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   Chapter 268 What Was The Trap

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9666

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"No. It's better to say that I am happy than being disappointed. I never disapproved or dissuaded you to give up your unrequited love for him in the past. But Alice, you have to know that you insist just for a wishful thinking. If he is still alive, you may not be together. Maybe you have come out long ago. But his death has created a reason for you to have hopes. Alice, please don't torture yourself. Even Emily and I will feel sorry for you. "

John said mildly, and every word was echoing in Alice's heart. If it was before, Alice would retort without saying anything, or didn't let them go on talking. The reason was simple that she didn't want to hear such words, but now, she seemed to be able to listen to it.

What John said was right. She had been trying to realize her expectation for seven years or longer, and she had thought that she would be committed to her love for the rest of her life, so there would be no result, but now there seemed to be a change, and this change made Alice not know how to face it. It seemed that if she admitted this love, she would deny her persistence for so many years.

"Alice, don't think too much. God gave you the test for so many years, maybe it's just to send the right person to your side. You have experienced all kinds of people these years. You never have been confused, why is there only one who makes you confused?

Alice, it's not because you are not persevered enough in your heart, but because those people did not shake you and didn't have the tenacity like you. However, Vincent is different. He shakes your heart and make you fall in love. If you believe him, I believe that Emily will be very happy." Said John in an indifferent tone.

"How do you know it's him?" Alice remembered that she hadn't told John about that, and Emily would not tell him either.

John smiled and said, "Alice, we've been together for many years, and I can feel that."

Alice smiled and said: "Thank you, John. I feel much better after hearing that."

With a smile on his face, John answered, "I'm afraid that he has been investigating the matter of Emily these days."

Alice frowned, "About the dinner party at the Yun family?"

John nodded.

"Charley should have noticed, but he doesn't know where Selina is now." Alice was a woman of insightful analysis. After all, she had worked for Emily's brother for many years, so she was capable of analyzing things.

"I can guess something," Said John soothingly.

"Where is Selina?" Alice frowned.

"It's time for you to see Mr. Su." Said John with a smile. Alice was a little confused, but John stopped talking.

"I will go out these days and come here to inform you. Please tell Emily about this."

"What happened?" Generally speaking, John wouldn't leave Emily.

"It's not a big deal. Something have happened abroad. Don't worry. Emily will definitely know if some

e him. They all had a bitter look on their faces. It seemed that everyone had guessed why their mood was like this. Charles was really invincible.

Seeing that Charles was about to come over to them, Emily asked, "How much did they pay?"

These five people's faces were crumpled together. They looked like that they were really suffering a big disaster. Although Emily knew that Charles had always known hoe to control himself, sometimes he would also forget the so-called dignity.

"Not much. I just take a car per person."

Emily raised her eyebrows. If that was the case, they wouldn't be like this. After all, they had been fooled by Charles since Charles was a child and they must have already formed some immune abilities. But now it was obvious that Charles had definitely done something beyond their abilities.

"Well, it was the limited edition car worldwide. I mean, the most limited edition," Said Charles, sticking his tongue out.

No wonder they were so annoyed. Now it was really a big trouble for them. But for Emily, as long as Charles didn't pay for it himself, she would never feel sorry for them. Moreover, they had to be fooled year by year, because they had to make great changes every year.

If Jim and the four people knew what was on Emily's mind, they would probably spit out blood on the ground. Great changes? Did Emily think this is some kind of accomplishment? It was obvious that Charles was entrapping people.

But they also knew that in the eyes of Emily, no matter what kind of thing Charles did was right. The reason was very simple. After all, Charles was her son. So they just didn't know how to say it.

There was nothing important in Italy. After making sure that there was no problem with Marvin's health, Emily went back to T City. Of course, Jim stayed there because he needed to deal with something unexpected. Furthermore, now Jim took over the business of Marvin.

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