her attention, but because she thought that things were not that simple. After all, it was Brian who dealt with the matters of Cassie at that time instead of her.

Emily knew well about the character of Brian. He would not let Cassie stay at the city anymore because she had offended Charles. But now, Cassie had shown up. Was she coming for her or him? It was worthy of thinking carefully.

However, just as what Brian had said, Emily should not be worried. After all, they were not easy to deal with. They could take measures according to the actual situation in the future.

"What are you going to do with Selina?" Brian asked.

"We can send her

d pressure in the air.

Ray stared out of the window calmly and he could feel the palpitation in Melissa's heart, but even if he could sense it, he could not do anything. He couldn't calm that uneasiness in her heart, because although he did not resent her, he could not face anyone calmly, including Melissa and Adam.

The coldness in Ray's eyes made Melissa heartbroken, but she could not say anything to comfort him, because she didn't know how to comfort her son, who had been walking away with him gradually.

"Do what you want to do, Ray." In the end, Melissa could say nothing but let her son do whatever he wanted. In the past, she let him be low-key, and let him hide his wild ambition. But now it seemed to be unnecessary, as long as it was what her son wanted, she would help him get it.

Ray did not go to see Melissa off, because he was not in the mood to do so now. Adam had let him down to the bottom. Since then, he had nothing to worry about and he had to firmly grasp everything he wanted.

Ray thought, "Adam, didn't you like Brian? Didn't you want Brian to inherit the Yun Company? Then I would destroy Brian completely. I didn't want to come to this. These people made me suffer. Since they had did so to me, why should I be looking for trouble here? While Brian was at ease, how could I be so miserable?"

"Give the materials you are holding to the newspaper and magazine," said Ray on the phone.

"I still have to depend on them. If these things are exposed to the public, Brian won't let me go!" A woman's voice came from the other end of the line.

"Did he let go of you before? Why do you still have hope for him?" Said Ray ironically.

"No, I will destroy him and I won't let Emily go either. But you promised me that you would help me get out of here safely."

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