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   Chapter 269 This Was Real Threat

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9533

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But on the surface, it seemed that people knew that it was Jim who took over the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion, but the people of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion all knew that in fact, the one who took over it was Charles. And miraculously, they were convinced with that. Sometimes, even Emily didn't know why they admitted Charles' ability without any doubt.

Soon enough, however, Emily came to realize that it was possible for them to be born sensitive with not only a person, but also with an environment. They were familiar with Charles. They could even feel the imposing manner that was exuded from Charles. Even though he was only a child of seven years old, they could not ignore him. Even a few years later, they believed that Charles would absolutely be the most ideal candidate for them.

As expected, Mike invited Haze to come here. Of course, Zoey also followed Haze. The result was within Mike's expectation. After all, when anything happened to Emily, the person who was most concerned was Zoey.

"How's it going? The result hasn't come out yet. Yo, when did Brian's people become so useless?" Haze said with a smile.

Vincent and Mike smiled at each other. They had a way, but both of them didn't want to get involved in this matter. At the same time, they needed to send the message to Zoey and Haze, because they were looking for this person as well. More importantly, they wanted to know what kind of people Zoey and Haze really were. They wanted to know which force they came from and which side they would stand by. Since they still couldn't confirm it by now, why not take this opportunity to have a try? In this way, they would not suffer any loss.

"We are waiting for Mr. Haze to show us his ability, aren't we?" Vincent shared the same idea with Mike. He believed that Haze would definitely have a way to deal with the problem. If Zoey was a good guy, then Haze must be evil. And for people like Selina, they needed to act evil.

Both Vincent and Mike believed that if Brian was here, Selina would definitely confess within four hours. Brian was more ruthless than anyone else when it came to things he didn't care. He never wanted to kill the other person, but to kill the heart. In fact, Vincent didn't know how Haze was going to punish her.

There were all smart people standing there. They couldn't hide their thoughts from each other. Vincent was curious about them. They were also curious about Brian. They hadn't figured out the background of the World International yet. This force was so hidden that it didn't have anything on the surface. They thought that Emily should have noticed it, but she wouldn't investigate too much.

They had complied with Emily all the time. Moreover, Zoey was convinced that Brian would always be on Emily's side, so it would be no big deal if Brian had a powerful background.


rities of the upper class. She could not allow such despicable people to bully her and she couldn't tolerate it. It was a pity that it was not something she could decide, and she could not choose whether to accept it or not.

Selina could see the obscenity in the eyes of those beggars, and she couldn't help but say, "I say, a woman told me that. It was a woman who told me that." Said Selina, pushing the people on her.

Haze made a gesture to stop those people, "What did you say? It's not interesting at all. What else do you want to say?"

"Haha, there are so many people that hate Emily. She has a lot of enemies. I will wait for the day when she is in hell." Selina was so indignant at the humiliation that she suffered today. What she suffered today was all because of Emily's fault. Then she hated Emily even more.

"Miss Selina, you seem to be wrong. Hell is not a horrible thing. Your curse is too naive." Since Emily had just come out of the hell, how could she be afraid of the hell again?

As soon as Haze came out, Vincent couldn't help clapping his hands and said, "Wonderful! Wonderful!" Vincent didn't expect that Haze could get the truth from Selina in such a short time. Haze was much better than the person in the corner.

In the corner, Sean could obviously feel the disdainful sight of Vincent. But before he could make a response, Vincent had already averted his eyes from him. Seeing that, Sean could do nothing about it and was extremely helpless.

"Mr. Su, you don't need to praise me like this. If it was you or Mike, it would be faster." They all knew Selina's weakness. The arrogant princess couldn't bear anyone to humiliate her so-called honor. However, in their eyes, that so-called honor was just a poor disguise.

"But we can't be as perfect as you. You have prepared so much. Where did you find them?" Vincent was referring to the beggars just now.

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